Savage in the Woods

Savage with grace

Today’s WordPress Daily Post prompt provide the rather interesting theme of Savage, which made me think of one image right away, although I could savage another one or two rather easily ūüôā

The savage in this image is none other than a dear friend from the past, who has gone to the eternal hunting fields, where she runs free and happy, as she is in my heart.


This wonderful friend is Denahee, a truly impressive wolf, who allowed me to walk with her through the woods on a rather fine, though warm, day.  It was my first experience of walking with a wolf, and it touched me deeply, as Denahee showed her acceptance of me about halfway through the walk: she came over, stood next to me, and then gently leaned into my leg to make contact and tell me that we were connected.

Wolves are amazing creatures and I feel enriched from the experience of meeting Denahee.

7-Day Nature Photo Challenge – Day 3

Canis lupus walks with us

I was nominated by a fellow blogger, Project Relish, for a 7-Day Nature Photo Challenge.

So for the next week, let’s see, if I can come up with some interesting nature images and pass the challenge onto some of my fellow bloggers.


Denahee, our Ambassador

Today’s image is from a wonderful experience that I had in 2010, when I had the privilege of walking with a wolf, Denahee. ¬†This was at an education-oriented wolf sanctuary not far from home.

Denahee walked with us through the woods and would wander off on her own from time to time, but always come right back to our group.  At one point during the walk, she walked up beside me and leaned into me, which was an amazing moment of bonding.

This image was taken at about eye-height for Denahee, from a distance of approximately 5 feet.  You can see that she is listening to the photographer in background.

Technical Details

This image was captured with my trusty Canon EOS 5D Mk II and 24-105 f/4L lens.  Exposure settings were f/6.3 at 1/160 second at ISO 1250.

The Rules

Post a #naturephoto every day and nominate another blogger for this challenge.


The challenge of nominating a fellow blogger… ¬†Michael of¬†mlambertsphotography¬†has a beautifully organized photography blog, which is well worth checking out!¬† If Michael accepts the challenge, I look forward to the results!