Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 122

Lots of great toys!!

Welcome to the 122nd round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

Looking through your posts, I am struck by the variety of toys that you brought into them; while there were some perennial favorites, such as teddy bears of all sorts, there were old toys, new toys, and some highly unusual toys.  Thank you for putting lots of thought into your posts, which made them a treasure to read!  And yes, there were a couple of unusual interpretations… let me know when you find them!

Thank you for the creativity and fun that you put together!

Here’s another toy from my collection…

Outland Red Tubedunny

Tubedunnys are a creation by the artist ViseOne, who always manages to take a novel approach to the collectible toy game.  In this, he used the Dunny toy as a base to develop a shape that appears to be flowing from a tube of paint, hanging in mid air.  I had fun photographing this to stretch its impact a bit more by shooting on a mirror.

The following were this week’s participants in the challenge with links to their posts:

  • Sarah’s entry in By Sarah tells the tale of one the favorite toys among dogs, including our Corgis! [N.B. – blog may be set to private]
  • Nicole features some of the toys that I enjoyed very much as a child in Une Photo, Un Poéme: jigsaw puzzles!  Great choice!
  • Kammie provides a variety of yous in her post in The Nut House, as they range from rainy day distractions to the result of lots of rain and beaver dams!
  • Rajesh shared a fantastic photo of very collectible toy cars in his post in XDrive, a great blog!
  • In another great post in theOnlyD800intheHameau, we get to see the real joy of toys in child’s play with a new toy!
  • Shelley’s post in Quaint Revival shares one of the most classic of toys, who is a great protector for the contents of her bookshelf!
  • In pensivity101‘s post we are reminded that there are toys for humans and also for our best non-human friends!
  • In Sync with Deep‘s post, we get a beautiful poem that was inspired by the photo that accompanied this week’s theme.
  • Petra’s true creativity comes out in her post in Photoworld vol. 3, as she shares the story and photos of the ComforterBears that she hand-crafted for many years!
  • Xenia’s post in whippetwisdom reminds us that Eivor and Pearl have a favorite toy that they love to chase and run with on the beach!
  • In Don’t Hold Your Breath, we get the pleasure of visiting the Garden of Nek Chand, which is filled
  • Lee’s post in ladyleemanila is filled with photos of great toys and tops it off with a song that really goes well with the theme!
  • Maria has a great post in CitySonnet, in which the little doll appears to have a conversation with herself!
  • Stella certainly knows where some of the great toys are, as we can see in Giggles & Tales; Legoland is definitely a must visit among them!
  • Tatiana’s post in Travelways is filled with fantastic toys from around the world, which makes us want to travel to them!
  • Candace’s post in Netdancer’s Musings features an amazing recent action figure!  Go check it out!!
  • Jason takes us jay-walking in his post in Proscenium: these jays are having a good time playing!
  • A set of great photos in Chateaux des Fleurs show both classic dolls and a great wood car that looks amazing!
  • Sonia brings us her approach to freedom from bias in her post in Sonia’s Musings, through toys that go beyond caste and gender stereotyping.
  • This week’s contribution in Geriatri’X’ Fotogallery shows us some of the old toys that are still popular among the world’s children!
  • Marie’s post in the New 3 Rs: Retire, Recharge, Reconnect brings us some beautiful antique dolls that are certainly too precious to be played with!
  • Yes, we all want our toys, even the big boys, as you can see in a great photo in Land of Images!  Fun things to play with and useful too!
  • This week’s post on the theme in One letter UP – diary 2.0 takes a wonderfully nostalgic look at one special girl’s toys!
  • In her blog Out of my Write Mind, Sandy turns back the hands of time, and takes us to an era of magical toys!
  • Robert shares some great photos in Photo Roberts Blog, which show the magic that even the simplest of toys can have.
  • Bryan shares an amazing view of some of the toys in his collection in Bushboy’s World; true vintage toys that are to be cherished!
  • Shubham’s post in Hadd Hai Yaar puts together a wonderful story with a couple of interesting toys!
  • You can see that Touring with Kids can be a lot of fun, as this week’s post highlights beautifully!  How many places do you recognize?
  • In Wind Kisses, we not only take a look at the tools of play, but also at the power of play: there are valuable skills that are built through play!
  • Sonya shares a story of what a little plane wants to be when it grows up in her post in Middleton Road; a great photo!
  • Olga breaks out the beach toys in her post in Stuff and what if…; what is better than a day at the beach, playing in the sand?
  • In an awesome post in WoollyMuses, we journey through the toys at different ages that we humans enjoy!
  • We go for a ride in the Blog of Hammad Rais, as kids of all ages like to play with cars, which I still love to do!
  • A beautiful collection of soft toys is feautred in the post in Life Amazing; for some reason these toys never fail to grasp our interest.
  • A lovely scene is created in Pictures without Film, as Zeus awaits us at the cave! It’s great to create these moments!
  • Susan spoils her dog, which is in evidence in her post in Musin’ with Susan, but I cannot say much as I recognized one of the toys as a part of our own dogs’ collection of playthings 🙂
  • Nakazato provides us a great senryu and photo in his post in Cactus Haiku, as the rule must be followed!
  • Ilka tells us about her local community pool in her entry for A Thousand Miles, where the water ball is one of the favorite toys.  The pool sounds amazing!!
  • Ju-Lin took an interesting approach to toying with food in All things bring and beautiful; the muesli looks really good!

I hope that you enjoy these posts and let the authors know!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Toys

Toys, not just for kids!

Welcome to Week 122 of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!  All those great posts, each one in a Row after the other, were a delight to read and view!

