Monochrome Monday

Simple treatment of infrared

Part of my photographic explorations from the last year were in the area of Infrared photography. After some initial playing around, I bit the proverbial bullet and had my Canon EOS 5D MkII converted to filter at 590 nm (5900 Angstrom), which left me plenty of options on how I want to process the image.

Here’s one of the shots with this camera…

Red Brick Road

Seeing this beautiful red brick walkway in front of me, I couldn’t help but take this shot. As I know what the trees would do in IR, this lent itself for a B&W image that I still enjoy.

Monochrome Monday

The majesty of nature on display

Valley of Fire State Park definitely merits a return journey at some point in the future, as there are so many more vistas to capture!

For today’s monochrome image, I’m going for a thoroughly modern approach…

Sunrise on Striped Rocks

These glorious rocks were just getting lit up by the sun in our backs, as the tips of the buttes in the foreground are just getting a bit of light, while in the background light is bathing those formations already.

To explain the modern approach of this image. This is a focus stacked set of 5 images to get the greater depth of field and overall sharpness. There was a bit of processing to get them together and properly adjusted. There’s one more aspect to account for; the sky was a lovely, bland shade of blue, so with the help of Luminar AI, I created something a bit more interesting.

I’ll share the color version of this image later this week, so you can compare notes!

Monochrome Monday

Connecting to a monochrome past

Photographing in Valley of Fire State Park over the past week gave me a sense of connection to all those well-known landscape images from photographers in the early part of the 20th century. While definitely not comparing my work with theirs, I did draw some inspiration from them for this week’s monochrome image.

Pancakes in Fire Wave

The Fire Wave trail leads to an amazing area of multi-colored red and white formations. Right next to the ‘bacon strips’ formation, I found this lovely view against a cloudy sky; it reminded me of a stack of pancakes that would go well with the bacon just over to the right of this image.

This image was captured using a Canon EOS R5 and Canon RF 14-35mm F4/L IS USM lens; as I shot at 14mm focal length, I used f/8 for an aperture at 400 ISO. This was a series of 3 shots to generate the HDR using Aurora HDR; B&W conversion was done in Photoshop.

Monochrome Monday – 2

A look into history of Liverpool

Last week’s entry was all about highlighting structure, as only Nature can create. This week’s image is all about what humans create…

Royal Albert Dock Waterfront

This image is from my 2019 visit to the wonderful city of Liverpool, England. When I get a chance, I enjoy watching my favorite premier league team play at Anfield Road. A long weekend in this great city never disappoints, as there are some rather fine restaurants in this area!

This image was captured using an iPhone 11 Pro Max and the Neuralcam app. This app is great fro taking a night HDR shot; it just takes a steady hand (or a railing to anchor one’s hand).

Monochrome Monday – 1

Under a different light, yet still simple!

Just for fun, something light for Mondays: let’s go to black and white! There’s always something captivating about reducing an image to its basic components and stick to the variety of black and white tones that we can express in it.

Here’s a recent one that kind of stood out to me…

B&W Leaf under Red Light

The fun part of shooting this is that it was lit up with a red spotlight, which provided rather interesting contrast on a green leaf. The resultant structure really pops and produces a pleasing effect.

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