Wednesday Weirdness!

From the mind of Richard Page…

As many of you may be aware, I’m somewhat of a collector of one-of-a-kind (or limited production) custom toys.  I’ve featured some of them in earlier posts, such as Creative People and Ugly Unicorn!

My collection tends to gravitate toward the unusual, which surround me when I sit at my desk.

UMEtoys-2017-05-16 17.21.21
Gill, My Monster Pet and Riblet the Bold

In this image you see Gill standing proud in the back row with My Monster Pet left and Riblet the Bold right in the front row.  These wonderful creations come from the mind and hands of Richard Page of UMEtoys fame.  Richard seems to have a neverending supply of wonderful ideas floating in his head, which he puts down into his iPad with great skill.  His favorites wind up in the form of resin cast figures, such as the ones that you see here.

Richard is probably best known for the Geekwoks line that he has cast into a large variety of extremely cute and adorable shapes.  But to me, Richard is much more than an artist, as he is a true inspiration who always has a kind word and is an old-fashioned gent!