Trashing the USA – pt. 4

Mixed nuts

In the fourth post in this series, we encounter a variety of offenses that I have seen on more than one occasion.

This scene I found on the sidewalk within 5 yards of a trashcan that was available for all to use; and, yes, there was even a disposal receptacle for cigarettes!  It may just be that the dirt of late-winter snow encouraged the behavior, but I can still not find this to be excusable in any way.

The view of the sidewalk….

20131224-SW-2013-12-24 10.46.08 HDR-1
It’s everywhere…

As an ex-smoker, I can connect with the sense that dropping a cigarette butt somewhere is only a minor offense, until it is multiplied by all those who follow suit.  However, after one tops off their windshield-washer fluid, how can one not find the decency to deposit the fluid container into the trashcan?

Have a great day!

Connecting to the Out of this World WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, as one’s mind has to be out of this world to perpetrate this act.