Freedom Square in Brno

Carrying the load might not make one happy!

One of the main squares in Brno is Náměstí Svobody (Freedom Square). When you visit Brno, you really shouldn’t miss this triangular square, the shape of which was determined by the confluence of ancient trade routes and a stream (that happened to be the city sewer back then).

Every time I visit, there is one building that really catches my eye, because of its striking ornamentation…

One of the Four Giants

The building is called the House of the Four Giants and hails from 1902; it was designed by Alois Prastorger and Germano Wanderley. This solid looking building’s facade show Four Giant figures who appear to be carrying the weight of the entire building. None of the four seem happy about this.

Brno at Night

A couple of quick images from wonderful Brno

As it’s a week of business travel and the usual all day affair of meetings and meals, I’ve been remiss in posting; so here’s a quick post of a couple of captures while walking back to my hotel here in Brno.

Father Martin Streda statue

This statue of the revered Father Martin Streda struck me with the interesting lighting, as it stands next to the Jesuit Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Father Martin Streda’s reverence comes from the time of the siege of the city of Brno by Swedish troops during 1645; according to the stories told, the Virgin Mary appeared to him during his prayers and told him that the city of Brno would not be conquered, if everyone obeyed God. After this apparition, Martin proceeded to be uncannily accurate in his predictions of attacks by the Swedish and the last cannonball fired at the city landed at his feet and remained motionless.

Little Mozart

This statue produces another interesting shadow due to the way it is lighted. It is known as ‘Little Mozart’ and stands in front of the Reduta Theatre on the square known as the Cabbage Market (still in operation 6 days a week). In 1767, the then 11 year old Mozart performed at the theater along with his sister Maria Anna. The statue is unusual in that it has the head of a mature Mozart on an child’s body with a single wing; the latter is likely included to mark the tragic death of the composer.

If you get the chance, Brno is a fabulous city to visit with lots of sights, great restaurants and hospitable people. I always enjoy coming back here.

And yes, the meetings and trip have been extremely productive!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 172

Overhead can be a good thing!

Welcome to the 172nd round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

Things are looking up! Your posts for this week’s theme were spectacular and showed a tremendous amount of creativity. There certainly were a couple that blew me away, both in terms of content and artistry, and I’ll be curious to hear which among all these great posts had a similar effect on you. I feel privileged to read all of your contributions to the theme of Overhead, and they were extremely enjoyable!!

Thank you for all the effort that you put into these posts, and I hope that you enjoy reading each other’s posts!

Here’s a bit more of an overhead view…

And not a drop of rain…

This art installation was in one of the main shopping streets in Brno, Czechia; it was fun to try and capture the colorful aspects of the installation on such a beautiful, rain-free day!

Please enjoy the following blog posts:

