Sunday Morning – Yesterday

A little nature and nurture

Today is definitely starting with some Premier League football, as I’m currently watching my favorite team, Liverpool, and plan to watch the Leicester City game, as this Cinderella story has sofar exceeded all expectations.  The next order of priority will be to take the final to the MITx on-line data science course that I’ve been taking and then practice some guitar.

Simple Beauty

Yesterday, I went with my wife to Connecticut to have our little Dora practice a bit of herding on ducks in anticipation of her herding trial next weekend (today, she’s doing agility, so it’s a busy weekend for Dora).  I brought my camera along with a macro lens attached; I have been dabbling with a bit of macro photography over the past couple of weeks, and was in the mood for some more exploring.

Spring’s Here!

Tree blossoms were everywhere as well.  There were also some other subjects that attracted my attention, which I will hold back until the Tuesday Photo Challenge post.

Guitar practice time will include two songs today.  The Beatles’ Yesterday will be my main focus, as I need to work on the (for me) tricky bass-line integration with the melody of this song.  Combining that with a couple of interesting barre chords has its challenges for me.

The attentive reader noticed that Sir Paul McCartney is playing at Liverpool’s home stadium.  Oh yes, the other song: Purple Rain, for all the obious reasons.

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!