Prints are a lot of fun!

New and improved!

In getting the first nine prints uploaded into my new Etsy store, part of the fun is to update my images to those that were finalized for print when I did the exhibit at my place of work, here at Red Hat in Westford, Massachusetts.

As I’m rather meticulous about my print preparation (the paper and ink adds up to a significant expense per print, and I was born a Dutchman 🙂 ), I spent quite a bit of time going over every detail of the print.  As my tools (and skills) have expanded over the years, there has been opportunity to improve a number of prints from their originals.  For each of these, I have ‘locked’ the final print settings into its own file, so that every one of the limited edition prints will look very much the same.

The Line

This image wound up being a tad crisper and a little bit more expressive than previous iterations.  The resultant print on Canson Infinity Satin photographic paper looks great on the wall here at work.

Over the next couple of days, I will share some of the other ‘updated’ versions for your approval.