Quite often I spend time looking at a variety of images to decide on the theme for the week.  This time, the theme came to me right away, as this playful image guided me to Toys!  I think that our human condition puts a premium on play and inventiveness, of which toys are a perfect expression!  Of course, there are lots of different toys, many of which can be found in the most unusual locales!  One of my favorites is the spindle of adhesive tape dispensers, which makes a fantastic top 🙂

For this week’s challenge, share some of your favorite toys, whether they are found in everyday objects or true expressions of a creative mind.  I’m looking forward to seeing what you may share in these images!

As I’m a bit of a collector, here are some of mine…

Jumping Brains gather for a meeting

These are Jumping Brains, a design from the super creative mind of Emilio Garcia (website), whose art products often sell out within minutes of their release.  I’m fortunate enough to have a substantial collection of Emilio’s work, particularly some of his early work.  They are displayed with pride in my studio and a lot of fun to look at.

The full rules of this challenge are in TPC Guidelines, but here’s the tl;dr:

  • Write a post with an image for this week’s topic
  • Please tag your post with fpj-photo-challenge (if you’re not sure about how tags work, please check out this WordPress article about tagging posts)
  • Create a pingback link to this post, so that I can create a post showing all of the submissions over the week (note: pingbacks may not appear immediately, as my site is set up to require approval for linking to it; helps against previous bad experiences with spamming)
  • Have fun creating something new (or sharing something old)!!

I’m looking forward to seeing what winds up filling your posts!

Wednesday Weirdness!

From the mind of Richard Page…

As many of you may be aware, I’m somewhat of a collector of one-of-a-kind (or limited production) custom toys.  I’ve featured some of them in earlier posts, such as Creative People and Ugly Unicorn!

My collection tends to gravitate toward the unusual, which surround me when I sit at my desk.

UMEtoys-2017-05-16 17.21.21
Gill, My Monster Pet and Riblet the Bold

In this image you see Gill standing proud in the back row with My Monster Pet left and Riblet the Bold right in the front row.  These wonderful creations come from the mind and hands of Richard Page of UMEtoys fame.  Richard seems to have a neverending supply of wonderful ideas floating in his head, which he puts down into his iPad with great skill.  His favorites wind up in the form of resin cast figures, such as the ones that you see here.

Richard is probably best known for the Geekwoks line that he has cast into a large variety of extremely cute and adorable shapes.  But to me, Richard is much more than an artist, as he is a true inspiration who always has a kind word and is an old-fashioned gent!

Creative People

VISEone squeezes creativity!

As you may remember from a prior post, I have a collection of art toys, some of which are small production runs or even custom one-of-a-kinds, and all of which are just simply fantastic!  Today, I’d like to introduce you to another interesting creation: the Tube Dunny…

Outland Red Tube Dunny

The Dunny is an art toy platform created by Kidrobot, which has been customized by many artists in very creative ways.  In my mind, one of the finest custom Dunny creations is the Tubedunny created by VISEone.  Above you see one of my photos of the Outland Red Tubedunny, which was a very limited run done for the Outland Designer Toy Store & Art Gallery in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The creative mind behind the Tubedunny is the German urban artist known as VISEeone,  who is best known for his lowbrow custom designs of urban vinyl toys, as well as crossing over to influential design media like Notcot and Design You Trust.

His works – owned by international collectors – have been shown around the world.

VISEone started his creative path in the late 1990’s as a graffiti writer creating character designs. Due a musical career as a national booked hiphop DJ and producer with a major record deal he took a 10 years break from painting before he stepped back to his creative path in 2007 when he discovered the urban vinyl scene.

Since then he constantly created unique custom works on vinyl platform toys and released several limited editions of his iconic style.

VISEone is best known for his dripping style where he combines his graffiti roots and his love of lowbrow design. He also has a big passion for comics which influenced him heavily for his well known “Comic Stripped” custom series.

He belongs to the top designers in the urban vinyl scene and his works are all sold out and sought after.

VISEone with Mini Tube Monster

A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of doing a quick photoshoot with VISEone and his then latest creation, the Mini Tube Monster (that’s a Zombie juice model in his hand).  We did the photoshoot at New York Comic Con, where I set up a quick light couple of lights and created some cool images.

VISEone’s latest creative endeavors have been wildly successful sculptures that are often life-sized and sought after by collectors around the globe; a truly amazing artist!

Ugly Unicorn!

Ugly is the new cute

It must be something entirely human to collect things; just because we like something and because we can.  One thing that always grabs my eye is creativity, which certainly describes my collection of custom art toys.

Kentucky Fried Hard Core UU

Meet the Ugly Unicorn!  This unique creation by Jon Malmstedt caught my eye a number of years back, as its whimsical nature is coupled with an imaginative design.  Jon’s design has proven to be a great platform, as he has created many interesting variants with different base colors and amazing paint jobs, which make Jon’s work true pieces of art.

Jon has also done a significant number of collaborations with other artists, particularly in the Japanese art toy scene, as Jon has been living in Tokyo for quite a while.  Jon has also created a number of other unique toys, including a new generation of the Ugly Unicorn, which I will feature at a later time.

Halloween UU Glows!

As I mentioned, the base vinyl and paint jobs can be very interesting, such as the glow in the dark version that Jon created for one of his Halloween releases.

My collection is approaching 100 Ugly Unicorns, which include a significant number of very limited releases and several one of a kinds.

And I shouldn’t forget to mention that Jon is a great guy, as I have had the pleasure to meet him several times and go for a hike and a drink with him!  Go check out his on-line store, as well, where he releases most of his work: Rampage Toys and Art, and tell him I sent you!

Technical Data

Both images were captured with a Canon EOS 5D Mk II and EF 24-105 f/4L IS USM lens.  The top image was lit with studio lights, dialed in for 1/100 second, f6.3 and 100 ISO.  The glow in the dark image was done with an 8 second, f/5.6 at 400 ISO exposure.

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