Climbing into the Fog

Obscured majesty

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge provides the theme of Ascend.

Yesterday’s post showed the steps that are built as streets in hill towns in Tuscany, such as Massa Marittima. Today, I’m looking to what Nature provides in allowing us to ascend to great heights.

One of the mountains near to where I live is Mount Monadnock.  This mountain featured in the writings of transcendentalists, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson.  The word ‘monadnock’ is from the Abenaki language and means mountain that stands alone, which it truly does as it rises well above all the surrounding landscape.  Mt. Monadnock is a nice climb, as there are numerous approaches that are not exceedingly difficult, but still enough of a challenge to add interest to a hike.

Here’s one of the paths going up Monadnock…

Monadnock Staircase

This photo was from a day, when I went climbing with my good friend George.  We hoped to get a nice view of the surrounding landscape, but were disappointed, as the summit was shrouded by dense clouds!

Have a wonderful day!

Reaching Ever Higher

The hill towns of Tuscany

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge provides the theme of Ascend.

There were a number of approaches to this theme that came to mind rather quickly, so you can expect more than one post for this theme…

As a started, I couldn’t help but think of the amount of ascending that my wife and I did while exploring the hill towns of Tuscany this year.  These picturesque towns had us climbing everywhere, as very few streets stayed at the same level very long, and none had us do more climbing than Massa Marittima, as we even ascended the tower at the top of the town for an amazing view.

Here’s part of the climbing that we did in Massa Marittima…

Where do they lead?

Luckily, the great food kept us well-sustained for all this climbing!

Have a wonderful day!