Exhibit Selections – ep. 4

Warrior of the Fields

One of the fun parts of preparing each of the images that we selected for the upcoming exhibit for printing, is that I occasionally see opportunities to try something very different with the image, as I’m working through Photoshop.

If I printed the particular image previously, I have the settings and print-ready file available, but many of the Yoga Tree images were shown on-line only; it’s a bit of work to get an image ready, as I like to get it just right and print only once, as the larger format photography paper can be quite expensive.  With a properly calibrated monitor that is usually not a problem, as I have the profiles for each of the various papers that I use with my printer.

The last image that I was prepping today is the monochrome image that I want to include; as the monochrome treatment in Instagram is rather rudimentary, I decided to start with the color image, which led me down a different path…

Warrior of the Fields

With the editing tools at my disposable, I sometimes get way too many choices, and when I saw the possibility of creating this grungy, but album-cover worthy (I think) treatment of the Yoga Tree standing over the fields of destruction, I just had to run with it.  It was a lot of fun!  What do you think about this version?

I’ll likely go with the monochrome version…

2014-07-28 07.08.17 HDR-1

But it was a fun diversion 🙂

Hope you’re having a great day,