Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 126

The light shines bright!

Welcome to the 126th round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

Your contributions for this past week’s theme of Light and Dark were absolutely stunning!  It was a great deal of fun both to view the wonderful photos and great stories that come with these photos!  The juxtaposition of light and dark makes for amazing possibilities, and as you explored them, your creative minds and eyes found treasures along the way!

Thank you for a stunning set of contributions!!  I appreciate it!

Here’s a different view between light and dark…


This image comes from a night shoot, where I explored zoom blur and rotation techniques to come up with a scene that played across many dimensions, as energies transition from one to the next…

The following were this week’s participants in the challenge with links to their posts:

  1. Sarah’s entry in By Sarah captures a truly dramatic set of images of her and her husband! [N.B. – blog may be set to private]
  2. In another awesome post in A Pause for Nature, we get a playful view of shadows, as they are juxtaposed to light!  In a second post in A Pause for Nature, we get treated to more great images; love the shadow photo!
  3. Shelley’s post in Quaint Revival shares great ideas on how to simplify blog topics amidst a wonderful array of photos that highlight light and dark!
  4. Xenia’s post in whippetwisdom takes us along the sacred path, filled with wonderful light and shadows!  In a second post in Tranature we get to see the curlew stepping along the shore in its calm manner; lovely images!
  5. Kammie’s post in The Nut House shares some wonderful images with lots of interesting interplay between light and shadow!
  6. The fantastic photo in Land of Images provides a gorgeous view of light and dark in the sky!
  7. Nicole’s photo in her lovely blog Une Photo, Un Poéme presents a great interplay of light that is sure to delight all!
  8. Brian’s image of the sky is extremely impressive, as you can see in Bushboy’s World;  its combination of light and dark is stunning!  Brian also shares a wonderful photo in his second post in Bushboy’s World, where the light creates a stunning display!
  9. Very delicious is the key aspect of pensivity101‘s lovely post, where we should make a choice between light and dark…
  10. In Sync with Deep‘s lovely post, we find a light shining in the dark with a superb poem!
  11. Petra explores the light and the dark in her post in Photoworld vol. 3, which is much appreciated by the dogs being walked and us, as the light is gorgeous!
  12. In a very creative post in her blog Out of my Write Mind, Sandy casts a magical shadow…it wasn’t easy to get that shot!
  13. In a great post in her blog Heaven’s Sunshine, Irene shares a wonderful photo of sunlight being framed by dark clouds.
  14. A stunning photo will regale you in Chateaux des Fleurs, as light plays across the most delicate of structures…
  15. A beautiful set of images in MyTravelCSP are shared by Prasath; the location looks somewhat familiar to me, so where do you think it is?
  16. Ramya’s post in And Miles to Go before I Sleep glows with the power of Lord Ganesh, literally!
  17. The photo in Na’ama Yehuda‘s entry is inviting us to wait for sunrise with our friends, as it is sure to be stunning!
  18. This week’s post in One letter UP – diary 2.0 takes us to an oasis on the East Coast! A truly special location to relax amidst chaos!
  19. In a lovely post in A Day in the Life, we get to see the interaction of light and dark in a number of great photos!
  20. In a truly interesting post in stephentotheplate, Marie creates a vision in words that takes the theme image to the next level!
  21. In TravelWays, we get another view of the scene of a museum worker posing by a window for an interesting interplay of light and dark.
  22. Robert certainly knows how to capture both the light and dark in Photo Roberts Blog, as his photos are amazing!
  23. Khürt’s post in Island in the Net provides an interesting view into an American ritual of Friday nights!  Go check out his amazing photography! Khürt also shares another stunning photo in Island in the Net, which you have to see as well!
  24. Jason has them sticking their neck our in Proscenium, which definitely shows their curiosity!
  25. In Don’t Hold Your Breath, we get the author’s view of the simple life… definitely a great life from my perspective!
  26. It definitely wasn’t easy to capture the photo in theOnlyD800intheHameau, but it was worth it to get the great photo in the Abbey of Noirlac!
  27. Stella creates another great post in Giggles & Tales, where we get a beautiful interpretation of this week’s theme!
  28. In an excellent post in WhatAmberThinks, we get treated to lovely photos with stunning vistas!
  29. Debbie writes a wonderful post in Forgivingconnects, as she is moving and also in a second post in Forgivingconnects, we find out that Debbie is going to be spending some great time on vacation!  Have fun and share photos!
  30. Olga shares some great explorations of light and dark in her post in Stuff and what if…; those shadows may be moving!
  31. Maria’s post in Kamerapromenader captures a beam of early morning light, as it plays across a flower or two!
  32. Cee’s post in Cee’s Photography is filled with wonderful photos that play with light and dark!
  33. Judy’s lovely post in lifelessons features an impressive array of photos that play with shadows and light!
  34. Debbie’s photo in Travel with Intent is simply stunning!  Filled with leading lines and the beauty of architecture, it makes one want to visit Nimes!
  35. In an interesting post in Light Motifs II, we are treated to cool photos that play with the light and record its effect!
  36. The shot in Expressed Digitally is a perfect interpretation of the theme, and I like mine dark!
  37. The photos in the entry in Hadd Hai Yaar are beautifully executed and really fit the theme
  38. Hammad went high in his post in the Blog of Hammad Rais, as he looked up to the sky to get great shots of light and dark!
  39. In another awesome post in WoollyMuses, we go for a drive to Geelong to find just the right amount of light and dark!
  40. In a beautiful post in underdown, we visit Leeuwin’s Lighthouse, where light and dark are expertly captured!
  41. In GiftSmart, Tatiana shares a lovely photo that catches some amazing light!
  42. Susan captures a gorgeous set of flowers in her post in Musin’ with Susan, where the light provides just the right amound of shadow!
  43. In Banactee we find an amazing photo that brings a lot of dark into view with just the right amount of light!
  44. Sonya takes us into the Gorges Loop in Middleton Road; this is a fantastic location!
  45. Sonia’s post in Sonia’s Musings explores the light, as it plays across the furniture; wonderful photo!
  46. In sgeoil‘s post, light and shadows play to create a wonderful still life!