  1. Sarah starts things this week with an extreme reduction of overhead in her post in By Sarah; this is why cooler heads prevail!!
  2. Jez brings a supermassive crane in his post in Jez Braithwaite; great shots of something that one might not want to walk under…
  3. Nicole shares an absolutely lovely image in her post in Une Photo, Un Poéme; it will inspire many to look up more frequently!
  4. Brian proves that timing really is everything, as we can see in his post in Bushboy’s World; it looks like he has the world by its tail 🙂
  5. The feeling I get from the wonderful photo in Geriatri’x’ Fotogallery is that either I’m stuck in the well, or things are looking up…
  6. Debbie takes us back to Moldova in her post Travel with Intent, where we encounter little Guguta’s big hat. In a second post in Travel with Intent, Debbie takes us through the queue into Kew gardens for some lovely views! And, not to be outdone, Debbie shares a third post this week in Travel with Intent, where she brings on the color of the Batala at the Fringe festival in Edinburgh!
  7. This week we get to visit the Hagia Sophia in Don’t Hold Your Breath, but not the one that everyone has heard of…rather, the little Hagia Sophia, which is stunning as well!
  8. This week’s amazing photo in theOnlyD800intheHameau takes us into the sky at an Estevol in the town of Blond; is it a bird or is it a kite?
  9. Xenia shares two great posts this week; the first is in Tranature, where she captures what will lift many birds overhead. A great day for peace! In WhippetWisdom, we encounter those amazing whippets and there’s something floating overhead… More fun!
  10. Klara takes us back to Brussels in her post in Sliku soju ljubim II, but I might just pass on that dinner invitation… Hope nobody dropped their silverware!
  11. There are some amazing views in pensivity101‘s post, which I very much enjoy; my favorite among these has a truck passing over the boat…
  12. Ken takes a rather playful approach to the them in his blog Pictures without Film; we get to see the shot from overhead, but might wonder what the other photo would show us!
  13. This week in The Jesh Studio, we get a playful set of looks at the 90 days of Summer.
  14. Ann-Christine shares some rather amazing overhead views in her post in To See a World in a Grain of Sand…; that bookstore definitely grabs my attention!
  15. In a wonderful post in iBallrtw, we visit Budapest for a stunning art installation hanging inside a beautifully constructed dome!
  16. Jase’s post in Proscenium is all about hope… Hope for a Garden, and I think that things are looking up!
  17. Maria has a couple of great photos for this week’s theme in her blog Kamerapromenader! I’m not sure that I would dare to sit on that edge in one of them…
  18. Viveka has another great set of photos for this week’s theme in her post in MyGuiltyPleasures; I bet those balloons were amazing to see in the sky!
  19. Len put together a great set of photos in his post in Len Journeys, which also has an excellent quote! Those teddy bears are fantastic!
  20. A wonderful post in the blog Mama Cormier has us looking to see what is overhead and the variety is wonderful!
  21. Jackie brings us an overhead view from a boat in Junk Boat Travels, and we get to see locks! Love locks that is!
  22. Teressa is prepared for the weather, as we can see in her post in Another LQQK; of course, on a sunny day you don’t really need it…
  23. David captures some amazing skies in his post in David M’s Photoblog; the color and composition of these images is stunning!
  24. In an awesome post in Zombie Flamingoes, Emily has us looking up, and I know that I can’t jump high enough to touch that!
  25. Susan goes way up high in her post in Musin’ with Susan: all the way to the moon!! Also, take a look at her week in review in Musin’ with Susan, as there are some amazing photos!
  26. Kammie’s collection of shots for the theme in Nut House Central is fantastic; they also made me smile!!
  27. Na’ama manages something special in her post in Na’ama Yehuda: the bird is both overhead and overheard!
  28. Some cultures use different methods than we expect to ward off evil spirits, as we see in an interesting post in Heart 2 Heart!
  29. Deb catches something very useful overhead in her post in Twenty-Four; that should eliminate a bug or two!
  30. Cee’s photos in her post in Cee’s Photography provide some great overhead shots; I particularly like the reflection!
  31. Woolly definitely has traveled to some great places, as we see in his post in Woolly Muses, where the eagle soars and the leaves rustle!
  32. Ulli gives us a great view looking up in Suburban Tracks, which makes me want to explore more of what lies overhead.
  33. The Captain takes us on a great trip to Paris in Capt Jill’s Journeys, as we get to see some wonderful overhead shots in the city of light!
  34. Robert gives us a magnificent view of the arch of the bridge in Photo Roberts Blog; I love the tonality and composition of this shot!
  35. Clearly the monorail is the way to get around in Las Vegas, as we see in Tatiana’s post in Vegas Great Attractions; Tatiana also gives us a great view of bird’s nests in her post in Travelways.
  36. Sometimes the art is right overhead, as we see in a great post in One Letter Up – Diary 2.0; what caught my eye is that this piece of art is a creation by George Sherwood, who has an exhibition of pieces at Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, MA, one town over from me.
  37. I have to say that I’m blown away by the great overhead views in the post in SheetalBravon; those Swedes have the best subway stations!!
  38. Another light-hearted post in sgeoil shows what happens when someone goes to fly a kite!
  39. Irene captures something that is overhead all of us in her post in Heaven’s Sunshine; that is a stunning sky!
  40. A great set of overhead views are in the post in A Day In The Life, where Nature shows off her best!
  41. A wonderful post Left Hand, Left Foot… Marching On, has us looking up to see some wonderful overhead vistas!

