Skye – Island of Many Textures – pt. 2

Multi-textural beauty

Inspired by the WordPress Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge theme of Texture, as Skye is all about textures, I thought I’d share another one of my recent edits.

This is looking across the Quiraing range…

Textures of the Quiraing

I’d welcome your thoughts on the direction that this image might go.

Have a wonderful day!

Skye – an island of many textures

Rugged, yet approachable

As I was noodling around for a couple of minutes with some of my images from our vacation to Scotland, which was 4 years ago, I struggled a bit with deciding on the treatment that I wanted to give a particular image.  I’m still not certain yet, but U was amused when I looked at the WordPress Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge theme of Texture, as this image is all about texture.

I’m still not convinced that I have found the right solution, but will share my work in progress with you.

Skye’s Rugged Textures

I’d welcome your thoughts on the direction that this image might go.

Have a wonderful day!

Wanderlust – Lochbuie Stone Circle

Mystical energy abounds@

I have to say the WordPress has been on a roll with their Weekly Photo Challenges, as they provide ample inspiration.  This week’s theme of Wanderlust is another cool one, so I figure that I’ll share some of my travel images over the next couple of days.

Let’s kick this week off with a rather magical location that is filled with energy reaching across the ages: the Lochbuie Stone Circle on the Isle of Mull, Scotland.  There is a small and well preserved stone circle overlooked by spectacular Ben Buie (in the background in this photo) and standing within the grounds of Lochbuie House.

Loch Buie Stone Circle

The circle was originally nine granite stones, set in a ring about 12 metres in diameter, with the tallest stone being about two metres high. It is mainly composed of granite slabs which have been positioned with their flatter faces towards the inside of the circle. One of the original stones has been removed and replaced in recent times with a low boulder.

There are also three single stones set in the field at different distances from the circle. The nearest of these outlying stones is 5m away to the south-east, and is only 1m tall. The second outlier is a spectacular monolith 3m high and set about 40m away to the south-west. Also south-west of the circle, 107m away, is the third outlier, over 2 metres high. The stone is broken at the top and was probably taller when erected.

While walking this area, I could feel increased energy flowing forth from certain locations, which were imbued with power that reaches across time and space.  Clearly, this was a location of great importance to early settlers.


Don’t be left behind!

When I saw today’s WordPress Daily Post prompt of Outlier, it put a smile on my face, as there are some interesting possibilities with this.

So, here’s my somewhat tongue in cheek interpretation…


After all, this is out, lying in a field!  This randomly deposited sink tub struck me as somewhat humorous!

Have a wonderful day!

Three Line Tales – Mythdirection

Phantasmagoric alley

Many thanks to Sonya for Week Fifty-Seven of Three Line Tales part of her awesome blog Only 100 Words!

three line tales week 57: unicorn this way
photo by Fleur Treurniet via Unsplash


Going to bookstore,
Found fantasy’s holy grail!
Mythdirection Way.


Thank you to Sonya of Only 100 Words for coming up with Three Line Tales.

You’ll find full guidelines on her TLT page, but here’s the tl;dr:

  • Write three lines inspired by the photo prompt (& give them a title if possible).
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  • Have fun.

Happy three-lining!

Friday Travel Photos – vol 15

A taste of Scotland

You may have gathered that our 2013 vacation in Scotland was really enjoyed by both my wife and I, as an all-round great vacation for many reasons.  Along with today’s photo selection I’ll write a little bit about those reasons.

Of course, one cannot argue with the landscape, as it is truly stunning in many ways and continually surprises with every change of the light.  Even though in our 12 days we got to see great variety, there is so much more to explore, as we barely touched on the islands and didn’t go north beyond Loch Ness.

There are many wonderful little towns around Scotland, where we found the people always friendly and welcoming.  Staying at Bed-and-Breakfasts was a great choice, as we met more people that way than staying at hotels.  Every experience we had was nothing but positive, whether it was at the inn in Plockton, where we stopped for coffee and they provided us coffee and a snack even though they weren’t open yet, or the interaction with locals and tourists at a fantastic pub in Oban (best whisky!!).

And don’t let people fool you about the food, as we ate nothing but wonderful meals throughout our stay ranging from fresh salmon right out of Loch Linnhe in Fort William to a delicious Tikka Masala!

The historic sites are magnificent!  Anywhere you go in Scotland there are beautiful sites, that are either accessible for free or for a very reasonable rate, which usually includes a tour of the property.

Then there’s the wildlife!  This is a bit tongue in cheek, as there’s still a mystery bird that we haven’t seen: the puffin.  One of my wife’s requests was to see puffins, for which purpose we took a trip to the island of Staffa…only to find seagulls!  We were just unlucky, as shifting winds do cause them to go out to sea in mass.

There’s much more to write and share with you about this magnificent country and its people, but I don’t want to bore you 🙂

Friday Travel Photos (Late) – vol 14

Perfect weather everywhere!

One of the factors beyond our control during our travels is the weather; you can go during the time of year when the weather is usually nice, but still not be lucky enough to enjoy sunny days.  Scotland, as it is part of an island and consists of many islands, is known as one of those places to visit where you can not count on the weather.

Beach on the Moray of Firth

This first image shows how wonderful the weather was during our stay.  This is a lovely beach view east of Inverness in a small town, whose name escapes me at this writing.

We knew that visiting Scotland during the end of May and beginning of June was no guarantee for perfect weather.  Lucky for us, we saw just a couple of showers during the 12 days that we were there with the sun being visible during the most of our stay.

Carriden House garden

As you can see here, this weather was just stunning!  This view of the garden at Carriden House, where we stayed for the final 3 nights of our visit, is just stunning.

You have also seen the weather on Skye in Friday Travel Photos – Skye, so I’m closing this post with a rather unusual view that I caught in a castle yard on Skye:

Tub in Field at Duntulm Castle