A highly evolved dog!

As a dog lover, it was impossible to pass up today’s WordPress Daily Prompt of Animal.  Even though we live with five animals (4 Cardigan Welsh Corgis and 1 Cat), each of which is unique in their own way, it was a simple choice for me, as our current oldest dog, Darwin, has a birthday coming up this month: his 15th birthday!!

Here’s Darwin, from a number of years ago, as he was having a blast running through a little stream…

Darwin having fun!

He knows how to have a good time, and, even though he spends a good amount of his day sleeping these days, he’s still full of life and mischievous!


Dogstar Thursday – vol. 4

Faster, higher, stronger!

This week, I am going back to one of my many agility photos and am picking one of my favorite obstacles to photograph, the A-frame.


This image was taken in October, 2010, at the Cape Cod Kennel Club AKC agility trial in Falmouth, Massachusetts.  It was a beautiful day with great light and a pretty good breeze, so the dogs were ready to run!

Clearly, this pug had a good head of steam, when cresting the A-frame, which, for this jump height, stands at 5’0″ (apps. 1.52 m).  For a small dog, that is quite a height; if we’d scale this for the average human, it would be 4-5 times as high!  Luckily, these dogs are well-trained and quite used to it, but it is still a feat of courage for them to fly over this A-frame at speed.

Out of curiosity, have any of you run your dogs in agility or other competitions?