Please let all of these great bloggers know your thoughts about their posts!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Sculpture

Welcome to week 170 of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

I’m home and slowly catching up, after getting a flight cancelled on Saturday and thus not getting home until Sunday. There was a benefit, as it allowed me to visit the beautiful city of Prague on Saturday. I’m halfway through this last week’s Round Up and will finish it on Tuesday night.

For this week’s theme, I was inspired by the significant amount of wall decoration that I encountered both in Brno and Prague. The theme of Sculpture challenges you to share photography of Sculpture both large and small, as you enjoy it in your world. There should be plenty of opportunity to find some cool Sculpture!

Have fun and feel free to make some faces back at the sculpture!

Here’s a rather serious looking gent, as he holds up the wall…

The load is heavy…

This is one of the sculptures that can be found on buildings off one of the main squares in Brno. Their faces are expressive and sometimes even a bit intimidating!

The full rules of this challenge are in TPC Guidelines, but here’s the tl;dr:

  • Write a post with an image for this week’s topic
  • Please tag your post with fpj-photo-challenge (if you’re not sure about how tags work, please check out this WordPress article about tagging posts)
  • Create a pingback link to this post, so that I can create a post showing all of the submissions over the week (note: pingbacks may not appear immediately, as my site is set up to require approval for linking to it; helps against previous bad experiences with spamming)
  • Have fun creating something new (or sharing something old)!!

Don’t just stand there like a statue! Go out and capture some sculpture…

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 168

Inside the wall…

Welcome to the 168th round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

My apologies for this very late round up; sometimes business travel can overtake one’s schedule and that certainly happened this week.

Finishing up this wonderful array of posts on the theme of Wall in my hotel room in Prague makes me appreciate all the creativity of your entries even more. My brain and eyes may be tired, but your entries broke through those barriers and made me smile, chuckle and muse with appreciation in viewing and reading your awesome posts!

Thank you very kindly for all of your great posts and the hard work that went into them and even more for your patience!

Here is another view of a wall…

Inside the walls…Spilberk Castle

The climb up to Spilberk Castle is good exercise on a warm day, for which you are rewarded with a spectacular bit of construction. As it was later in the day, I only had time to visit the Casemate, which included the interior of the wall. Believe me, you didn’t want to end up here as a prisoner…

Please enjoy the following blog posts:

