Moon Over Herzliyah

Dark towers at night…

As walks along the beach have been an excellent fixture of my time here in Herzliyah, I thought it might be interesting to share a night view from this week with you.

As the beach here has a promenade, it also provides wonderful access for all to the beach.  One of the access points is a pair of towers that has elevators to facilitate access…

Herzliyah Beach Access
Moon over Herzliyah

Seen at night, the moon provided a nice bit of interest in this image.

Long walks on the Beach in Herzliyah

Sleepwalking in the sand!

Compared to New England, the weather has been outstanding here in Israel.  Lots of people are still wearing their heavy coats (it’s only 65F and windy), but without having had time to adjust to these milder temperatures, it’s T-shirt weather for me.

One of my strategies to counteract my jet-lagged brain/body’s tendency to not allow me to fall asleep at a reasonable hour is to get lots of fresh air.  With a hotel that is right on the beach that means going for long walks along the beach.  While the strategy hasn’t worked thus far, I’m at least getting my miles in 🙂

Mediterranean Evening

And the views aren’t too bad either!  In addition, there’s evidence of friendly companions…

Evidence of Dog

Dogs definitely love the beach!

Surf’s Up in Herzliyah

National pastime?

As my body is still fighting against the time zone difference (translation: sleep deprivation), I decided to go for a long walk along the beach this morning to at least show my brain that there’s daylight at this hour.  By my standards, the weather is wonderful, as it’s a rather humid 67F (appr. 19C), which is a far cry from the light snow that is falling at home…

As the wind is in-land and the surf’s not too shabby, there are 100s of people out in the water surfing along the beach.  If there were a bigger surf and bright sunshine, this might look like California!

Planning the Surf

The vantage point is between a set of concrete barriers in a stormdrain that empties into the beach.

Departure – Israel

Sun sets, until morning

After a wonderful of meeting many of the team here in Israel, with whom I will interact as we achieve great things together, it is time to return back to Massachusetts.  I’m sure that my first visit to Israel won’t be my last, as, at the very least, I want to have some more time for photography during my next visit (meetings from 9 to 8 are not helpful in this regard 🙂 ).

As I leave, I want to leave you with a view from Herzliya beach, where I had dinner last night.

2016-05-25 19.29.00 HDR-2
Herzliya Sunset

This beach is absolutely beautiful with a quiet view of the Mediterranean.  There are numerous restaurants, of which I found my favorite, Yam 7, right down the stairs to the beach from my hotel, the Dan Accadia.

Nothing is cheap in Israel, so bring money, but the food and service are well worth it!

Until next time!

Technical Details

This image was captured with an iPhone 6S using the standard Camera app in HDR mode.

Friday Travel Day

As I just completed my travel from Boston to Tel Aviv, I will post some travel photos tomorrow and beyond. 

However, for those who can’t wait, let me tell you where I had dinner in Herzliyah: Benedict!  The only catch is that Benedict serves breakfast 24/7!  

The place was hopping, which is no surprise given their menu. I had Spinach Eggballs, which are little balls made with egg and a spinach with just enough creamy sauce to make me happy!  

Go check them out at 

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