Monochrome Monday – 1

Under a different light, yet still simple!

Just for fun, something light for Mondays: let’s go to black and white! There’s always something captivating about reducing an image to its basic components and stick to the variety of black and white tones that we can express in it.

Here’s a recent one that kind of stood out to me…

B&W Leaf under Red Light

The fun part of shooting this is that it was lit up with a red spotlight, which provided rather interesting contrast on a green leaf. The resultant structure really pops and produces a pleasing effect.

Goodbye to 2022

Happy New Year!

As we started this year, 364 days ago now, we knew that it couldn’t be as bad as the year(s) we lost to COVID; we held out hope and a conviction that things were looking up!

Guess what? 2022 turned out pretty good, and I, for one, am even more optimistic about 2023, as we turn over the next leaf…

B&W Leaf under Red Light

Like this leaf, life started looking a lot better over the past year, as we started traveling again (Iceland and river cruise from Amsterdam to Basel for personal travel). Inspiration started coming back with a more positive outlook, which turned to creating more images. Work, albeit insanely busy, allowed me to take an entirely new look on how to organize a modern software development organization (looking forward to the rollout of this in 2023).

I feel that the momentum is there once again, and I plan to keep moving things forward!

Oh yes, the image… I photographed this leaf during the Night Lights event at the New England Botanic Garden at Tower Hill; the lighting on this leaf was red, which led me to take the black&white direction.

Happy New Year to one and all and I look forward to sharing our future explorations!

Finding Your Place in the Universe

Universal connections

In today’s WordPress Daily Post Prompt the theme of Finding Your Place, I may have found a place.  Specifically, when I think about where I have found my place, it comes down to recognizing that my place is the Universe.

Wait a minute, you say, that is the same place that all of us are in!  True, but when you think of your place, where you have found yourself, what do you list.  Many among us will list a town or region, or a country, usually with some amount of patriotic fervor.  Some will recognize that their interest has extended beyond this and that our stewardship of the planet Earth is critical to humanity’s long-term viability.

Universal Existence

In my journey around the Sun, I have had the luxury to see various parts of the world and their cultures, and make the decision to settle in the United States.  As I have learned more and explored both this planet and what lies beyond, I have come to realize that the Universe is the one inescapable common location, in which we find ourselves.

The Universe is full of energies, which flow throughout; as one explores these energies and attunes themselves with them, there may be an opening of channels.  These channels enable us to be one with Nature, and connect with one another in a truly positive fashion; these connections are filled with positive energy, which lift us along the daily path, wherever that path may lead us.  Meditation creates the space in our mind to let these energies reach us; this is the path that I followed to make this connection with the Universe and where I found my true place.

I look forward to hearing where you find your place.

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