Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 129

Stuff…yes, he’s 1!!!

Welcome to the 129th round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge! Stuff really appreciates all the well-wishes and has had a fantastic birthday week filled with play and shenanigans!

Clearly, Birthdays are great for reminiscing, which produced some truly stunning posts; they range from the hilarious and silly to deeply touching!  There were some really delicious looking cakes, one of which took my breath away and makes me want to have a birthday in China!  I truly enjoyed reading each of your posts and am glad to have you among my blogosphere friends!

Thank you for the effort that you put into your great posts, and please let each other know what you think of your friends’ posts!

By your overwhelming request…

Stuff’s serious pose…

Usually, Stuff prefers to sit on top of the armrest, which would have been easier, as he decided to sit closer to me on the couch. Of course, the moment he noticed that my iPhone was facing in his direction he had to start fidgeting!  He also threw a head tilt, which I got here.  He’s pretty handsome and a rock-solid, muscle-bound 39 pounds of fun!

The following were this week’s participants in the challenge with links to their posts:

  1. This week’s entries started with Heart to Heart‘s wonderful post, which went down memory lane with a wonderful cake that her daughter gave to her dad.
  2. From Jordy’s Streamings we get just the cutest photo and story of little Luna, whose photo at the age of just a few days is heart-melting!
  3. We get a truly lovely post in pensivity101‘s blog, as she reminisces about her mum’s 80th birthday!  It is a joyous read!
  4. Eleven years back goes theOnlyD800intheHameau‘s post, as he shares a photo of one of his twin grandsons on the day of his birth; small then, but no longer so at 11!
  5. Jackie threw 2 parties for her husband on his 60th birthday, as is seen in her post in Junkboat Travels; he also got twice the cake!!
  6. In Don’t Hold Your Breath, we visit the tomb of Hoshang Shah on a foggy day that makes this great site look even more mysterious!
  7. Xenia’s post in whippetwisdom celebrates the birth of her book, which is filled with lovely images and great poetry.  Go check it out; I ordered a copy on Amazon and have it in my possession already, and am very happy with its inspiration!  In a second post in Tranature, we celebrate the swans and cygnets!
  8. Stella shares some great cake and cookies in her post in Giggles & Tales, as Pastor Frank celebrated his birthday and there were lots of other celebrations!
  9. In For an Insight!!, we get a wonderful blog post about her 35th birthday!  It sounds like the first 35 years have been a great start for lots more years!
  10. In a walk down memory lane, Go Outside Today takes us back to 1978, the era of K-Tel and nostalgic video games…do you remember/know Coleco?
  11. If you believe in coincidences, go to Proscenium, as there is a huge set of them going around…and wish Jason a HAPPY BIRTHDAY (belated at this point), as the date of this week’s challenge is that of his 50th birthday!!  Thank you for sharing it with us!!
  12. Brian lights the candles in Bushboy’s World on a cake that looks absolutely delicious!!
  13. Yinglan’s post in This is Another Story is about a birthday cake that she asked her aunt to order for her when she visited China.  It was not Yinglan’s birthday, but seeing this cake helps me understand why!
  14. In a post filled with that nostalgic sense of birthday magic, Sandy complements the photo with a great poem in Out of my Write Mind; go check it out!
  15. In a great post in My Namasté 365 Online, we find out about the significance of the author’s birth date…57 minutes after her brother was born!
  16. This week’s post in One letter UP – diary 2.0 compares 4th birthday parties, and I think I know which one I like better!  Which is your choice?
  17. Minions are a world-wide phenomenon, and we see the evidence in a great photo in Chateaux des Fleurs; of course, it’s odd for a minion to have a minion…
  18. The Roaming Urban Gypsy put together a wonderful post, and I have to give my congratulations to her aunt, who is over 100 years old and looking great!
  19. The Minion in Na’ama Yehuda‘s post is really mighty, or is it the cake baker’s talent that is mighty? As long as the kids are happy!!
  20. The awesome post in Touring with Kids celebrates a birthday of a government service that I think all of us love: the National Parks Service!
  21. Shelley claims that her father-in-law is the smartest man in the world in Quaint Revival; if a quirky and fun sense of humor is the requirement…I think he has a chance!
  22. Maria takes an interesting view on this week’s theme in KameraPromenader, as she shares the celebration of the birth of a new marriage!  Well done!
  23. A wonderful post in Photography Journal Blog celebrates a big birthday for Saint Louis, Missouri: its 250th!
  24. This week’s post for the theme in A Day in the Life provides a really fun look at birthdays in the family!  Great poses!!
  25. With another fantastic photo in Land of Images challenges us to accept that they were not there yesterday…what do you think?
  26. With a photo that really captures the mood of the moment and has us feel the warmth of the candles, Geriatri’X’ Fotogallery shares a 100th birthday image!
  27. I can relate to the sentiment in Woolly Muses‘s post, as there has been many a time that I asked the same question; great to see Taji made it past 1!!
  28. Debbie has my vote for sharing a favorite bear in Travel with Intent, as Paddington is definitely my favorite among fictional bears!
  29. Susan shares her birthday with her granddaughter Sydney, which is definitely a joyous occasion, as we can see in Musin’ with Susan; awesome photo!
  30. In a touching post in A Thousand Miles, Ilka shares a great photo from her middle son’s seventh birthday; a true ascent!

