Daily Prompt – Chaos

Maelstroms of energy

Today’s WordPress Daily Prompt is Chaos.  This immediately made me think of a number of works in my Kryptomorphaics series and particularly of the one that I share with you here.

Swirling Tea

The world of the the Tea Rose may look serene to the casual observer, but when we delve deeper into the vibrations of this beautiful flower, we soon realize that there is a maelstrom of energies flowing at extraordinary speeds.  We are pulled into its world, where we find strength and solace at the speed of light…

Hope you enjoy this image!

Technical Details

This image was captured with a Canon 5D Mk II using an EF 24-105mm f/4L lens.  A camera twist was used at approximately 1/3 second of shutter speed and f/16 at 160 ISO.

Inspired  by Daily Prompt – Chaos.

Cryptomorphosis – a Vine Abstract Study

Storied vines

As my regular readers are aware, I’m fond of using a bit of in-camera manipulation to create abstract images, when I spot a scene that might have something hidden in it.  This series of images, that I have created over the years, is collectively titled: Kryptomorphaics.

This title comes from the concept of uncovering hidden imagery through transformation.

This set of four images comes from a study of variegated vines that grow in the garden at my mother’s house in the Netherlands.  I uncovered different hidden images within these vines by applying minor changes to the technique that I used to capture them.

Hope you enjoy them!

Technical Details

These images were all captured using my Canon 5D Mk II with an EF 24-105mm f/4L lens.  Additional detail on the process is described in series of posts starting with TTT – Abstract Photography – Ep. 1

l’Oiseau de Feu

Abstract representationalism

Continuing in the theme set by the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge of ‘Abstract’, I’d like to share a photo with you that was part of my initial exploration into abstract photography.

l’Oiseau de Feu

This image came to me during a photography camp that I attended with a number of local photographers a number of years back.  The idea behind the camp was to get away from the daily grind and work on some of our technical skills with lots of different classes and set up photoshoots.  That part was enjoyable and I got some rather cool shots from the weekend, but sitting around the campfire with a receptive brain became the key benefit for me.  Nothing like low light to inspire some different shots…

Technical Details

This was shot completely in-camera using a Canon EOS 1D MkIII and an EF 24-105mm f/4L lens.  Using aperture priority, I got the shutter speed slowed to just over 3 seconds for this shot while doing a slow zoom with the lens.

Another Angle

Of course, it’s nigh impossible to speak of the Firebird and (sorry Pontiac aficionados) not think of Igor Stravinsky’s masterful composition…

Inspired  by Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Abstract.

WPC – Abstract

Kryptomorphaics at work

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge asks us to turn the concrete and familiar into something new and mysterious.  For some odd reason, this is right up my alley…


This image is one of my early attempts at revealing something that was hidden through morphing the scene in front of me in-camera.  With the abundance of light dancing on this shrub, I could sense that the varieties of green could be unlocked.  A zoom blur at a 1/3 second exposure brought it to the surface…

What do you see in this image?

Inspired  by Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Abstract.

Kryptomorphaics #10 – Rose Particle

A rose is a rose full of energy

Rose Particle

Image Description

As the title ‘Rose Particle’ suggests, this image centers on the streams of energy emanating from the singularity presented by the dark pink rose.  The rose becomes at once the object of beauty, to which our eyes are drawn, and the center of energetic particles radiating outward from the forces contained within it.  As each object within the universe holds latent energy, so does the rose, as it demonstrates here.  The counter play between beauty and strength is as the yin and yang, the duality that resides within each of us.  This duality is held together through the cosmic vibrations, which can be ascertained in moments of great quietude of mind and body, such as achieved during meditation.

Whereas the rose has revealed its cryptic energies through this image, one may find that the image enables the centering of similar energies.  If the image is studied while directing focus on the process of breathing, as one does in meditation, the rose may become a guide.

Technical Details

This image was captured at 100 ISO, F/22 at 0.3 second shutter speed.  The bright white streams originate from the sun’s reflection on the shiny leaves that surround the rose.

Kryptomorphaics #9 – Transitions

The soul guides us…



Image Description

This image, ‘Transitions‘, is one of the more complex of my Kryptomorphaics compositions in that it incorporates both a modicum of zoom blur and a large amount of rotation.

The recognition of this composition came to me during a nighttime photo-walk with a group of fellow photographers.  While many were taking long exposure shots, I was on the prowl for something a little different: looking for what lies hidden under the surface and how I could bring this out.  When I came upon a pair of white columns with a couple of spotlights on them, I knew that I had found my subject.  Looking upon them, I noticed how they framed the traffic turning behind them, which helped me decide on the shot, as I set up my tripod.

What truly inspired me that night, was an event that occurred across the Atlantic Ocean in the Netherlands: the passing of the aunt, to whom I always felt a close connection.  She had been suffering through the ravages of lung cancer, and I knew that my visit with her about a month earlier was the last time that I would see her.  She and I always had a strong bond, and it was no different on this night.  As I felt a strong pull, I captured this photograph in one take, and knew something significant had happened; a message from her sister the next morning confirmed what I had sensed: her transition to another plane of existence.

On this long exposure, I was certainly guided by her spirit, and when I saw the result on a bigger screen that night, I knew that we had created something special.

Technical Details

This image was captured with a Canon EOS 5D Mk II and 17-40mm f/4L lens at 100 ISO, f/20 at a 30 second shutter speed.  The camera was rotated along its axis very slowly to get the smearing of the columns and create the window.  A slight bit of zoom blur during this rotation created the depth.

Quotes of Worth – vol 1

Exploring the unknown

“Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing–and keeping the unknown always beyond you.”
– Georgia O’Keeffe

Arbor Fugit

Bringing the unknown into the light, exploring what might lie hidden, changing our view of the world around us, these are all aspect of the Kryptomorphaics series.

Here, in Arbor Fugit, I explore the energies that are stored in this powerful weeping willow, its ability to filter and re-radiate the light that it accepts from the Sun.  One of the surprising aspects to me was the variety in color cast that came from this wondrous tree.

What do you sense in this image?  Does it call out certain things?