The Marked Woman

Bette Davis Eyes

I’m sure you’re aware at this point that we have Cardigan Welsh Corgis ruling our house.  In age order, they are Darwin (14.5 y/o), Ransom (13 y/o), Bette (11 y/o) and Dora (2.5 y/o); each have their own personality…

Intense Bette

Bette, aka The Marked Woman, is affectionally known by my wife and me, as ‘The Bitch’.  If she were to be cast in Monty Python’s Holy Grail, she would be in the role of the harmless little bunny.  Yes, Bette, although she has mellowed quite a bit at this age, is rather intense, which came across in this quick shot that I took of her during a walk.

She has plenty of good characteristics, but a pleasant disposition is not one of them; if she is acting really nice, we usually end up taking her to the veterinarian, as she is sick.  We love her just as much as the other three.

Bette used to be an excellent agility dog, but has been retired from agility for a couple of years to eliminate the wear and tear on her body.  She is deathly afraid of sheep, so herding was not her thing, but she has found a new passion: barn hunt.  In barn hunt, one or more rats (in protective tubes) are hidden among hay or straw bales, which can be stacked; the dog’s job is to find the rats and indicate where they are within a set time limit.  Bette gets excited when she finds a rat, so she is enjoying this game.

Technical Data

This portrait was shot with my Canon EOS 5D Mk III using an EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens.  Shutter speed was at 1/100 second with f/6.3 at 400 ISO.

Ugly Unicorn!

Ugly is the new cute

It must be something entirely human to collect things; just because we like something and because we can.  One thing that always grabs my eye is creativity, which certainly describes my collection of custom art toys.

Kentucky Fried Hard Core UU

Meet the Ugly Unicorn!  This unique creation by Jon Malmstedt caught my eye a number of years back, as its whimsical nature is coupled with an imaginative design.  Jon’s design has proven to be a great platform, as he has created many interesting variants with different base colors and amazing paint jobs, which make Jon’s work true pieces of art.

Jon has also done a significant number of collaborations with other artists, particularly in the Japanese art toy scene, as Jon has been living in Tokyo for quite a while.  Jon has also created a number of other unique toys, including a new generation of the Ugly Unicorn, which I will feature at a later time.

Halloween UU Glows!

As I mentioned, the base vinyl and paint jobs can be very interesting, such as the glow in the dark version that Jon created for one of his Halloween releases.

My collection is approaching 100 Ugly Unicorns, which include a significant number of very limited releases and several one of a kinds.

And I shouldn’t forget to mention that Jon is a great guy, as I have had the pleasure to meet him several times and go for a hike and a drink with him!  Go check out his on-line store, as well, where he releases most of his work: Rampage Toys and Art, and tell him I sent you!

Technical Data

Both images were captured with a Canon EOS 5D Mk II and EF 24-105 f/4L IS USM lens.  The top image was lit with studio lights, dialed in for 1/100 second, f6.3 and 100 ISO.  The glow in the dark image was done with an 8 second, f/5.6 at 400 ISO exposure.

Winter’s Beauty – pt 5

Snow in Spring

Just when you thought that I might not mention Winter again, I ran across this image from last year that wasn’t actually from Winter…

2015-03-29 12.51.18 HDR-1 copy
Spring is coming!

Last year, I captured this image on March 29th, so it really was Spring!  The Winter of 2015 was by far the snowiest in my memory of New England.  This little vista appeared before me when I went for a short walk, while my wife was getting a herding lesson with on of our dogs.

Hope you enjoy the Spring that is coming (and Autumn for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere).

Technical Details

This was shot with an iPhone 5S using the standard camera app.

WPC – One Love

Keeping a lady waiting

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge gave the prompt: One Love.  Of course, Bob Marley told us to “Let’s get together and feel all right”, which is always a great idea!  Hope you enjoy my take on this theme…



That ‘One Love’ can leave us waiting with ever-waning patience for their arrival, wondering where they might be; should we be worried for their safety or are they delayed in the arms of a rival?  Will they receive our embrace or the sharpened edge of our tongue?

What we do for that ‘One Love’… until we can hand ourselves over to them to be together in complete bliss!

Technical Details

This image was captured during a model shoot for fashion and jewelry.  I shot this with my Canon EOS 5D Mk II using a Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L USM lens.  This was shot using just the natural light available through the window using f/2.5 at 1/160 second and 640 ISO.

In response to Weekly Photo Challenge – One Love

7-Day Nature Photo Challenge – Day 7

It might be a prince…

I was nominated by a fellow blogger, Project Relish, for a 7-Day Nature Photo Challenge.

So for the next week, let’s see, if I can come up with some interesting nature images and pass the challenge onto some of my fellow bloggers.


This lovely specimen was sitting next to a pond at the College of Simon’s Rock on a fine August weekend, as my wife and I dropped of the daughter for her start of the school year.  He was kind enough to let me sneak up on him, as I was hanging over the edge of the pond, to get a nice view of him.

The peaceful nature, with which he sat there, as if he didn’t have a care in the world, made for a wonderful moment.

Technical Details

This image was captured with my old Canon EOS 1D Mk II and 24-105 f/4L lens.  Exposure settings were f/9 at 1/40 second at ISO 400.

The Rules

Post a #naturephoto every day and nominate another blogger for this challenge.


The challenge of nominating a fellow blogger…  RobDPhotographer has a blog full of amazing photography, which you should visit!  I hope he accepts the nomination for the challenge.

Friday Travel Photo – vol 4

Elgin, but no marbles!

As I photographed quite a bit while in Scotland, I thought I’d once again dip into my pool of images from that 2013 vacation.

Elgin Cathedral

After leaving the Inverness area, our next Bed and Breakfast was in Braemar in the Highlands.  As we hadn’t planned a specific route, our decision was to follow the A96 a bit and see when we’d turn south.

As we got to Elgin, I suggested that we make a stop somewhere to break up the drive; not knowing that we’d find the amazing Elgin Cathedral right in our path!  The grounds of this cathedral are not only stunning, as can be seen in the above image, but they are also overflowing with the spiritual energy that has collected here throughout the ages.  If you are sensitive to these energies, you can’t help but be touched at a large number of locations on the grounds.

Additionally, the structure is visually stunning, and, considering that construction started in the first half of the 1200s, one can’t help but be amazed by the advanced building techniques that existed to build such precise arches.  Its rich history is detailed further on the History Scotland – Elgin Cathedral web page.

Technical Details

This image was captured with a Canon EOS 5D Mk III with a 17-40 f/4L lens attached.  Settings for this image were f/10 with 1/400 second at 400 ISO.

Bonus Coverage

A second image from this cathedral taken from the top of the North tower, which is precipitous…

From on high!

Note that this gives an excellent view of the area, with the river Lossie just behind the cathedral.

Friday’s Mystery Slide – vol 4

The gilded gate beckons

So, last week’s edition was a bit problematic, as the surroundings were rather tricky to identify without knowledge of early New England architecture.  Hopefully, this week’s mystery slide is a little easier, as it is not placed in New England…

Where is this gate?

These ladies are dressed stylishly, walking from the parking lot through the gate.  I’m sure that someone will identify this gate rather quickly.

For extra credit, around which year was this slide photographed?