Life among the Leaves

Amidst beauty

The WordPress Daily Prompt today has the intriguing theme of Inhabit.  I say intriguing, because much as one can inhabit their environment, once may also be inhabited…

As I was looking through some of my images for a bit of inspiration, I came across one that might fit the theme…

Among the Leaves

This image came about from one of my explorations of Tower Hill Botanic Garden.  As I walked through the systematic garden, I noticed the play of the Sun and the shadows that were cast.  Getting very close to the ground for this shot, I wanted to get the sense of being surrounded by super-sized leaves…

Hope you enjoy!

Vegetable Garden

Feast of famine?

It can be a real pleasure to reap the benefits from one’s own vegetable garden.  Getting that part of the garden to produce reliably is sometimes a bit of a struggle, as we have to wage war with bugs, blights and any animals in the neighborhood that think our potential crop is there for their enjoyment 🙂

When things go right, we’re justifiably proud.  When they don’t we can learn to appreciate a bit more how difficult farming really is.

Bowl of goodness

Do you have any vegetable garden stories that you’d like to share?  What have been your battles and victories?

Technical Details

This photo was taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mk II using an EF 24-105mm f/4L lens.  Studio lights were used so that exposure settings were 1/100 second at f/6.3 at 100 ISO.