Relaxed Sunday – Vacation and R.E.M.

A nice day coming up!

As we’re still waiting for all the leaves that have dropped in the yard to dry out a bit from the soaking that they received over the past week, I’ll spend a bit of time shopping on this lovely Sunday.  My wife’s birthday is coming up, so I will find something of interest!

Additionally, I’ll spend a bit more time planning our vacation in Italy next year, with a bit of additional research about the lovely Chianti region.  As we’re going in mid-May, there’s plenty of time, particularly since I already have our lodging booked.

This will be our first sizeable vacation trip since our visit to Scotland in 2013; we spent some time in Maine last year that was very enjoyable, but not as long a vacation.  We’ll spend a couple of days in Rome after arriving, before going up the country, where we’ll be staying in Colordesoli for just over a week.

Eilean Donan castle

This image is from our trip to Scotland, where Eilean Donan castle was on our list of locations that we wanted to visit.  Our trip to Italy will require a bit less driving around, as we covered over a thousand miles in Scotland 🙂

Guitar practice

There will be time for guitar practice, which has been focused on a bunch of fundamental skills over the past number of weeks, as I’m trying to create more independence in each of my fingers; it’s amazing how much our fingers are used to working together most of the time!

As I have been working on improving my fingerstyle skills, I’ll be spending some time today re-learning ‘Everybody Hurts‘ by R.E.M., which I have thus far only played using a strumming pattern.

A great song, and thanks to Justin Sandercoe of JustinGuitar, whose lessons are available on YouTube for free (it’s a good thing to support him, though, as I have done, by picking up some of his books and courses), I will have a solid starting point:

Enjoy your day!!