  1. Sarah starts things for this theme with a stunning wall of wood in her post in By Sarah; I love the way that it is photographed!
  2. Nicole takes us to the Cotswolds for a classic wall in her post in Une Photo, Un Poéme; this reminds me of the many walls of this kind that we find in New England.
  3. Kammie shares a great collection of walls in her post in Nut House Central; there are some great stone walls and a barn in need of some work…
  4. Brian definitely has the trophy for best growth on a wall; in Bushboy’s World, he features a 24 meter high vertical garden! Impressive!!
  5. Xenia’s finds a natural wall for her post in WhippetWisdom; the haibun brings us even closer to them! In a second post, Xenia brings us a completely different set of walls in Tranature, which are wonderful to see!
  6. The walls in this week’s entry in Geriatri’x’ Fotogallery are truly ancient and interesting!
  7. I have to share that I love the post in Don’t Hold Your Breath, with amazing walls and great locals below Priene.
  8. Na’ama brings some of the essential qualities of walls into focus in her post in Na’ama Yehuda; did you think of all of these?
  9. In this week’s contribution in Take a Walk and Discover…, Michelle uncovers Pegasus soaring on the wall!
  10. In a thoughtful post in Life Amazing, we view a wide variety of walls of differing ages and stature.
  11. Debbie recognizes the power of repetition in her post in Travel with Intent, where walls spring into being!
  12. Maggie explores a wall from the past in a lovely post in pensivity101, which shows that walls may lose one function and possibly gain another!
  13. The walls that are featured in the post in theonlyD800inthehameau appear to be closing in; a great photo!
  14. The image in the wonderful post in Chateaux des Fleurs makes me wonder what this building might have had as its functions.
  15. In an excellent set of photos in the 59 Club blog, we get a great sense of the ruins of Castle Waldeck… Alice also brings us a wonderful wall of vegetation in another post in the 59 Club blog.
  16. Jase’s post in Proscenium definitely made me chuckle; that photo gives us a lot to look at and wonder what games people play…
  17. In another cool post in Travel with Tech, we get to see some interesting things that can be put on walls!
  18. David gives a great view of the city walls of Chester in David M’s Photoblog; this also shows a great adaptive re-use across the ages.
  19. Jackie has some awesome wall shots in her post in Junk Boat Travels, which provide a living view of the wall!
  20. In Heart 2 Heart, we get a lovely wall that is filled with test tubes babies of the plant kind!
  21. Sandy shares a bit of canyon caution with us in her post in Out of My Write Mind; those walls could come down…
  22. Woolly has walls of various construction materials in his post in WoollyMuses, only one of which is not Big Bad Wolf-proof…
  23. Walls can take different shapes, depending on function, which we can see in Land of Images; sea defense is a key role!
  24. With a wonderful photo in Up North, Eric brings us to the granddaddy of all walls: the Great Wall of China!
  25. Eliza first shares a variety of Great Wall photos in her post in Albatz Adventures. She then brings us up close with the Comic Book characters in her second post in Albatz Adventures.
  26. In iball round the world‘s post, we get to enjoy the John Lennon Wall in Prague; which changes constantly!
  27. In the post for this theme in sgeoil, we are face to face with a simple wall, which does all it’s intended to do!
  28. Deb shares a lovely photography of a wall in her post in Twenty-Four; if I’m not mistaken, it has the mark of repair…
  29. Robert demonstrates another function of walls in his post in Photo Robert Blog: a canvas for artistic expression!
  30. In a stunning post in Suburban Tracks, we get to visit the walls of Berlin and their artistic outlets…
  31. Indira shows us in her post in Sharing Thoughts that walls might not be enough to control Nature’s progress!
  32. Marie shares some of the details in her post in the New 3 Rs: Retire, Recharge, Reconnect; the details are what make the wall!
  33. Cee not only shares some colorful and interesting walls with us in Cee’s Photography, but she also captured them beautifully!
  34. In a great post by syncwithdeep, we are confronted with a wall of strength!
  35. Ramya was surprised by the tiled wall she encountered in And miles to go before I sleep…, which is beautiful!
  36. Klara’s post in her blog Sliku svoju ljubim II shows that walls can be made of tractors to protest the affairs of state in Brussels!
  37. There are some interesting walls in the post in A Day In The Life, some of which are for sharing!
  38. In another inspiring post in For the Love of …, we look at the beautification of walls that is taking place in numerous cities, and also provides an additional outlet for art!
  39. Amy takes us to the Cambridge American Cemetery in Photography Journal Blog, where she captures the walls of the missing…
  40. Maria made me go WOW with her shot of Skogafoss in Iceland in her blog Kamerapromenader! She perfectly captured the scale and power of the waterfall!
  41. Len truly captured the art of design in his photography in Len’s Journeys; these walls are expressive and evoke emotion!
  42. Hannah shares a powerful wall of Nature in her post in Zebra’s Child. A truly lovely image!
  43. Teressa shares some interesting walls and details of these walls in her post in Another LQQK, it is interesting what approaches can be taken to dress up our basic walls!
  44. There is definite growth on this wall in another great post in One Letter Up – Diary 2.0; I like the coloring of the leaves!
  45. This week’s entry in Thief Images Photography Blog makes me muse what words would be uttered by those walls…

