Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 23

Bounty of impact!

The theme of Human Impact brought out some fantastic images, which is what I have come to enjoy from the wonderful folks who frequent this blog.  And this week, I was definitely very impressed by the quality of the posts.

The range went from impact on our environment to the lovely way that we can decorate and the positive impact that us humans can have.  Quite the variety!!

Here’s one of the impacts that I have experienced in my travels…

Lonely Couch

The following were this week’s participants in the challenge with links to their posts:

  • ladileemanilla jumped on this challenge very quickly with a great post that offered a large variety of images.
  • Charles’ post in the CharlesEWaugh blog focused on the impact of electric power on our landscape.
  • Marga who writes The Photographer Smiled… took a slightly different approach in showing a farmer’s impact.
  • Miriam’s post in Out an’ About has delightful images of her towns Wattle Festival;  you know you’re curious to find out what that’s about!

I hope that I got everyone’s posts!  These were both surprising and wonderful to behold.

Now to think of something new for tomorrow from lovely Brno.