Wednesday Wonderment – pt. 2

Folded right, we can turn over a new leaf…

The Wednesday Wonderment series examines some of the things that amaze and inspire me; lots will be in nature, but there may be some surprises.

Perfect Folds

“What I see in Nature is a magnificent structure that we can comprehend only very imperfectly, and that must fill a thinking person with a feeling of humility. This is a genuinely religious feeling that has nothing to do with mysticism.”
― Albert Einstein

Today’s image is all about structure.  Nature provides us with a dazzling array of structures that are optimized for the function that they perform.  Such is the case here with this palm leaf, which is perfectly folded to provide the strength needed to support its size, which allows it to capture as many of the sun’s vital rays as possible.

Structure that lends strength is seen in many places in nature, maybe none more dramatic than the giant sequoias.

There is also beauty in these forms beyond just the functional aspect; this beauty has us coming back time and again to appreciate a level of perfection that is rarely achieved in human endeavors.

What structure in nature is your favorite?  What draws you in when you look at it?

Thank you for reading this post; I hope you enjoyed it!

Technical Details

This image was captured with a Canon EOS 5D MkIII with a 17-40mm F4 lens.  F-stop used was f/8 at 1/25 second, ISO 640.

Author: jansenphoto

A Fresh Perspective Photography is more than just a vehicle for capturing the world around me; it provides me with a palette and a set of brushes, with which I paint not only what I see, but also look to express the emotions that are evoked by the scene in front of me in that moment. Growing up in the Netherlands exposed me to a wide cross-section of visual arts that laid the foundation of my photographic view of all that surrounds me. Early influences were the Dutch Masters of the 17th century, to whom I was introduced by my grandfather during museum explorations; favorites among them are the scenes of quotidian life depicted by Jan Steen and Frans Hals and the vivid landscapes of Jacob van Ruisdael. My classical high school education was supplemented by the Boijmans Van Beuningen museum, where I spent many a lunch hour exploring its great collection. Here I was introduced to surrealism with a particular love for the approach taken by Salvador Dali; Dali also rekindled my appreciation for the work of Hieronymus Bosch, who often showed the folly of us mortals. Universal Connections My approach to any photographic subject is to look for understanding first; in this I look to establish either a connection between the viewer and the subject or capture the connection of the subject with its surroundings. The captured image then aims to portray this connection from a perspective that is part of my personal interpretation. This interpretation is often a form of externalized introspection, which may alternately display the connection of isolated beings and items with their environment or highlight the whimsy of the profound world, in which we find ourselves. The universe is full of connections, many of which are waiting to be discovered; part of my journey as a photographer is to document these connections. Any assignment, be it an event, a product shoot or a portrait session is always approached through communication with the client; this is where the first connection is established. Ideas are exchanged and a collaborative plan of action forms, ultimately resulting in a set of images that aim to exceed the expectations of each client. And, lest we forget, it is important to have fun while practicing the serious business of photography!

11 thoughts on “Wednesday Wonderment – pt. 2”

  1. My favourite is how nature “package” their fruits, she protects them and take care of them. I can see so much love in such a simple seed-pod. Look at peas, they are supported by a a little branch, all perfectly in line. Or look at broad beans, they are wrapped in a gentle pouch, that seems so fragile but does their work so incredibly well! It’s amazing.
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful photo and this valuable information, it inspired me. 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    I was inspired by this post to talk about nature and love. Many of you don’t know already, but nature is my goddess. I’m not pagan or anything, I just see nature as the ultimate perfection. She is my role model.
    Looking at nature I can see all the features we should embrace, even the not so nice ones.
    She is strong, and yet gentle. She is intelligent and has no mercy. She is beautiful and functional.

    Maybe it is strange to talk about love and nature as if it was the same thing. But if you’re attentive, you’ll see what I mean.

    There are so many examples that it isn’t possible to write about them all. So, here’s an idea for another challenge: finding the love around you. But that’s a whole other post. 😉

    I’m always in awe when I look at broad beans. Did you notice already how they are wrapped? They have multiple layers, and then a little pouch that embraces them. It all seems so fragile, but they provide the necessary protection, warmth and space they need to grow. That is love, isn’t it? (Oh and the way they are meant to be open? Isn’t that clever, and simple, and amazing?)

    Look at dying leaves. Their colours of fire and gold. They share a balmy feeling. Look at the way they fall, so gently as they were being dandled. Look at the floor they lay on, it feels like a royal carpet. If this isn’t love, what is?

    Look at all the mothers protecting their children: mammals, birds, or any other class, really. They die for them, if they need to. If you don’t feel the love here, I don’t know where you’ll find it.

    For me, love IS ALWAYS the answer. No matter the problem. You don’t need many friends, or a partner, or a family in order to feel the love around you. It sure helps, as we only know how to live in groups, but love is always with you. If you dare to see/feel it.

    Have the best day ever,

  3. Wonderful entry for the Wednesday Wonderment! You can’t really go wrong with nature. This leaf reminds me so much of the Anahaw leaves in Ph. It’s their national leaf. Out from this leaf you can create so many things. Natives use it as umbrella on rainy days, while other crafty people creates wonderful things out of it. My favorite so far is a mat and woven rug made out of it. The patterns are so intricate. Great post all in all. Thanks for the inspiration behind this image.

    1. Thank you for these great observations and the details on the usage of leaves in the Philippines. That is really interesting and a testament to the strength and design of these leaves.

  4. This is a really stunning photo. Nature in general inspires me. Out in the woods,in the rainforest surrounded by medieval looking plants and looking upwards through ferns, touch of blue sky through greenery … I love it all. Lovely to find your blog, Frank!

  5. Fantastic picture with just enough information to prove to any nonbelievers that nature is the most amazing engineer.

    I am drawn to plants, often sending pictures to my mom, who shares this fascination. Lichens, mosses, and fungi are some of my favourites.

    1. Thank you! I agree that there is marvelous engineering at work.

      Lichens, mosses and fungi are amazing. I may have to do some macro photography with them to explore their internal construction even more!

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