I hope that you enjoy these posts and let the authors know!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Birthday

Stuff turns one!

Welcome to Week 129 of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

The idea for this week’s theme came from the fact that Monday saw a Birthday in our household: Stuff, our youngest Cardigan Welsh Corgi, is now one year old!  We are amazed that he made it this far, as he is a mischievous, crazy little boy with no sense of self-preservation; he does things just to test our patience, and jumps of the armrest of the couch, as if he can fly!

Take any creative license that you wish with this week’s theme, as Birthday can refer to any creation, be they Nature or Human made.  So, unleash your creative minds, lenses and pens, and share what you come up with for the theme, and, most imortant, have some fun!

I’m filled with anticipation of what you might produce!!

Here’s that little boy, when he was 9-1/2 weeks old…

Stuff, the Cardigan

As it was getting pretty cold outside, and he was just a little body, we got him this cute little jacket, so he’d stay warm long enough to do his business outside.  It looked pretty fashionable!

The full rules of this challenge are in TPC Guidelines, but here’s the tl;dr:

  • Write a post with an image for this week’s topic
  • Please tag your post with fpj-photo-challenge (if you’re not sure about how tags work, please check out this WordPress article about tagging posts)
  • Create a pingback link to this post, so that I can create a post showing all of the submissions over the week (note: pingbacks may not appear immediately, as my site is set up to require approval for linking to it; helps against previous bad experiences with spamming)
  • Have fun creating something new (or sharing something old)!!

I’m definitely looking forward to finding out what supersized items appear this week!

Bette’s 12th Birthday

Hip, hip, hoera!!

When you start counting your dogs as family, there are many things that you enjoy with them; compared to humans, dogs are pretty straightforward with their emotions and will usually be happy to see you and greet you with a wagging tail.  If that tail is not wagging, you know that something is wrong…

We have a canine family that is comprised of four Cardigan Welsh Corgis ranging in age from 3 to 15.  They are a lot of fun, and they have it pretty good with us, as they will even get massages and chiropractic treatments.  My wife trains our dogs to compete in agility, herding, obedience, barnhunt and rally.  As long as they enjoy it, they get to compete.

Birthday Girl!

Our birthday girl is retired from competition and living the good life.  Her name is Bette (Visions ‘The Marked Woman’), as she has Bette Davis eyes 🙂  The blue eye is a mismark in this coloration of the Cardigan, which is one of the reasons that we got her; we’re not big fans of breed shows, as for us it’s all about the dog having fun.


Happy Birthday, Darwin!

Still crazy after all these years!

When we found this timid little dog about 14-1/2 years ago, he came running to me for protection from his aunts who were running him ragged.  These days, he runs to me every morning to see me with a big smile on his face!

Still making a splash!

Happy 15th Birthday, Darwin!!

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