Instant Grammar II – preamble

Getting back in the groove

A couple of years ago, I turned a 365 photo project into a small book. As I haven’t been shooting as regularly as I like, I’m thinking about kicking off another 365 project on September 1.

It might go something like this…

2016-08-26 16.33.56 HDR-3
Old Style!

Seeing this placard made me wonder, if they actually still have a payphone in their establishment… The name of the pub is the Old Timer, so one never knows!

The Book

It was a lot of fun to put this book together, which I self-published through Blurb. If you’re curious about it, click on the badge for a preview.

Instant Grammar 2013
Instant Gramma…
Selections from a Y…
By Frank Jansen
Photo book