Reflecting Overhead

As promised, here is at least a second entry in this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge theme of Reflecting, which is one of my favorite things to bring into a photograph.

In this image, there is a bit of a different reflection, as it connects the leaves to bring them back into touch with the tree, from which they departed during their autumnal journey…

Thoughts of a Time Passed
Thoughts of a Time Passed

These leaves are looking to rejoin their original trees, a fight against the indomitable force of gravity, which they cannot win.

Reflections of Note

Sky’s reflections!

Well, am I pleased that this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge happens to be on the theme of Reflecting?  Yes, I am!!

The only problem that I have with this topic is to decide which ones of my images to select, as I have a fair amount of photographs that use a reflection.  So I may do a number of posts, upon which we can reflect.

The first contribution is one of my favorite HDR images…

Water and Sky

This image came about a number of years back, when I was photographing an agility event in Skowhegan, Maine.  As we were done around mid-afternoon, and I had noticed that there were some nice skies, this spot came to mind for photographing.  It is the hydroelectric facility in the middle of the town, where the Kennebec river flows through it.



A Look Back – Winter

Cold, yet beautiful

I realize that not many of us look forward to the Winter season, as we tend to prefer the nice warm weather of late Spring, Summer and early Autumn.  You may call me crazy, but I do like Winter for its stark beauty and its ability to present me with scenes of serenity.

There have been numerous explorations filled with trudging through deep snow to chance upon lovely moments, such as these…

Do you enjoy Winter or prefer to stay in front of a warm fireplace?

None Shall Pass!

Wizard’s rule

Great wizards have been known to block passage to mysterious, fabled lands, often demanding answers to fiendishly difficult riddles of the hapless travelers who encounter them.  Most of us are cautious to not approach these situations, as we can never be sure what exactly might befall us, if we fail to answer with aplomb and conviction.  As a result, we don’t get to see much of these lands, of which we hear only in the tales told by intrepid travelers.

For that reason, I was pleasantly surprised when I found this image in my camera…

Fabled Lands through the Lens of Time

I remember this landscape from one of my most vivid dreams only, and am certain that I have never been there in person.  This far away desert stretches across the miles, challenging any traveler, who might think of crossing it.  It is rumored that ancient riches are in a city deep within this arid land, but none have ever made it to more hospitable lands, as passage to the city is protected by several grand wizards, who do not suffer fools…

To this day, it is still a mystery how this image appeared on my camera; maybe it will inspire me to find this land.

Inspired by the WordPress Daily Post theme of None.

Wanderlust – Harvard Forest

Random acts of beauty

As I feel a bit inspired by the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge’s theme of Wanderlust, I figure that I’ll share some of my travel images over the next couple of days.

In this 2nd episode, I feel compelled to talk about one of the activities that I allow to occur from time to time: wandering!  When I talk about wandering, I refer to that random turn in a direction that I have never explored before or the urge to ignore the sign that states that the pavement ends!

This is what gets me off the beaten path and has resulted in some serendipitous discoveries, such as this one…

Harvard Research Forest


Ignoring posted signs about the pavement is exactly what got me here, as at the end of the pavement there was a dirt track that I followed taking somewhat random turns in directions that looked interesting.

The Harvard Research Forest is a 3000 acre site near the town of Petersham in Massachusetts, and is used by the university for ecological research.  As you can tell from this image, there are some pristine ponds that are a delight to behold.

So, the next time you go wandering, take that turn you have not explored before and ignore that occasional sign; you never know where it might lead…

Diversity of the Earth – pt. 6

A new treatment of Skye

This weeks WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge has the theme of Earth, which is appropriate, given that Saturday is Earth Day.  So I figured that I would do a weeklong series of different views of the Earth that I have experienced.  Feel free to join in with the fun!

In this sixth episode, I’d like to share some of the awe that I experienced visiting the Isle of Skye during our trip to Scotland.  This island in the Inner Hebrides is the largest and northernmost in the group, carrying the shape of a lobster claw.  What struck me about Skye is its diversity in presentation to the camera’s lens, as each turn of a road provides fresh views unlike no other and the movement of clouds paints the hills with shadow and light to create one-of-a-kind other-worldly vistas from one minute to the next.

Skye’s the Limit!

This view is across the Quiraing range on the Trotternish peninsula; after finding a reasonably high vantage point, I simply enjoyed Nature’s slideshow, which was on display with unending generosity.

Technical Details

This image series was captured with Canon EOS 5D MkIII using an Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L lens.  Exposure settings were 1/125s at f/18 and 400 ISO for the middle image and -1/+1 EV for the bracketing images.  These were processed using Photomatix Pro.

Spring Storms

The sky tells a story

During this season, the weather is expected to become more gentle, as the languid breezes of Summer are getting ever closer.  However, there are still opportunities for those storms that light up the sky, as they drench the landscape with rain.  They come in quick, unleash their fury and disappear just as quickly.  With this weather in mind, New Englanders keep an eye on the sky for indications of trouble…

Dark Skies Loom

This sky brought some spotty rain on the farm, but looked like it could have carried some heavier downpour with it.

Have a wonderful weekend!