Friday Mystery Slide – 2019 #05

It looks warm here!

Here comes a fifth mystery slide post of this year….

This week’s entry comes from the boxes of slides that I received from my father-in-law. For full disclosure…I’m not 100% sure where the mystery location is, but I think that I know it… Based on the slide, I think the image was captured in the early 1960s.

There’s a nice view with a bay not too far away…

Box E – Image 124…where are we?

It appears to me that there are some old fortifications in this image. Where do you think this might be?

Friday Mystery Slide – 2019 #04

Beautiful and unusual…

Here comes a fourth mystery slide post of this year….

This week is another one from my travels, which narrows the location options a bit. The location features some unusual geology, which, to my knowledge, is available only at a couple of places on earth.

Here’s a view across this magnificent geology….

Unique Shapes…

Those stones are unusual and appear to rise from the depths of the earth.

Where is this location, and what else can you tell me about it?

Now that the location has been uncovered… Felix Mendelssohn wrote a lovely overture inspired by his visit to Fingal’s Cave on Staffa: The Hebrides.

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 145

Rising to the occasion!

Welcome to the 145th round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

Why am I not surprised that the theme of Rose caused the cream of your creativity to rise to the top? This was a big week of contributions with tons of roses and some things that rose to the occasion! The rose sky is alos tryly amazing! Thank you very much for providing me with another week of wonderful reading, which I enjoyed immensely!

I hope that you enjoy all these great posts!

Here’s the view of the Bay of Fundy, before the water rose….

Bay of Fundy

This shot goes way back and is one of my favorite locations in the world: Nova Scotia! Together with its Old World namesake, it makes for great photography.

The following were this week’s participants in the challenge with links to their posts:

  1. In A Day in the Life, we learn about the rose cultivation by her grandfather with wonderful photography!
  2. With another amazing post in Geriatri’X’ Fotogallery, we find out that a rose is a rose…or is it?
  3. Kammie shares a a variety of roses in her post in Nut House Central; which one of is your favorite?
  4. Shelley’s post in Quaint Revival shows how she rose above her loss of faith in tenants; it’s a post well worth reading!
  5. This week, pensivity101 shares her love of roses and their meaning in her life.
  6. With some stunning photos in Chateaux des Fleurs, we get treated to beautiful roses!
  7. Nicole has another stunning photograph in Une Photo, un Poéme; that white rose is amazing!
  8. With a great photo, as always, we get to see roses, as they age in theonlyD800inthehameau!
  9. In Don’t Hold Your Breath, we learn how the Umiam lake rose into being during the past century.
  10. Xenia takes us along for a walk with Eivor and Pearl in her blog WhippetWisdom, and the trail is wonderful, even after the storm!
  11. Na’ama’s poem in Na’ama Yehuda gives us the sense of what a rose might go through during aging…
  12. In Junk Boat Travels, Jackie provides an interesting collection of roses…had you thought of any of these?
  13. Cee’s photos of roses in her post in Cee’s Photography are absolutely stunning!
  14. Sarah’s photo in her post in By Sarah is another amazing one! That is a gorgeous rose!
  15. Mike truly created a gorgeous capture of a rose in his post in PhotographyOCD! A rose is a rose!
  16. In Bushboys World, Brian shares some amazing roses with us! They are beautiful!
  17. Jase’s post in Proscenium shows us the beautiful rose color of the sky, which is gorgeous!
  18. Irene’s photo in her post in Heaven’s Sunshine has an amazing rose, that looks like butter and is just as silky…
  19. In a wonderful post in La Vie en Rose, we get to enjoy the banks of the Seine with a stunning photo!
  20. Tracy’s blog may be called Reflections of an Untidy Mind, but her photos are very tidy and fantastic!!
  21. In Pictures without Film, Ken takes several approaches to the theme and they are a true joy!
  22. In another inspiring post in Heart to Heart, get to see a stunning rose!
  23. Debbie’s catches the wave in her post in Travel with Intent; that wave rose high and looks like a true work of art!
  24. Penny’s post in Penny Wilson Writes is a double winner with a gorgeous rose and a poem that goes deep!
  25. Yinglan captured something rather special in her post in This is Another Story; beautifully done!
  26. Woolly’s post in Woolly Muses reminds us not just of the beauty of the rose, but also of the importance of certain locations…
  27. Sandy lets us know that everything is rosy in her post in Out of my Write Mind, which applies for everything in her post!
  28. Liz’s contributes four posts this week; the first one in One Million Photographs has plenty of roses! The second in One Million Photographs finds more roses. The third entry in One Million Photographs has even more roses! The fourth entry in One Million Photographs has still more roses at the LA Flower Market!
  29. Maria captures a beautiful set of roses in her post in her blog KameraPromenader; those are gorgeous!
  30. Robert’s photography skill is on display again in his post in Photo Roberts Blog; these roses are amazing!
  31. In a great post in Another LQQK, we are treated to some amazing captures of roses!
  32. The rose in Jordy’s Streamings is an amazing example of photographic skill! The poem is awesome too!
  33. Hadd Hai Yaar brings us a gorgeous pink rose! Very well captured!
  34. Carol’s post in her blog Light Words takes the theme in two directions with a rose in her garden and a Rose who had a birthday!
  35. Another amazing photo is contributed in firehorseworld, with a stunning example of the flower!
  36. This week’s post in One letter UP – diary 2.0 not only has great roses, but also a wonderful memory!
  37. This week’s contribution in A Pause for Nature not only has gorgeous roses, but also tells a heart-touching story!
  38. Another enjoyable post from sgeoil brings us a rose which has a visitor!
  39. Olga plays with imperfection in her post in Stuff, and what if… to great effect!
  40. Ramya’s rose photos in her blog And miles to go before I sleep… are stunning!
  41. Amy shares her joy for the new photography toy that she is playing with in Photography Journal Blog; hipstamatic is fun!
  42. Susan goes with the theme in her Musin’ with Susan post with a rose that has a stunning color palette!
  43. Laura’s post in Finding My Own Way asks the question, if beauty ever dies…I agree with her answer!
  44. Ron’s photo in Progressing into Solitude is a stunner! That frosty rose is just special!!
  45. Khürt went outside to generate another amazing post in his blog Island in the Net; he also shares his best photo of the week in Island in the Net.

