Starting Anew – 2017 Kicks Off!

At the beginning of 2016, I made the decision to revive my anemic blog and make a serious effort to not only start anew, but also stay the course during the entire year.  During the year, I read other blogs, commented on them, made new friends and posted plenty of entries, so that now I have a pretty well established blog with a loyal following of fantastic people from all over the world.

As a result, I feel pretty good about what I managed to pull together during the past year.  So what to do next?  I plan to retain my focus, continue to sharpen the quality of my blog and generate some (hopefully) interesting content throughout all of 2017.

Old Rust, New Growth

This is where we’re at right now… we have some rust, but there’s new growth that will lead us into the future!

Like many, I have some plans for this year:

  • Restart my workout schedule with a goal of getting to an aerobic level that I feel good about (and lose 30 pounds).
  • Continue my guitar learning journey with focused practice that gets me ready for a more significant public performance.
  • Learn basic Italian conversation, so that I’ll be able to chat with people during our vacation in Italy.
  • Focus on enjoyment in my photography by having a completely new eye on the world around me.

With all this, there will be dedication to my work at Red Hat to continue to expand the positive impact that I have on the organization and the community that we support.  There will also be some fun things to do with the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress, which is my favorite charity to support, as there’s so much positive energy in this group.

Expect to see some updates from time to time, some old features, such as the Tuesday Photography Challenge, as well as some new content.  We’ll have lots of fun together throughout this year!

What are your plans for the year?