Spring’s Return

Spring refills us with hope.

As we encounter the first day of February, we’re closing in on six more weeks before the seasonal renaissance: Spring! Tomorrow is Groundhog Day and Punxsutawney Phil will emerge and, hopefully, not see his shadow.

While we await Phil’s prognostication, let’s lift our spirits…

Spring’s Return

In this shot from May of 2014, Yoga Tree is almost back to full strength, demonstrating her power of recovery from everything that a New England Winter might throw at her. Let’s look forward to a gentle, warm Spring to arrive soon!

Monochrome Monday

As a soul passes through the ephemeral plane…

It would be more accurate to call this image almost monochrome, as I left a bit of color in this shot from 2011…


This is another example of using movement to alter an image; in this case, I loosened the lens ring just enough to all the entire barrel to rotate without zooming in or out. Additionally, this is a long exposure (>30 s) allowing the taillights of cars to create a dance of strings moving through the image.

Silent Sunday

Against the forces of the wind…

Going through my back catalog…an image from 2008 for a photography class…


This image is inspired by one of the early works by Piet Mondrian that I saw in a museum in Den Haag many years ago. It featured trees bent by the wind and immediately gave me a sense of the eternal battle with solitude.

I created the shot by building a stand from a paperclip and hot gluing it to the bent for. The paperclip was fed through a hole in the continuous paper and I lit it with a single 60 watt lightbulb to cast the specific shadow.

C.P. #6: In-Camera Abstraction

Dance of the Gwragedd Annwn

One of the approaches to changing up my photography game over the years is to experiment in lots of different directions. These experiments have always been more about finding out if there was something that connected for me rather than having a very precise target.

With this approach, I have found that there have been numerous blind alleys that didn’t resonate and a few paths that I keep returning to, as there’s just something that keeps pulling me in their direction. One such path is using the camera to create more abstract images, such as this…

Dance of the Gwragedd Annwn

This image from 2012 is an example of the abstract path that I called an exploration of kryptomorphaics; yes, I made the word up from the concepts of hidden (krypto) and changing the shape (morph) of what I saw in front of me. A lot of these images are whimsical, such as this one, where the bright bits of light among leaves allowed me to create a completely new form for them. Thus the title of this shot, as Gwragedd Annwn are beautiful water faeries.

The technique on this image is rather straightforward, as I did a simple tight, imperfect round motion with the barrel of the lens to create a more circular form during the 0.3 second exposure. This created the more dance-like movement of the light across a darker landscape, giving the illusion of water sprites flittering in front of us.

During my exploration I found many ways to create abstractions directly in my shots, and every once in a while I think of a new thing to try to see how it connects for me. As I used these various techniques there did come a point that I started ‘seeing’ the possibilities in various scenes that allowed me to create something interesting.

I’d love to hear of what your photographic explorations have created for you!

iPhone Friday

Is there a dark side of the moon!

A special post this week as I took the plunge to the latest and greatest iPhone released and acquired an iPhone 14 Pro Max (in Deep Purple). If you’re a frequent mobile phone photographer, like me, it’s always nice to verify that the restore part of the backup/restore process works.

When I checked my albums, I came across this fun shot…

Brit Floyd at the Hanover in Worcester, MA

This photo was from the last concert that I attended pre-pandemic; it was Brit Floyd at the Hanover Theatre in Worcester, MA, on March 11, 2020. Brit Floyd shows are always amazing and you can see that the experience is both sound and vision!

Throwback Thursday

A bit of color and curve!

In this week’s edition, I’m taking us back to a photo from 2014…

Graffiti Anatomy

The fun here was to juxtapose the supremely creative Graffiti Anatomy art toy by Crew Design of Perth, UK, with another object that would balance the image. Luckily, I had this little blue vase that offset the predominant orange of the art toy and allowed for the curves to work together as well.

This shot was taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mk III using a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM lens. Studio lights were used and a product table to manage the reflection and background.

A Clear Winter’s Day

A glorious winter day!

Complaining about Winter in New England is as common as going to Dunkin for your morning cup of coffee; of course, griping about the weather is part of our human condition! Sure, I’ve had Winter’s days that I’d rather not see, especially when having to clear the driveway for the second time to rid it of that heavy slush that passes for wintry mix.

Then there are those glorious days…

A Clear Winter’s Day

For me it doesn’t get any better than a sunny, cold day in Winter, when there’s a soft blanket of snow on the ground and the sky radiates with blue! This February day in 2015 was such a day and it frame Yoga Tree in all her glory!

Travel Tuesday – Ep.2

Where’s Frank this time?

It’s Tuesday, so it’s time for another image from the travel collection or, more accurately, 2 images! Here’s the first one…

Two Castles for Tuesday

This first one was captured with my Canon EOS R5. Less than a minute later, I snapped another one…

Two Castles for Tuesday

This one was grabbed with the iPhone 13 Pro Max. I almost feel that I should have been more patient and had my R5 at the ready for the second shot; what do you think?

And, where do we get this lovely view? It’s probably an easy one, as the castle in the foreground is pretty iconic.

iPhone Friday

Too snowy for golf?

Last I checked, I have taken at least 15,000 photos with my various iPhone versions over the years. While there are a lot of gratuitous snaps and recording of serial numbers among them, there’s a subset of images that I still like.

Here’s another one…

Too Snowy for Golf?

This shot was taken at the Wachusett Country Club in West Boylston on the last day of 2015. As I drive by it frequently, I stopped to take a look at the reflections of the Sun in the snow and its interplay with the glistening trees.

This shot was taken with an iPhone 5s and I toned the highlights down a bit and added a bit of sharpening and vignette to get a more pleasing image.

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