Please let all of these great bloggers know your thoughts about their posts!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Hill

Atop the hill…

Welcome to week 169 of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

As I am traveling for work this week, I have been pretty much out of touch due to long work days and little time between meetings. My apologies for the resultant delay. As I will have this evening to myself, I will get last week’s round up done then. Also, I should get the chance for some personal time on Friday to get a bit of photography in as well…

As I did get the chance to look out of my hotel room at night, there was a bit of inspiration that led to this week’s theme of Hill. In the town of Brno, there is a spectacular view of Spilberk Castle, which has stood atop the hill for over seven centuries. Therefore, your challenge is to share your favorite hills and/or what you find atop them.

I’m looking forward to seeing what hills you climb and capture!

Here’s the castle on the hill…

Spilberk Castle

This view is from my 12th floor hotel room; this room has the feature that windows open all the way, so that I could get a good view. I’ve also taken a couple of EOS R shots that I will process in the near future.

The full rules of this challenge are in TPC Guidelines, but here’s the tl;dr:

  • Write a post with an image for this week’s topic
  • Please tag your post with fpj-photo-challenge (if you’re not sure about how tags work, please check out this WordPress article about tagging posts)
  • Create a pingback link to this post, so that I can create a post showing all of the submissions over the week (note: pingbacks may not appear immediately, as my site is set up to require approval for linking to it; helps against previous bad experiences with spamming)
  • Have fun creating something new (or sharing something old)!!

Hope you have fun with this week’s (day late) theme and conquer the hills!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 160

Enjoy the beauty of the night!

Welcome to the 160th round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

The night spoke to many of you, as is evident from your wonderful creations this week. I think you’ll agree with me that the set of entries in response to the Night theme are simply amazing. Your variety of approaches and skill, with which you executed them were a pleasure to behold!

Thank you for allowing me to read another great set of posts and the effort that you put into them! Please comment on each other’s work!

Here’s something fun to do at night…

Skating in Brno

During the Winter season, the town of Brno in the Czech Republic has this wonderful outdoor skating rink in front of one the museums. One can glide around and in front of the art!

  1. Joseph starts things off this week with a great post in his blog, Lillie-Put, which features a great set of night photos!
  2. Maria’s photos in her entry in Kamerapromenader are nothing short of stunning; go check them out!
  3. Sarah shares a great photo in her post in By Sarah; I bet you know where this was taken!
  4. With another stunning post, A Day in the Life brings us a sense of mystery that fog at night evokes…
  5. Ann-Christine brings out the sense of the night in her post in To See the World in a Grain of Sand…; wonderful photo!
  6. In a wonderful post in iBall Round the World, we get to see one of the fun things to do with photography at night: light trails!
  7. In another lovely post in pensivity101 we experience the sense of nights on a boat…I bet those ducks sounded interesting!
  8. Na’ama brings us an outstanding poem in her post in Na’ama Yehuda; the long night…
  9. Jase shares the love of a rainy night in an enticing post in Proscenium, great photos too!
  10. Kammie brings us a wonderful set of photos in Nut House Central, where she gets the ambience across to us beautifully!
  11. Carol’s photos in her post in Light Words are lovely; they really give us a sense of midnight in Paris!
  12. In an awesome post in Don’t Hold Your Breath, we get to see night time in an abandoned shopping mall…eerie!
  13. Irene’s photo in this week’s entry in Heaven’s Sunshine captures a stunning night-time reflection!
  14. Paula’s view of the night in Light Motifs II captures the last light beautifully!
  15. Nicole’s capture of the sunset in her blog One Photo, Un Poéme is nothing short of stunning!
  16. Travel with Tech features some great travel locations with London, Budapest and Prague and these night-time shots are wonderful!
  17. Shelley’s warming up to the nights in her post in Quaint Revival, as Spring nights warm her heart! Great photos!
  18. Debbie’s travels in Valetta bring us wonderful night scenes in Travel with Intent; I love the quiet ambience!
  19. Brian’s views of the night in Bushboy’s World provide a wonderful variety of aspects; that salamander is stunning!
  20. Ken really brings out the charm of camping at night in his post in Pictures without Film; that harbor is stunning too!
  21. Danny’s photo in this week’s post in Danny James Photography has a great sense of color against the night!
  22. This week’s wonderful post in Geriatri’X’ Fotogallery provides a stunning view of the Nordic night!
  23. This week’s contribution to the theme in A Wise Woman’s Journey has a gorgeous photo and lovely haiku!
  24. In this week’s post in Land of Images we get a stunning night view of a bridge that brings the art to architecture!
  25. In a touching post in the Blog of Hammad Rais, Hammad focuses on some of the mishaps during one night of photography…
  26. Sandy stuns us with a great photo in her post in Out of My Write Mind, and the poem just adds to your enjoyment!
  27. Ramya shares a lovely photo of trees against the night sky in a great post in And Miles to go before I Sleep…
  28. Deb’s post in Twenty-Four brings us a rather interesting view, as foreground and background interplay…
  29. With a lovely photo in Hadd Hai Year, we get a view of the night in Zibo, China!
  30. David’s post in David Meredith’s Photoblog is one that you’ll have to see! His night-time photography is nothing short of amazing!!
  31. Michelle gives us a gorgeous view of the night in Bangkok in her post in Take a Walk and Discover!
  32. This week’s post in One letter UP – diary 2.0, takes us to Coronado Beach with a night-time view that all of us would cherish!
  33. This week’s entry in Photography Journal Blog is stunning! The Royal Albert Hall never looked better!
  34. Khürt once again brings us an amazing post in Island in the Net! His photos of life at night are to be seen by all!

