Geese Floating

Stately Canada Geese float

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge provides the theme of Serene.

As I was thinking about another image for this week, my mind gravitated toward an image from more than 10 years ago, during a wonderful Autumn afternoon. As the light was slowly diminishing, I sensed that there might be some magic happening near the Quinapoxet river in my home town of West Boylson.

When I got there, I was not the only photographer, as several tripods were on the bridge. So I made the decision to get down to the waterline, if only to get a different vantage point. Shooting just a foot above the water, I was rewarded by these Canada Geese, who floated majestically. Slowly, they moved, as I photographed them, until finally, on shot 34, they aligned as seen here.

Here’s that serene moment…

Geese on the Quinapoxet

Persistence does pay, even if you have to wait for geese to do your bidding 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

Daily Prompt – Natural

Serene moment of the day

There’s nothing more natural than the assumption that the Sun will rise again tomorrow…  Indeed it does, as long as the Earth continues its rotation, whether we are there to observe the first light of morning or not.

So for this moment, let’s appreciate the simple, serene beauty of a calm morning without a cloud in the sky, as the Sun rises…

Photo Sep 08, 7 17 42 AM
Peaceful Morning

Take a deep, cleansing breath and may you enjoy the rest of your day!

Technical Details

This image was captured with an iPhone 5S using the standard Camera app.

In response to the Daily Prompt – Natural.

Autumn Serenity

A bit of abstract photography to soothe the senses

One aspect of my photography is that I will experiment with different in-camera techniques to produce images that are more abstract than representational.  Over the years, I have built up a series of images that I call Kryptomorphaics, as they bring out the hidden through transformation.

Autumn Serenity

The inspiration for this image is the overwhelming sense of calmness that I felt, as I walked through the landscape observing the way the light played through the autumn leaves.

Hope you enjoy this image, as it is a little different.

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