Office Decoration

Cubicle invasion!

One of the fun things that happens in the United States around this time of year is Halloween.  It helps us forget the election for at least a moment!

At our office in Red Hat, we have a Trick or Treat event for employees’ children, so we take pride in decorating our office areas to add to the fun.  Of course, this means that office decorating becomes a competitive sport🙂

Never to shy away from a challenge, I brought in my big brute…

Oh no! Not that assignment!!

He was a great find at Worcester’s famous Halloween Outlet store, which is open year round to, as they put it, ‘Sell fright right!’.  I have had him for years and my wife was happy to see me remove him from our breezeway to take him into work🙂

Hope you do a million fun things during this season!!

Happy Birthday, Darwin!

Still crazy after all these years!

When we found this timid little dog about 14-1/2 years ago, he came running to me for protection from his aunts who were running him ragged.  These days, he runs to me every morning to see me with a big smile on his face!

Still making a splash!

Happy 15th Birthday, Darwin!!

Three Line Tales – Solitary Hope

To guide you home…

Welcome to Week Thirty-Eight of Three Line Tales.

photo by William Bout – here's a bigger version photo by William Bout – here’s a bigger version


The path wends forward,
Light beckons ‘bove horizon.
Solitary hope.


Thank you to Sonya of Only 100 Words for coming up with Three Line Tales.

You’ll find full guidelines on the TLT page

  • Write three lines inspired by the photo prompt (& give them a title if possible).
  • Link back to this post.
  • Tag your post with 3LineTales (so everyone can find you in the Reader).
  • Read and comment on other TLT participants’ lines.
  • NEW: If you want your post to be included in the round-up, you have until Sunday evening to publish it.
  • Have fun.

Happy three-lining!

That What Lurks Underground…

What looks upon us?

As the spooky season is coming upon us and hauntings will become the daily occurrences, it is interesting to see a WordPress Daily Prompt of Underground!

When we think of underground, there are a number of directions that our mind may take ranging from the literal of that which is below the surface to the possibly illicit and sinister, as it is hidden from the eye.

Whence am I?

In looking at this image, I ask you where your thoughts take you: is this statue recently uncovered by archaeologists or is it a more sinister apparition that has risen from the depths of our planet?  Or, for the Whovians, could this be a Weeping Angel?

Technical Details

This image was captured with a Canon EOS 5D MkII and EF 24-105mm f/5L lens.  Exposure settings were at 1/50 second and f/10 at 400 ISO.

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Candy

Welcome to episode 27 of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!  After last week’s Halloween theme, I thought it might be appropriate to go to the sweet side of things: Candy!

Of course, everyone has their favorite candy, or maybe even more than one type of candy…  Therefore, I’d like to challenge each of you to share your favorite candy and make it look irresistible to each of your readers!  After all, what fun is candy, if it’s not the best things out there?  Of course, you’re always allowed to use a bit of poetic license in your choice of candy; for me, strawberries are also a form of candy!

From about 6 years ago, when I was taking a course in food photography, I’d like to share these delicious M&M’s with you (yes, they may be out of date, but they still look good🙂 ).

It won’t melt in your hand!

The bright colors of each of these little wonders just jumps up at you, yelling ‘pick me!’, so you know that you want one of them…

For those who’d like to participate in this weekly challenge, the rules are the following:

  • Write a post with an image for this week’s topic
  • Please tag your post with fpj-photo-challenge (if you’re not sure about how tags work, please check out this WordPress article about tagging posts)
  • Create a pingback link to this post, so that I can create a post showing all of the submissions over the week (note: pingbacks may not appear immediately, as my site is set up to require approval for linking to it; helps against previous bad experiences with spamming)
  • Have fun creating something new (or sharing something old)!!

This should be a fun week and we may even learn about some exotic candies!

Technical Details

This image was captured with a Canon EOS 1D MkIII using an EF24-105mm f/4L lens.  Exposure settings were at 1/160 second with f/11 and 100 ISO with studio lights; you might notice that with studio lights, I’ll often dial them in to get around 1/160 second at 100 ISO, as it works well for lots of subjects.

Urgent Meeting of the Minds

Brain salad surgery?

When the WordPress Daily Prompt suggests Urgent as a theme, I couldn’t help but want to take somewhat of a less than 100% serious spin on it.  In our daily lives there is way too much urgency already, as people hurry from one place to another without paying attention to the wonderful world, in which they find themselves.

It’s time to smell the flowers, take a deep cleansing breath and say hi to the people in your life!  If you must have a meeting, just make sure that it’s a true meeting of the minds…

Jumping Brains gather for a meeting

The Jumping Brain is a creation by Spanish artist Emilio Garcia, founder of Secret Lapo Laboratories; each of Emilio’s masterfully crafted releases sells out in record time, as they are much sought after by collectors across the globe.  I consider myself lucky to have a considerable collection of his work, part of which you see in this photo.

Technical Details

This photo was taken with a Canon EOS 5D MkII using studio lighting.

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 26

Scary or funny?

My choice of theme for this past week’s challenge may have been just a little bit early for many, as Halloween is not out in full force everywhere.  I will try to make it up to you with tomorrow’s topic.

In the United States, Halloween has become a great excuse for many adults to dress up and express their wicked selves; some of the costumes and make-up can be very elaborate, ranging from the silly to the scary.  The other staple of Halloween is the pumpkin, which is often carved, so that a candle can be put inside it to light up the face or scene that has been created; in the original Irish version, a turnip or rutabaga was carved to the same effect.

Pumpkins Everywhere!

The following were this week’s participants in the challenge with links to their posts:

  • Judith’s post in Nature Knows Best includes both a broom and a black cat, which is a good indication that sleepy Dorking, UK may be in for some spooky fun in the weeks to come!
  • Steve put the feeling of Halloween into the image in the Steve Newcomb Photography post; the photo of the house really makes me wonder, if kids will dare to cry out ‘Trick or Treat‘ at this residence for fear of being tricked…


With a promise to provide something more applicable across the entire planet, I do want to thank both contributors and readers for the first 26 weeks of Tuesday Photo Challenge!

Tomorrow’s topic is in the works….