The answer is…

Turning over an old leaf

Shot before ‘Destruction of the Maiden’

As you can see in this shot of the subject matter in Destruction of the Maiden that I discarded, they were leaves…

I was not happy with this shot, but knew that there was something in these leaves that needed to be told.  So, I wound up combining zoom blur and a bit of twist to get the effect that I was looking for.

In post processing, I did adjust the levels and dropped a bit of saturation to push the color palette a bit more toward the redder end of the spectrum.

Thanks to all of you who checked this out and particularly those who put forth their guesses.

Hope you enjoyed it!!

Destruction of the Maiden

A possible mythical tribute…

On this Valentine’s Day, I’d figure to start off with something abstract, give you a chance to think, but not over-analyze, and give me your best guess.  This is not an image that is front and center in my collection, so, here it goes…

Destruction of the Maiden

I captured this tableau during the same walk that provided Searching for Tranquility and several other images, so you can say that it was a good day for my abstract portfolio.

When I came upon the source material for this shot, I had a sense that something was trying to communicate with me at a deeper level about an occurrence in a distant past.  It was not until I saw the image on a larger screen that the title ‘Destruction of the Maiden’ came to me.  There was something inherently violent within the image, which gave me a sense of struggle or a possible ancient sacrifice; almost, as if a mythical creature was about to collect its annual tribute.

Technical Data

This image was captured with a Canon 5D MkII using a 24-105mm f/4 L IS lens, with an F-stop of f/22, 100 ISO at 1/5 second.  I started the lens focal length at 105mm and zoomed it back in during the shot.

Your Question

Now, that you have seen the image, and the technical specifics, what was the source material for this shot?  I’m looking forward to your ideas on this.

I will provide the answer on Monday…  Enjoy!

Kryptomorphaics #1 – Rose Particle

A rose is a rose full of energy

A pink rose, from which light streams emanate throughout the green leaves
Rose Particle

Image Description

As the title ‘Rose Particle’ suggests, this image centers on the streams of energy emanating from the singularity presented by the dark pink rose.  The rose becomes at once the object of beauty, to which our eyes are drawn, and the center of energetic particles radiating outward from the forces contained within it.  As each object within the universe holds latent energy, so does the rose, as it demonstrates here.  The counter play between beauty and strength is as the yin and yang, the duality that resides within each of us.  This duality is held together through the cosmic vibrations, which can be ascertained in moments of great quietude of mind and body, such as achieved during meditation.

Whereas the rose has revealed its cryptic energies through this image, one may find that the image enables the centering of similar energies.  If the image is studied while directing focus on the process of breathing, as one does in meditation, the rose may become a guide.

Technical Details

This image was captured at 100 ISO, F/22 at 0.3 second shutter speed.  The bright white streams originate from the sun’s reflection on the shiny leaves that surround the rose.