Tuesday Photo Challenge – Abandoned

Proceed with abandon!

Welcome to Week 41 of the Tuesday Photo Challenge. Last week’s challenge was extremely popular, as the world is filled with animal lovers of all kinds who love sharing images of those animals.  You were simply magnificent in your contributions!

This week’s challenge is a little different, but I figure that you may have come to expect that.  It gives a chance to do some story telling through your images, as your photo should relate the concept of Abandoned.  There are many directions, in which you can take this challenge, ranging from abandoned buildings to objects, or any other sense of abandonment that crosses your creative minds.

As usual feel free to stretch this week’s theme in any direction that you might want, as there are no boundaries and no goals other than to have fun!

Here’s a bit of a quirky take on the theme…

The Lonely Onion

This shot came about, as I walked across a frosty parking lot after having lunch at a pizzeria; I figured that this onion may have found out that it was on the menu and decided to make a roll for it.

The full rules of this challenge are in TPC Guidelines, but here’s the tl;dr:

  • Write a post with an image for this week’s topic
  • Please tag your post with fpj-photo-challenge (if you’re not sure about how tags work, please check out this WordPress article about tagging posts)
  • Create a pingback link to this post, so that I can create a post showing all of the submissions over the week (note: pingbacks may not appear immediately, as my site is set up to require approval for linking to it; helps against previous bad experiences with spamming)
  • Have fun creating something new (or sharing something old)!!

Looking forward to seeing the animals in your lives and what they do for their entertainment (and ours).  Be creative, have fun, and always be kind to animals!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 40

Flocks, herds, schools, prides and much more!

Little did I know that this week’s theme of Animals would turn into a stampede of wonderful entries that have just kept on coming in!  Thank you to all of you, as you have made this a banner week for the TPC; of course, I feel no pressure to come up with an equally good theme for next week 🙂

I should have known that animals are near and dear to all of us, across the entire globe.  Often, they provide our connection to Nature, which is essential to maintain, as we stay in touch with the planet that we inhabit.  Please, go and check out these wonderful posts and let the authors know how much you enjoy them!

These animals are also looking to find their way into your hearts…


This image is what happens when you try to take a landscape photo of a farm and the cows spot you; they must have thought that I was some kind of famous photographer, who was there to increase their celebrity among cows!

The following were this week’s participants in the challenge with links to their posts:

  • ladyleemanila started us off with a variety of animals ranging from slow to fierce!
  • Charles brings us bison at their most playful in his post in charlesewaugh.
  • Georgie’s post in the blog Third Time Lucky! featured animals both domesticated and wild, one of which made me smile (guess which one!).
  • Xenia provided two entries; the first in WhippetWisdom with a haiku and the second in WhippetWisdom with just her whippets having fun.   Both are joyful!
  • Leaking Ink shows us that even lizards like a cup of chai from time to time…
  • pensitivity101 introduces us to Maggie; go look and say hi!
  • That Little Voice speaks to us of garden cats in a wonderful post!
  • The always wonderful Cee’s Photography brings us animals that you may just want to cuddle for their loveliness!
  • Michelle’s post in Southern By Design brings us the sweetest cat (of course, all cat owners will note that theirs is the sweetest 🙂 ).
  • Miriam’s post in The Showers of Blessing brings us into the fun times had by a squirrel.
  • Susan’s shares a post in the Abject Muse with a cat that just made me laugh; go check it out…
  • Candace brought home the rooster in Netdancer’s Musings and Photography; great color and texture too!
  • Susan’s blog Musin’ with Susan brings us some fun that is being perpetrated by Gabby with her friend.
  • Ron professes that he’s been to a zoo or two in Progressing Into Solitude, and the photography is stunning!
  • Stella shares a photo in Giggles & Tales that has some of my favorite (non-pet) animals in the world.
  • The blog Black Body exposes us to a very different world that is submerged just a bit; you’ll want to check it out!
  • Tisha’s post on foundroundandabout.com brings us a variety of cute button noses; irresistible.
  • Miriam’s entry in her Out an’ About has an amazing variety of animals in lots of great photos!
  • In her post in The New 3Rs: Retire, Recharge, Reconnect, Marie shows us that pigeons know how to throw a party!
  • The post in the awesome blog alfaazmeredilse brings us animals wild and tame!
  • Judith shares some of her favorite animals in her blog, Nature Knows Best; the cats playing is my favorite!
  • The post in Following Him Beside Still Waters has some unusual animals captured beautifully!
  • Emily brings us the most quintessential cat photo in Zombie Flamingoes; see, if you agree with me which one her photos it is.
  • Nikki posts some wonderful photos in her blog Flying Through Water!
  • Steve introduces us to his feather friends in his post in Steve Newcomb Photography.
  • Middleton Road features great photography by Sonya and this week’s entry is no exception!
  • Khürt’s post in Island in the Net brings us the most unusual animals of all…go check them out!