I hope that you enjoy these posts and let the authors know!

Friday Mystery Slide – 2019 #03

Ruins, ruins, everywhere!

Here comes a third mystery slide post of this year….

To be transparent, this one is not from a slide, but when I thought about this week’s offering, it came to my mind.

This was a rather grand view on a glorious day….

Where are these ruins?

The view here is stunning, and, as its form is captured pretty completely, I think this is not going to be the most difficult location to decipher.

Where are these ruins located? And, for extra credit, how did they get to be this way?

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 144

Welcome to the 144th round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

You certainly made Bank this week, despite the confusion that I started by not catching that the post title update didn’t take… My apologies for that! As a result of this theme, your entries ranged from memory banks to savings banks and plenty of river banks! Your creativity was phenomenal, both in your photography and your writings.

Thank you very much for providing me with another week of wonderful reading, which I enjoy immensely!

It’s often worth the risk to get to the other bank….

Caution: bridge may wobble!

This shot is from 2013, when my wife and I visited Scotland. This is in the lovely city of Inverness, as I just had to capture the church’s reflection in the water. We visited the other bank, so I can attest that this bridge has significant wobble, particularly as you get close to the center!

The following were this week’s participants in the challenge with links to their posts:

  1. Starting this week’s entries with a gorgeous photo in Une Photo, un Poéme, Nicole goes with the flow!
  2. Charles covered his bases in charlesewaugh, as his excellent photo contains both flow and bank!
  3. This week, pensivity101‘s post has a great variety of photos from the days on the water with that magnificent boat!
  4. Ladyleemanila always brings some wonderful images in her posts, as we get coverage from snow banks to the banks of the Danube!
  5. A fantastic photo in the post in Geriatri’X’ Fotogallery, as the ice flow creeps forward slowly…
  6. In Junk Boat Travels, Jackie shares some great banking memories and photos!
  7. In Don’t Hold Your Breath, we are treated to another amazing trip through Shanghai that gives me the feeling of being there!
  8. Na’ama’s poem in Na’ama Yehuda brings us to something that we all want to be able to bank on: Peace!
  9. With another wonderful photo in Chateaux des Fleurs, we are on the bank of an exotic location; I wonder where it is!
  10. Sandy brings us a truly lovely photo in her post in Out of my Write Mind, and her poem tops even that!
  11. Xenia takes us along for a walk with Eivor and Pearl in her blog WhippetWisdom, and the trail is amazing! In her second post in Tranature, we spend some quiet time with the seagulls by the bank of the river.
  12. Robert shares some amazing photos in Photo Roberts Blog, expertly capturing life among the banks!
  13. In a great post in Another LQQK, we can put our money in the bank, protected by a bear!
  14. Ann-Christine takes us along the banks through the snow in her post in To See a World in a Grain of Sand; lovely photos!
  15. Maria captures a winter wren in her photo in KameraPromenader; the bird looks to be doing very well in the cold!
  16. In A Day in the Life, we are treated to great photos of a rare treat: a juvenile bald eagle!
  17. Irene’s photo in her post in Heaven’s Sunshine captures the shadows along the bank; are they filled with mystery?
  18. In another lovely post in Fleeting Muse, we encounter some great banks, which include a country that is on my list to visit!
  19. In a poignant post in Travel with Jack and Tech, we visit a memorial in Budapest along the bank of the Danube that cannot help but pull at our heartstrings.
  20. Jase’s post in Proscenium goes to the memory banks, and even brings us to a classic bank!
  21. In another awesome post in Heart2Heart, we go to an investment bank for some: the Trevi fountain in Rome!
