A Thought for Sunday

Memento mori

After being back from my work trip to Dublin, it’s been  pretty good week of catching up on work and making excellent progress in a number of areas.  So this Sunday will be dedicated to catching up on home things: a bit of organization, picking things up, guitar practice and maybe even a haircut!

It’s good to catch up on things, but also relax a bit, so that I can start the week strong, fully recharged.  Having started working out again since the beginning of the year, I feel more energetic and have started losing some of the weight that i accumulated last year after tearing my hamstring.  Off to a good start!

The Dublin trip provided some opportunity for photography…

Malahide Castle Graveyard

Malahide castle is a wonderful castle, parts of which date back to the 12th century.  I had the opportunity to tour it and learn a bit about its history, which is fascinating.  This graveyard is next to the remaining outer walls of the church that was part of the complex.

Have a wonderful day!

This post was inspired by the Daily Post Prompt of Inkling.