A Clear Winter’s Day

A glorious winter day!

Complaining about Winter in New England is as common as going to Dunkin for your morning cup of coffee; of course, griping about the weather is part of our human condition! Sure, I’ve had Winter’s days that I’d rather not see, especially when having to clear the driveway for the second time to rid it of that heavy slush that passes for wintry mix.

Then there are those glorious days…

A Clear Winter’s Day

For me it doesn’t get any better than a sunny, cold day in Winter, when there’s a soft blanket of snow on the ground and the sky radiates with blue! This February day in 2015 was such a day and it frame Yoga Tree in all her glory!

Autumn Livery

Ever-changing, Nature adapts

In New England there are few more sights spectacular than the color of the trees during the Autumn season; during a good year, vibrant red, yellow and orange hues contrast the remaining green leaves and evergreens across the landscape.

Autumn’s Colors

Yoga Tree is no stranger to the changing seasons and is adapting nicely from the vibrant greens of Spring and Summer to Autumn’s more earthly color palette.

This image was taken in October of 2014 with an iPhone 5s (many generations since then!). I did a re-edit of the image in Luminar AI using a template that I developed for some of the Kinderdijk images. Final touch-ups were done in Adobe Photoshop.

Autumnal Gold at Dawn

Gold remains as Autumn persists.

Getting great light early in the morning is always a blessing and leads to beautiful images. Getting a gorgeous cloud cover to go with that light puts a great big smile on my face…

Autumnal Gold at Dawn

Some stubborn leaves remain attached to Yoga Tree on this chilly November morning in 2013; she is getting prepared for Winter’s cold grip and looks striking against a magnificent cloud cover.

Morning’s Warm Promise

Warmer days are in our future!

The cold of Winter and its short days and long nights might cause our spirits to flag a bit from time to time. At those times, we can count on Mother Nature to cause these spirits to rise up again…

Morning’s Warm Promise

On this particular morning, the cold grip of Winter was trying to hold on a bit longer; looking across the snow-covered fields and seeing the rose-fingered dawn extend her reach across the sky, my heart knew that warmer days lay ahead.

There’s still more of Winter coming in the Northern Hemisphere, which also brings us ever-closer to the first hopeful days of Spring!

Snowy Day for Yoga Tree

The quiet of Winter surrounds us

Another little bit of inspiration from our intrepid tree, as she stands firm amidst the elements and whatever the New England climate can bring to bear…

A Winter’s Tale

This capture from nearly 9 years ago during a lovely snow fall intends to share a bit of the peace and tranquility that exists during these weather events. I love watching the soft, fluffy snow flakes fall toward the ground, while taking in the near-perfect quiet that comes from having a sound-absorbing blanket of snow.

What do you like about Winter? Or is it the one season that you simply hope to see finish as soon as possible?

Neon Daybreak

As the Neon Day Breaks

One of the fun parts of going through my collection of Yoga Tree images is seeing what ideas are created now, as opposed to how I saw this more than 8 years ago. I’ve made in-roads into organizing this collection of nearly 500 images and found this one inspiring…

Neon Daybreak

As I have more tools in my arsenal than I did back when I captured this image, I happened upon a Luminar AI template that provided a great starting point: Neon Skyline, which is part of the Artistic Collection. Building on this, I forged my own template that worked better for this image and coined it Neon Daybreak.

This image evoked both a sense of hope and a feeling of futurism, which I think is part of what all of us might experience; I can imagine the next generation of flying machines that might one day cross this sky… will they be support vehicles or terminators?

I would love to hear what thoughts come to your mind when you view this image.

Birth of the Sun

When planets align, the universe brings us a new day!

As I’m gathering steam in the re-establishment of my creative spark in photography, I want to revisit some of the series that I have enjoyed in earlier posts.

I’m sure that many of you remember the ‘Yoga Tree’ series of a tree in an astounding pose, photographed against various skies and across the seasons. Let’s make Wednesdays about her!

Birth of the Sun

Just over 9 years ago, I captured this image. It inspired me to think that when planets align, the universe brings us a new day.

Let’s keep our planetary voyage moving forward toward all that is good and inspiring!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Anticipation

Do you quiver?

Welcome to Week 139 of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

First of all, I’m running a bit behind schedule, as I am in the middle of redoing my studio space and just got the basics rewired during the past hour.  There’s still the audio cabling and arranging of instruments and microphones to set up for some musical work.  The end result is that I will be finishing up the weekly round up tomorrow for posting on Wednesday.

This is a perfect lead-in to this week’s theme, as the challenge is to capture Anticipation…  That moment, when you know that what your heart desires is arriving soon, or maybe not… Will it or won’t it?  All of us have felt the anticipation of that special day, when presents might arrive; it could be a birthday, Chanukah. Eid Al-Fitr, Sinterklaas, Christmas, or any other significant day.  The look of wonder in a child’s eyes or many other possibilities.

I anticipate a truly amazing set of images, as we cross the Winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere (and Summer in the south). I’m filled with the joy of what I might get to see and read!  Have fun and enjoy this season!

Here’s something we might anticipate…

Birth of the Sun

Each day the Sun rises… it is something that we might take for granted, but I, for one, eagerly anticipate the beauty that the new day will bring.  While it is a daily event, there is something of renewal and spiritual recharge that occurs with the birth of the Sun…

The full rules of this challenge are in TPC Guidelines, but here’s the tl;dr:

  • Write a post with an image for this week’s topic
  • Please tag your post with fpj-photo-challenge (if you’re not sure about how tags work, please check out this WordPress article about tagging posts)
  • Create a pingback link to this post, so that I can create a post showing all of the submissions over the week (note: pingbacks may not appear immediately, as my site is set up to require approval for linking to it; helps against previous bad experiences with spamming)
  • Have fun creating something new (or sharing something old)!!

Anticipate the wonders of the week!

A Monday Morning Moment

Solitary moments

Moments of inspiration can arise any time of the day, as some of us are morning people, afternoon folks or night owls.  There’s no rhyme or reason, that I know of, for the time of day for lighting the creative fuses, although I do understand that the distribution of preferred time of day is a tribal survival mechanism.

I’m neither a morning person nor a true night owl, although there is something about the quiet of the morning, before everything is stirring, that is very attractive to me; it allows for that meditative time, when all that surrounds us can be breathed in.

One such moments found me by the yoga tree…

2015-01-23 07.31.11 HDR-1
Sol, it arises!

As it was late Winter, morning was not coming too early for me to catch it and this moment shortly after sunrise was just magical!

Have a wonderful day!

WPC Final Week – Favorites – pt. 2

The Wise Tree

The Final WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge has presented their final theme of All-Time Favorites, which, while being a bit sad that it’s their last prompt, is a great way to finish.

Today’s favorite is one that a lot of people have commented on over the years.  It also is one of my favorite subjects, as I took many photos of this particular tree over the years. Yes, of course, I’m talking about the Yoga Tree, which has been the subject of many a shot. Among all those images, it is not easy to pick just one that stands out, though!

So here’s my choice…

The Wise Tree

The Wise Tree is one of the early captures of this wonderful tree in the series that stretched over three years.  The cloud pattern is waht drew me in for this shot, and I was not disappointed when I got there!

This tree has given me much joy over the years!

Have a great day!

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