Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 198

For those who need a long rest…

Welcome to the 198th round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

First of all, my apologies for the very late posting of this round up; too many hours of meetings over the past week and not enough functioning brain cells to focus left at the end.

Your posts on the theme of Rest were absolutely fantastic! You were creative in your approaches and there was many a post that made me chuckle with amusement!! I’d strongly suggest that you explore each others’ posts to appreciate all that creative energy. Thank you very much for the amazing work that you did on this post!!

Here’s another place to rest one’s head…

A place to rest…

This image comes from within the walls of Špilberk Castle in the lovely town of Brno in Czechia. There were lots of places to rest within these walls, as there were plenty of cells. The castle is well worth a visit, even though there is quite a bit of hill to climb. The views from the top are stunning and the interior of the castle is truly a classic!

Please enjoy the following blog posts:

  1. Brian finds a rather restful set of ducks in his post in Bushboy’s World; these ducks appear very relaxed!
  2. Bren takes us into the past with a great photo in her post in Bren & Ashley Ryan Photography; Ightham Mote looks to be one of those classics!
  3. Diane understands the importance of letting sleeping dogs lie, as we can see in her post in pensivity101. There’s nothing more precious than a dozing dog!
  4. Kammie really covers rest well in her selection photos in her post in Nut House Central; I can relate to being pinned down by a resting dog ­čÖé
  5. There is nothing quite like the sleep of the innocent, as is beautifully showcased in the post in theOnlyD800intheHameau; wonderful capture!
  6. While the seagulls might float along like they are at rest, as we can see in the great photos in Don’t Hold Your Breath, we might want to stay clear of their droppings…
  7. Xenia shows us the restful nature of mosses and leaves with words and pictures in her post in whippetwisdom, as Eivor and Pearl enjoy checking them out; it’s great to rest on moss!
  8. Ken shares the benefits of a well-earned rest in his post in Pictures without Film, with a wonderful photo of his father taking a nap after shopping.
  9. Na’ama brings us a wonderful poem on that most delicate rest, which we get to enjoy in her post in Na’ama Yehuda; the photo really supports that concept as well!
  10. Sarah shares a wonderful photo in By Sarah, and, I for one, wouldn’t mind taking a bit of a rest there!
  11. Nandini writes some rather cool haikus, and I recommend that you read all of them in queennandini; it’s rather interesting how wide a variety of rest-related topics she covered!
  12. Maria captured the rest that exists in Nature beautifully in the photographs in her post in Kamerapromenader: please go enjoy them!
  13. Tatiana captured a wonderful scene in her post in GiftSmart, as Nature gets to its moment of rest; it’s interesting to see how many ways this image can be used!
  14. Jackie’s photos in her post in JunkBoat Travels definitely put a smile on my face; she captured the more enjoyable side of rest!
  15. The ducks that are featured in My Camera and I… have figured out the most enjoyable way to rest: basking in the sun!
  16. Michelle shares another awesome photo in Take a Walk and Discover…; that family looks like they’re enjoying their moment of rest!
  17. David’s photography is always stunning and he has really outdone himself in the gorgeous Nature photos in David M’s Photoblog; I particularly love the image of the swan!
  18. Rupali also brings us a very restful view in mazeepuran, as we get a peaceful Winter’s landscape.
  19. Rest can be completely disarming, as we see in the wonderful photo that is featured in Geriatri’X’ Fotogallery; what could be more precious?
  20. I have to admit that I find Viveka’s post in her blog, myguiltypleasures very intriguing; the clowns at rest are at once disturbing and wonderful!
  21. Woolly finds that there is a perfect balance between activity and rest in his post in WoollyMuses; after fun play, there’s a need for rest!
  22. Julie really highlights how rest can be achieved, even when you’re floating on a block of stone in the pool in her post in Julie Does Stuff; yes, it does look like the stone floats…
  23. In a lovely photo in Zebra’s Child, we have a chance encounter with a wonderful place for a bit of rest along our journey!
  24. Sandy is certainly not full of bull in her post in Out of my Write Mind; there’s a good reason to find a perfect spot to rest!
  25. In a lovely post in Kanlaon, we get to enjoy the time of day when rest is likely to occur, as well as the result of giving Nature a rest!
  26. Nicole truly transports us to Stratford-upon-Avon in her photos in Un Photo,Une Poeme; the gentlemen may be resting, but it appears as if the bard could arrive any moment!
  27. Aletta brings us some very peaceful, resting moments in her post in nowathome; these are moments to cherish!
  28. Deb really brings us rest in her post in Twenty Four; butterflies can have that effect and Deb’s photo is spectacular!
  29. If cattle could speak, I expect that the wonderful specimen in Land of Images would tell us to relax and take a rest!
  30. Chris brings us another cat in his post in What’s (in) the Picture, who’s just chilling! In a second contribution in What’s (in) the Picture, Chris has a great shot of a camera that’s just hanging out!
  31. In a post, to which many can relate, in One Letter Up – diary 2.0, we are reminded that there’s nothing more important than a baby’s sleep, especially to a mother!
  32. Susan photo in her post in Musin’ with Susan made me laugh, as those are the kind of contortions that we see at home from our pets! For more great photos, go check out the week in review in Musin’ with Susan; there’s one among them that really caught my eye!
  33. Emily caught a couple of cats doing what they do best in Zombie Flamingos: a comfortable chair is there just for their rest!
  34. Sheetal has put together a stunning post in her blog SheetalBravon; the caves of Ajanta are amazing and I agree that the monks’ sleeping quarters are a bit intimidating!
  35. Lisa captures the essence of rest in a wonderful photo in her post in A Day in the Life; I could see myself kicking back and resting there!
  36. Teressa has taken several approaches to the theme in her post in Another LQQk; there’s nothing like those resting babies, though!

Please let all of these great bloggers know your thoughts about their posts!

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