  22. Debbie’s travels have allowed her to encounter a different banking strategy that she shares in Travel with Intent; it will flip your lid!
  23. Shelley’s post in Quaint Revival puts a deposit in our health bank through her home brewing experiment… will you try it?
  24. In Pictures without Film, we are treated to two interpretations that have us both ‘by’ and ‘at’ the bank!
  25. Kammie shares a trio of her favorite banks to roam in Nut House Central; she also tells of a bank explosion that destroyed an old building that was part of history.
  26. Penny gives her imagination free rein in her post in Penny Wilson Writes, which makes for a wonderful read!
  27. Yinglan shares some great photos of banks that she has visited in her post in This is Another Story.
  28. Cee’s brings us to a great set of banks in her post in Cee’s Photography which are truly inviting!
  29. Carol brings a wonderful post to us this week in her blog Light Words; this mermaid might be a little chilly after coming up on the bank!
  30. Debbie has started a new series in her blog Forgiving Connects, which is called Money Mondays; this week takes us to the bank!
  31. In a cool post in Life Amazing, we cash in on this week’s theme with hopes that all that money ends up safely in the bank!
  32. Sarah’s shares a gorgeous photo in her post in By Sarah with both flow and banks; where might this be?
  33. Ulli’s contribution in their blog Banactee gives us a magnificent insight into the value of the bank; just ask Cezanne!
  34. This week’s post in One letter UP – diary 2.0 brings us a bank that we can do without: snow banks! And a great set of photos!
  35. Liz’s contributes three posts this week; the first one in One Million Photographs gives us a gentle river bank! The second in One Million Photographs finds us otter-ly absorbed in Oregon. The third entry in One Million Photographs finds us in Aguas Calientes in Peru, which is gorgeous!
  36. Susan goes with the flow down the Rhine in her Musin’ with Susan post, which gives us a lovely view of the bank!
  37. This week’s entry in Willowsoul saves the bank by not buying the books on display; Mark Manson’s book was a worthwhile read from my experience 🙂
  38. In Land of Images‘ post, we observe the gentle flow from a wonderful bank, which looks to be in Lancashire…
  39. Another great entry from sgeoil not only shares a great activity to do from a bank, but also the wisdom of the bank of life!
  40. Khürt produced yet another stunning post in his blog, Island in the Net, which has us on the banks of the Raritan river; a great post to read and enjoy the photography!
  41. Amy contributed a beautiful photo and interesting post in Photography Journal Blog, featuring Richard the Lionhearted’s Chateau Gaillard on the banks of the Seine.

I hope that you enjoy these posts and let the authors know!

Friday Mystery Slide – 2019 #02

Good lock to you!

Here comes a second mystery slide in the new year….

This is another one from the collection bestowed on me by my father-in-law; it’s location is not too hard to figure out (I think)

There’s a rather tight fit to get into this lock…

Welcome to the lock!

Given the advantage of a series of photos in this part of the slide collection, I had a significant hint for the location.

Where would this lock be located?

Finding Plockton

Mediterranean Scotland?

Traveling is a lot of fun, as it allows for exploration and meeting people with unique stories and backgrounds. When visiting Scotland in 2013, one of my favorite places was the Isle of Skye, which is drop-gorgeous and truly photogenic. On Skye, we stayed at a great Bed and Breakfast, where we felt truly welcome.

Upon departure from Skye toward Inverness, one of the recommendations was to take a slight detour just over the bridge. This detour led us here…

Idyllic Plockton

Plockton is situated in such a way that it’s protected from most of the effects of the climate that gives the Highlands its rugged look. The town gives one the feeling of being transported to a Mediterranean village!

The harbor is wonderful to see…

The houses along the harbor are lovely to behold and make for some great lines…

When in Scotland…go visit Plockton!