Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 141

One good floor deserves another!

Welcome to the 141st round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

We started on the ground floor for this year and it looks to have raised the bar to a new level! The floors are magnificent, as you took the theme and interpreted it with creativity and flair! I was floored by some of the posts, and there were definitely some smilers! Thank you for making it a pleasure to read and round up your entries!

Have fun reading these posts and let one another know when you enjoy them!

Here’s another type of floor that can be very inviting…


This very inviting forest floor is in Baxter State Park in Northern Maine; the mosses make this an extremely comfortable location to take a nap! I very much enjoyed exploring here.

The following were this week’s participants in the challenge with links to their posts:

  1. Sarah’s post in By Sarah starts things off this week with a beautiful floor that reminds me of castles and manors!
  2. Jase’s post in Proscenium has Gracie at her best, as she’s shaking it off! Must have been an epic party!
  3. Kammie went pretty punny in her post in Nut House Central, but we’ll forgive her with those great photos!
  4. In Life Amazing‘s post, there is a true appreciation for floors, and I really do like that new kitchen floor!
  5. Maria captured some great floors in her post in KameraPromenader; that see-through floor is a bit scary, though!
  6. This week, Hammad has trouble finding himself on the right floor in his post in Blog of Hammad Rais; those shopping malls can make it difficult! In a second post on this week’s theme, we find a wondrous, sacred floor in the Blog of Hammad Rais.
  7. In Don’t Hold Your Breath, there is a definite ground floor approach to ambush photography… it’s pretty cool!
  8. Margo’s post in That Little Voice gives us stunning views of floor art, which you cannot help but admire!
  9. I enjoy mosaic floors and the post in theonlyD800inthehameau has a stunning detail of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque floor.
  10. Woolly finds us a rather old floor in his post in Woolly Muses, as it is over 1900 years old…
  11. Sandy starts us out on the ground floor in Out of my Write Mind with a gorgeous photo and lovely poem!
  12. Eivor and Pearl explore the forest floor in WhippetWisdom, as Xenia captured them and a great tanka!
  13. Alice’s post in the 59 Club takes us to a different view of the Empire State Building, which is a magnificent location!
  14. This week, pensivity101 takes a more pragmatic approach to laminate flooring than I did; carpet tile is easier on the knees 🙂
  15. Ron’s post in Progressing into Solitude takes the floor all the way to the door; I wonder where this door is?
  16. Irene’s post in Heaven’s Sunshine rightly asks about what people observe in the daily travels through this world…
  17. Sanah’s interesting post in A Pause for Nature examines the interplay between light and floor, which creates some unexpected patterns!
  18. Brian’s captures in Bushboys World find some really cool floors, of which I really love the play of the light on the floor of the Segrada Familia.
  19. In Junk Boat Travels, Jackie captures some of the stunning floors of the Alhambra, made with such simple materials!
  20. Debbie documents a supreme floor in her post in Travel with Intent; that floor took a bit more effort than the one I put in 🙂
  21. Cee’s photos in Cee’s Photography show us some classic floors, as well as a sigh that I should have had!
  22. Na’ama’s post in Na’ama Yehuda reveals the stunning abilities of people in antiquity and features a playful poem!
  23. In Land of Images‘s post, we find out what can be discovered under an old cupboard; that is some vintage flooring!
  24. Susan goes very small in her Musin’ with Susan post, as she puts those little people to work!
  25. This week’s post in One letter UP – diary 2.0 shares the memories of a floor over the years, as babies grow up…
  26. Indira’s wonderful post in Sharing Thoughts features some really interesting floors!
  27. Another lovely entry from sgeoil pulls us in to examine the nature of the floor that we’re looking at!
  28. Liz is on a quest to publish One Million Photographs, and shares a gorgeous floor in Lima, Peru, in her post!
  29. Olga shares some wonderful floors in Stuff and What If…, as the forest provides some rather nice possibilities!

I hope that you enjoy these posts and let the authors know!

Wanderlust – the Path

Exploring a path!

With the inspiration from the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge’s theme of Wanderlust, there may still be a couple of images that I’ll share.

In this 4th episode, I’d like to share another tale of wandering about.  This occurred during a weekend of moose photography in Baxter State Park in Northern Maine.  The group that I was with was rather loud, so, after clearing it with the tour leader, I went for a bit of exploration on the other side of the pond where we were shooting.

Which led me down this wonderful path surrounded by mossy ground…

The Path


This was one of those paths that you just want to follow, as you know that there’s something magical up ahead.  And sometimes there isn’t…  I enjoyed this path as it led me to more small ponds, none of which provided really wonderful photo opportunities.  I even tested out the moss to find that it was indeed really soft!

Sometimes, it is just the joy of following a path, even when you don’t know where it leads.  And in this case it was also the joy of finding some solitude.

Oh, and by the way, when you’re in the woods, it is wonderful to be quiet and listen to all those little sounds of Nature; loud conversations carry for at least half a mile!

The Forest Path

Staying in the moment

The Path

You cannot travel the path
until you have become the path itself.


Gautama Buddha

Technical Details

This is a scene in Baxter State Park in northern Maine that I captured back in 2006 during a weekend filled with moose!  The weather was pouring rain most of the time and densely overcast on this day.  I wound up shooting this at 1/40 sec, f/5.6 at 800 ISO (handheld).

The camera was a Canon EOS 1D MkII with a Sigma 50-500mm lens attached (it’s a beast!).

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