Thanks to each of you for your participating in this week’s challenge.  This has been the highest turnout thus far, which put a smile on my face!

Along the Path

This morning I went for a jog along the paths next to Wachusett Reservoir; a jog, as I’m slowly getting myself back in shape, and nowhere near a full-tilt run yet :-). It was actually warmer than I expect this time of year, presenting nice slushy footing mixed with patches of ice.  I’d rather be working my way through some fresh snow, as you get this wonderfully quiet run with just a bit of cushioning that makes the run feel that much better.

On advantage of the mud is that it managed to reveal a bit of scene to me that hadn’t caught my eye before…

Oaken Droppings

In a way I found this little tableau to be a bit macabre, as it felt like an open burial of acorns in various states.  At the same time, it does show the success of the nearby oaks in spreading their seed along the path.

Inspired by the WordPress Daily Prompt theme of Successful.

Women’s March – Around the World

This event has galvanized the world across all continents, including Antarctica!

61 Musings

womensmarchWhen I wrote earlier today about the Women’s Marches going on around the US, I didn’t realize how enormous and far-reaching this effort was.  Then Ruth remarked that they are marching in London today, too, so I did some investigating.  There are 673 marches going on around the world.  To see the list of locations, click here. 

That there could or would occur, these gatherings of determined women and their supporters, is truly incredible.  There is hope for this country, and for the world, when this amount of compassion and strength rises up to be heard and seen.


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The Grace of Nature

On this wonderful Saturday, my wife and I went for a walk with 2 of our dogs (the old boys prefer to sleep at home) and enjoyed the rather mild weather that we have today.  Upon doing a quick blog check, I noticed today’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge theme of Graceful.

Given all the turmoil that is the current state of affairs and its lack of grace, I think that focusing on a theme such as this is important.  The Universe is full of grace and Nature never ceases to inspire me with its grace and beauty.  Of course, for me a lot of grace and beauty has been demonstrated by the Yoga Tree, whose wisdom is on display in this image…

The Wise Tree

The gentle curve that she presents, as she reaches up toward the firmament, reminding us to accept all that is beautiful in our lives and the Universe.

May you have a wonderful day filled with grace.


Exposure of the best kind…

Seeing today’s WordPress Daily Prompt of Exposure took my mind in several directions, with the current season and all…

As Winter works its way across the Northern Hemisphere, we are exposed to the (sometimes) frigid temperatures.  As it is Inauguration Day in the United States, there is definitely a lot of media exposure (both good and bad 🙂 ).  As a photographer, getting the exposure right is a key item.

So I give you 2 out of 3 (in my opinion)…

Winter Idyll

Here we see the beauty of Winter in its full glory!  One of these days, I will take that branch in the top out of the image, as that is the one thing that bugs me about this image 🙂

Have a wonderful day!!

Brooding Ambience

Water, sky, a safe haven

The Weekly Photo Challenges posted byWordPress’ Daily Post are always well thought out; despite that I find that this week’s challenge of Ambience really stands out, as it requires a bit of introspection on the part of the photographer.  Of course, the ambience of a scene can go into many directions, as it really is all about the character and atmosphere that you are trying to capture or portray.

After a bit of thought, I figured that I’d share this image for its ambience…

Nubble Brooding

The lighthouse on Cape Neddick, Maine, aka Nubble Light, has been photographed millions of times, as people flock to it for its picturesque setting.  As a photographer who likes to create a one-of-a-kind connection between image and viewer, I had been loathe to photograph this scene during my previous visits; just another image of a pretty scene just didn’t speak to me.

However, on this gorgeous June day, I felt something a little different speaking to me from across this little expanse of ocean water.  It was a hint of recognition of a story being presented to me that urged me to clamber down the rocks to water level and set up for a series of shots that resulted in this image.

After some careful processing, I arrived at the scene that is presented here, which is very much the story that was being told to me on that beautiful day…