Wednesday Wonderment – Ep. 27

True nothingness…

In today’s moment of Wonderment, I would like to focus on something that is nothing. This may sound contradictory, but as I find deep enjoyment and awareness in Stillness, there may be some sense to this statement.

What is Stillness? In its simplest form, it is doing nothing. Of course, doing nothing is not as easy as it sounds, as our minds tend to be rather busy, used to racing from moment to moment, anticipating this and remembering that. To achieve Stillness, we have to actively help our mind to achieve the quietude that we seek.

In quieting the mind we remove all the distractions of doubt and worry. In meditation, we practice unhooking from them, detaching for a short period. This proves useful in daily life, too. Quieting the mind works in concert with concentration. Because it is very difficult to stop thoughts by force, we use concentration to guide them instead, accepting each thought and allowing it to flow through us and out of us.

Photo Sep 08, 7 17 42 AM
Peaceful Morning

Paramahansa Yogananda said, “When the activating power of the mind is stilled by concentration, restlessness ceases and we become absorbed in the transcendental Bliss of the soul.”

Through practice we can find moments of Stillness and bring them into our lives more and more frequently.  I find that each such moment recharges me and helps focus my energies toward the tasks that are ahead.

I hope you find some moments of Stillness in your day!