The Farm Tractor

All-purpose repurposer

When I saw the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge theme of Repurpose, I first scratched my head, and decided to take a look through some of my phtoography.  Then I chanced upon the ultimate definition of repurpose: the Farm Tractor.

The classic farm tractor is a simple open vehicle, with two very large driving wheels on an axle below and slightly behind a single seat (the seat and steering wheel consequently are in the center), and the engine in front of the driver, with two steerable wheels below the engine compartment. This basic design has remained unchanged for a number of years, but enclosed cabs are fitted on almost all modern models, for reasons of operator safety and comfort. In some localities with heavy or wet soils, notably in the Central Valley of California, the “Caterpillar” or “crawler” type of tracked tractor became popular in the 1930s, due to superior traction and flotation. These were usually maneuvered through the use of turning brake pedals and separate track clutches operated by levers rather than a steering wheel.

Waiting for the weather.

I found this beauty in a field waiting for the day’s work to start.  The morning’s sky presented a nice backdrop.