Please let all of these great bloggers know your thoughts about their posts!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Trip

Tripping the light fantastic

Welcome to Week 107 of the Tuesday Photo Challenge.  I just got back from a long trip where I hit 6 countries in 10 days, including one that I didn’t plan on, but more about that later.

As this was a long, strange and mostly excellent trip, I thought that I’d use that as a theme for this week’s challenge: Trip.  Part of the reason is that I already used Travel as a theme in week 57 (I had to look to verify that), and Trip can still be about travel, but also about the other meanings of the word.  You get full choice this week to decide how you would like to use this week’s theme!

So, please use your creative brain, and share something to amaze and delight all who want to find out about this Trip!  Have fun with this one!

This is from a previous trip to Brno, Czech Republic…

Skating in Brno
Skating in Brno

This square is in front of the Moravian Gallery in Brno, where people could skate around this great horse and knight statue; someone may even have tripped here!

The full rules of this challenge are in TPC Guidelines, but here’s the tl;dr:

  • Write a post with an image for this week’s topic
  • Please tag your post with fpj-photo-challenge (if you’re not sure about how tags work, please check out this WordPress article about tagging posts)
  • Create a pingback link to this post, so that I can create a post showing all of the submissions over the week (note: pingbacks may not appear immediately, as my site is set up to require approval for linking to it; helps against previous bad experiences with spamming)
  • Have fun creating something new (or sharing something old)!!

Don’t let this assignment trip you up, and make sure the light is fantastic!

Surprise, Surprise!

Brno is full of surprises!

Seeing this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge of Surprise, brought me back to last year’s visit to the wonderful city of Brno; a place that I hope to visit again soon!  Brno is an interesting city to explore, as it provides a wonderful mixture of architecture going as far back to medieval times to modern with a great number of thought-provoking art installations included for good measure.

As a result, Brno is a city that will often surprise you with lots of things to see.  Here’s a sampler from my day in Brno…

Enjoy your weekend, and remember to keep your eyes peeled for anything that might surprise you!

Brno – Day 2

Various Views of Brno

Before I get locked inside all day, starting tomorrow, for meetings, I spent a bit more recovery time outside today to get a sense of the layout of Brno and snap a couple more photos.

All were shot with my brand new Fuji X-T1 with its Fuji 18-135mm wonderful lens.


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