Sunday Morning – Tradition

Tradition can be good!

After a Grace Potter concert experience on Saturday night that was well-executed, but left us missing some of the older material that we had hoped to hear.  Grace was dynamic, filled with energy and led the audience on a Rock and Roll line up that felt like a space-ship, tent revivial with a twist of voodoo high priestess thrown in, as she kept the audience mesmerized.

A solid show, but without some of the classics, such as Stars, Tiny Light, Apologies, Oasis, Ragged Company, which would have fit in beautifully to break the blistering pace of the show.  This lack of the traditional material from her extensive catalog keeps a number of us wanting an alternative version of the show…  Maybe next time, but I’ll share some tradition with you!

Old Stone Church

Old Stone Church in West Boylston, MA

In the 19th century, the Quinapoxet River joined the Stillwater River to become the southern branch of the Nashua River in the town of West Boylston. Just to the east of the confluence of these rivers was constructed a magnificent stone church.

From 1896 through 1905 West Boylston endured the building of the Wachusett Reservoir and the destruction of its mills and farms. When the Wachusett Reservoir was completed, this impressive Old Stone Church remained standing as the last remnant of the town which was once in the valley, but was now flooded by the new reservoir.

The predecessor of the Old Stone Church was the second house of worship for the Baptist Society in West Boylston, dedicated on December 6, 1832.

The church and its neighboring church, Saint Anthony’s Roman Catholic Church, were destroyed by a fire on May 2, 1890.

The present Old Stone Church was built on the same site and was scheduled for dedication on March 17, 1892, but a fire again badly damaged the interior of the church and the dedication was postponed until May 19, 1892.

In June 1897, the Metropolitan Water Board awarded the Baptist Society $22,500 for the loss of the church for the construction of the reservoir. The last Baptist service was held in April 1902.

On April 13, 1973, the Old Stone Church was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

On June 27, 1974, the State awarded $87,000 for reinforcing the roof and walls of the church building. The following month, the church roof and three walls collapsed requiring rebuilding which was completed in the Spring of 1977.

On September 25, 1983, on the occasion of the year of the 175th Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Town of West Boylston, the Rededication of the Old Stone Church was held.

As you can imagine, the Old Stone Church is a popular backdrop for wedding and engagement photography and looks magnificent when bracketed by New England’s special offering of magnificent autumnal colors!

Enjoy a little quieter bit of Grace Potter with Things I Never Needed!


Have a wonderful day!

Saturday’s Sunrise – pt 5

Tiny Light

This Saturday is starting with great weather to kick off what is going to be a fantastic day!  It’s always good to have some plans for the weekend, which is the case today!  First, let’s take a look at a morning image from a couple of years ago…

2014-06-25 08.29.37 HDR-1
Hydrant Morning

This image comes from one of my commute photos acouple of years back.  Clearly, the hydrant is getting good reception with its antenna attached!

Tonight, my wife and I are going to a show at Blue Hills Bank Pavillion in Boston: we’re going to see Grace Potter, which is a show that I am very much looking forward to seeing!  It should be a perfect evening after a rather hot day!

Hope you have great plans for your weekend too!

Sunday Morning – Ragged Company

Dead Flowers reference?

The sudden onslaught of hot weather in New England caught me a bit unprepared, as my body prefers the gradual descent into Summer’s heat from the cooler days of Spring.  As a result, much of yesterday was spent looking for some new window air conditioning units, and not just any A/C units; as I enjoy making my home smarter over time, I was looking for the Quirky Aros, which can be controlled through home automation.

Three units were found after going to a number of stores, and the installation started 🙂  It’s amazing how the omission of a single step in instructions can make a difference, but that undocumented step cost me at least 25 minutes to figure out what was missing and correct the installation!  After installing the first one, the next step was to program it, which didn’t go flawlessly on the first attempt, but I did learn from my mistakes and get both the living room and bed room units up and running, so that we slept comfortably!

Winter Revisited

Cool thoughts prevail on this day, as we’re thinking back to those chilly days of Winter!

Plans for today are to not overdo anything outside in the forecasted 93F (34C) weather and do some indoor tasks followed by some music practice on the new song that we started working on in yesterday’s lesson: Ragged Company by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.

I really love this song for the mood that it sets and builds up throughout the entire song; it also doesn’t hurt that there is a great version with Willie Nelson joining the band.  Of course, we are our own Ragged Company, no matter where we go!  The one question that remains, whether or not there is a Rolling Stones reference in the title of this song, from the first verse of Dead Flowers, which is another great song.

Have a wonderful day!

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