Khürt’s 52 Week Smartphone Challenge – Week 9 – Mood

Going back to the days when…

Time for another submission to the 52 Week Smartphone Challenge by Khürt Williams. The theme for week 9 is ‘Mood’: “Your Artistic Inspiration this week is the mood you are feeling today. Take that mood and use it to create art.”

Liverpool – Albert Docks

This shot is from my sauntering through Liverpool after attending a fantastic match at Anfield between Liverpool and Tottenham. For this challenge, I did a B&W conversion using Luminar 4 (Blair Witch Look – Magical Forests by Albert Dros) and cleaning up in Photoshop.

Location: Albert Docks, Liverpool, UK. Shot with iPhone 11 ProMax using the NeuralCam app.

Khürt’s 52 Week Smartphone Challenge – Week 2

Happy Holidays!

As I mentioned last week’s post, Khürt Williams start this awesome new photo challenge series, the 52 Week Smartphone Challenge, which is described in the link. The concept is fairly straightforward and inspired by the great quality cameras that are in smartphones these days: shoot something that goes with the them and pingback/tag it to have it show up under the challenge.

The second week’s theme is ‘Rule of Thirds’: “You already know what the Rule of Thirds is, now is the time to use it”

Holiday Lights Galore!

This photo is one that I shot over the last week, as kind of a drive-by image. My wife had mentioned that there was this awesome display on a side street. Well, we found it!! The big, bright red lights are flood lights for their mini-ice skating rink! I took this shot with my iPhone 11Pro Max using the NeuralCam app. This app has become one of my favorite photography tools!

A little bit of Imperfection

Is perfection overrated?

In photography, we are all too often looking for the perfect shot. We want to get the exposure just right, catch the ideal light and, of course, create a rule of thirds composition that is by the book.

In principle, I have nothing against taking a beautiful photo, but there have been numerous occasions when I decided to take a slightly different approach. Part of what drives this for me is the desire to experiment with my photography; sometimes I want more than just capturing a scene that has been capture many times before.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about…

The Line

This railway segment runs through the town, where I live, and I used to cross it every day on my commute. One day, on my way home, my eye caught the splash of color next to the steel rails, so I pulled over and went to take a closer look.

The rails looked great going toward the horizon, but I noticed that I was getting some lens flare due to the Sun’s angle. I was about to move my hand to block the effect, when I noticed the look that this created: desaturated on the left and bright color on the right! So I decided to go for this look, as it spoke to me of a deeper meaning in the juxtaposition of the two sides!

Definitely not the perfect shot in the classical approach to photography, but I felt that it created something more interesting!

Oh, and lest I forget: this was captured with an iPhone, as that was the camera that I had with me. But that’s material for another blog post, as the best camera is the one that you have with you!

Travel Sunday 

As I’m sitting here at the airport I figured I’ll write a quick post for the blog today. Work has me traveling to Atlanta, which will be a nice blast of warmth amidst the winter weather that we’ve been having. 

Earlier in the week I got myself an iPhone 7 Plus which gives some new and interesting opportunities for photography. One of the new camera app options is portrait mode…

Handsome Ransom

This is our second oldest Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Ransom. He’s almost 14 and loves sleeping in the sun, which makes him a great alternative cat. 

As you can see, portrait mode provides a pleasing shallow depth of field, making for a nice additional option in photography. 

Wednesday Sunrise

Morning has broken

Morning is certainly one of my favorite times, even though I am not an early riser…  It’s always a good thing to welcome another day, particularly when there’s a nice sunrise.  Currently, it is the season to welcome the sunrise on a regular basis, as it occurs when I am on my way to work.

One of the features that I pass during my commute is Wachusett Reservoir, where this morning’s image was captured.

Wednesday Color

This reflection was kind of interesting, but I also noticed another possible shot…

A Minute Later

I actually like this one a bit more.  Which one do you like best?

Technical Details

Both of these images were captured with an iPhone 6S with the standard Camera app.

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