Warped Wednesday – pt. 2

Out of the fog…

In the first post of this series from last Wednesday, I mentioned my abstract photography and shared one of the images that has come forth from those endeavors.  There will be more coming up from my Kryptomorphaics in future WW posts, but I figured a slight detour was in order this week, as one of your comments inspired me to do so.

The particular comment mentioned taking multiple images of herself in the same photo, which caused my mind to go back to a particular image that I captured on a November morning several years ago.  The visual mind is funny that way!

The occasion was a photography trip to Chincoteague, which is absolutely fantastic to visit and capture.  Our plan was to photograph the sunrise from the beach and hopefully have some cool clouds to work with to really make it worthwhile to get up early.  On this morning, the weather gods decided to play tricks on us: there was a heavy sea fog that did not want to burn off.  So, I turned my mind to doing something a little different with the conditions that were presented…

Spectral Apparition


Yes, there is a spectral apparition coming in from the waves!  It happens to be yours truly.  With this much fog, I thought it might be interesting to set up for a long exposure (about 10 seconds for this shot) and slowly walk in from the ocean toward the camera.  It took a couple of attempts to get the look that you see here.

The result of this experiment was pretty fun; I twisted the coloring of the shot a bit in post-processing to make it a touch more ethereal, and, voila!

Pretty warped, and another experiment.  Have you ever tried experiments of this nature?  Would be fun to compare notes!