Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 201

Rich tones and wonderful evenings!

Welcome to the 201st round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

A bit late in my round up, but I think it might be worth the wait, as the Yard theme elicited an amazing set of response with some great interpretations. From reading all these posts, there’s something to learn, lots to enjoy, and the occasional chuckle! I thank all of you for this great set of creative posts!

I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I did!

Here is a little backyard…

Golden Hour in Cromarty

As my wife and I were sauntering around after dinner in the lovely town of Cromarty, Scotland, the golden hour was appearing at full strength! This view of the yard and lovely house gives you an idea of how richly colored the light was. I actually toned down some of the saturation to make it look a bit better…

Please enjoy the following blog posts:

  1. Kammie starts things this week in her post in Nut House Central; we get some fantastic views in her backyard, including a very photogenic squirrel!
  2. More stunning photos this week in a great post in Don’t Hold Your Breath, as we get to enjoy a Brahminy Starling (aka Myna)!
  3. Na’ama has an amazing yard in her post in Na’ama Yehuda, which is definitely a great place to be and enjoy!
  4. Ann-Christine takes us into a magnificent yard in her post in To see a world in a grain of sand…, which may not be the largest yard, but it has everything one needs, including a cat!
  5. Jackie brings out some of the best in yards in her post in JunkBoat Travels, and I definitely have a favorite among them!
  6. This week in theOnlyD800intheHameau we go to Giverny and are treated to a magnificent photo of a stone in the graveyard; part of the family plot?
  7. Diane has a project under way in her back yard, as we can see in her lovely post in pensivity101. Time to assemble the greenhouse!
  8. Carol definitely has a lot blooming in her yard! Her post in Light Words shows this with great photographs!
  9. Sarah might just have the win on colorful yard denizens in her post in By Sarah, as the Gang-Gang Cockatoo is stunning!
  10. Maria has some great yards in her post in Kamerapromenader, of which I love the open feeling of the Botanic Garden!
  11. TiongHan stakes us into Catalunya with some wonderful photos in his post in TiongHan’s Blog; the graveyard sure looks beautiful!
  12. In a lovely post in her blog For the Love Of, Anita has not only a great photo of a graveyard, but complements it with a magnificent poem!
  13. Nandini has several interesting takes on our theme in her post in queennandini; now I’d like to go visit a cool yard sale!
  14. Julie takes a wonderful approach in her post in Eat, Play, Live, as she takes us on a trip to a shared yard! Parks are awesome yards!
  15. Bren definitely shares an amazing photo in her post in Bren & Ashley Ryan Photography, as the light and composition provide stunning balance!
  16. David enlightens us with another amazing set of photos in his post in David M’s Photoblog; the capture of the raccoon really caught my eye!
  17. Brian brings us to one of my favorite countries in his post in Bushboy’s World, as we look into a gorgeous little courtyard!
  18. Nicole brings us an absolutely stunning view in the yard that she features in her post in Une Photo, Un PoƩme!
  19. Carol gives us several ways to interpret our theme in her photos in the Apples in my Orchard; it looks like those yards are numerous square yards!
  20. Cee has a great assortment of yard photos in her post in Cee’s Photo Challenges; the color of those flowers is just incredible!
  21. Donna’s post in Wind Kisses definitely goes to show that the right backyard is something that all of can appreciate!
  22. Russell shares some great views in Beautiful Photographs of what I would classify as the kind of yard that all of us enjoy!
  23. Eric gives us a view of his backyard in Up North! that many of us can relate to, as there’s nothing like camping in the backyard!
  24. Sandy has us hanging out in Nature’s yard in her post in Out of my Write Mind; this is more that just a great place to be, as we could meditate for hours on its beauty!
  25. Chris’ photo in What’s (in) the Picture? provides us one of those classic views of a very famous graveyard. Beautifully photographed!
  26. Jez takes us for a walk through a colorful and interesting yard in Photos by Jez; that boatyard is filled with great photo opportunities!
  27. Irene caught the eye, literally, in her photo in Heaven’s Sunshine! To have such a lovely hawk in one’s backyard is magical!
  28. Sometimes a backyard can provide Nature’s bounty, as we can see in Deb’s great photo in Twenty Four; those peaches look nothing short of delicious!
  29. Seeing a backyard across the seasons, we really get to enjoy the most of it in a wonderful post in A Day in the Life. Looks like a great backyard!
  30. The message comes through in the photo in Land of Images! Now, who will do that yard cleaning? Great post!
  31. The sun might be over the yard arm in WoollyMuses, but that doesn’t stop the dogs from having fun in the backyard! Great and interesting post!
  32. Viveka takes us to the vineyard in an awesome post in myguiltypleasures; what an amazing area, which leaves me thirsty for a bit of wine!
  33. Debbie takes us into the wide open yard of self-forgiveness in a fantastic post in her blog Forgiving Connects; I can relate particularly to tip #2, and so does the cat!
  34. There may not be a blade of grass in sight in Harvard Yard in this wonderful post in One Letter Up – diary 2.0, but the crowd appears to be motivated!
  35. A yard can undergo many phases, as we see in a lovely post in Kanlaon; the plumbers may have made a temporary mess, but blossoms will return!
  36. Debbie has some wonderful views from Slateford Aqueduct in her post in Travel with Intent; I always love the utility of railway arches!
  37. Pragun definitely has an amazing yard in front of their house, as we get to enjoy in Sun-Sea-Soil-Sky!
  38. If I had a backyard view like that in Geriatri’X’ Fotogallery I probably would never leave home, but just enjoy it! Stunning!

Please let all these wonderful authors know how much you enjoy their blog posts!

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