I hope that you enjoy these posts and let the authors know!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 74

Welcome to the 74th round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge! This was another banner week with all your amazing contributions!

It’s easy to see why I enjoy running this challenge every week, as I get the benefit of all your creative views of the world around you.  It was a lot of fun reading and viewing each of your posts, as there were various approaches to the dark theme of the week.  Among all these great posts, there were a couple of standouts for me that truly made me do a double take on their quality and treatment of subject.

I’d love to hear, if there are some standouts for you as well, as you go through these great entries!

There may even be an opportunity for darkness in the light…

Out of the Shadows

This water feature gave me the opportunity to explore the impact of the dark on a bright, sunny day, by contrasting them.  The resultant gaze into our eyes might be a bit dark and even disconcerting to some…

The following were this week’s participants in the challenge with links to their posts:

  • Geriatri’X’ Fotogallery kicked things off this week with a fantastic view over Bilbao at night!
  • Nicole’s post in Une Photo, un poéme provides us with beautiful views of the harbor of Paimpol in Brittany.
  • Poetry in Pictures shares with us an interesting study of building lighted against a darkening sky.
  • Ladyleemanilla‘s post brings a great amount of variety in her images of subjects in dark surroundings!
  • In the entry from Mara’s Artistry, there are some beautifully composed images that breathe the atmosphere of their dark surroundings.
  • A really wonderful photo by theonlyD800inthehameau where fireworks show off their color and temperament!
  • The post in Layue’s Everyday Photo Blog uses an alternate approach to show flowers rising from the dark; well done!
  • In CitySonnet, we get to enjoy dark chocolate in all its delectable beauty with an appropriately colored beverage!
  • Ed brings out the night sky in his post for  In My Mind’s Eye; the beauty of the stars, as well as its inky blackness against a lit landscape!
  • The entry from pensitivity101 is another wonderful poem that ties together the golden threads and the dark skies!
  • Sheena’s post in Leaking Ink shows us the different aspects of dark, whether it be morning, night or roasting corn!
  • Cee shows us the impact of light on the dark in her post in Cee’s Photography, be it the moon, a Christmas display or the lanterns on a railing.
  • Irene takes us into the woods, down a path that may be dark, in her post in Heaven’s Sunshine.
  • Stella’s photos in Giggles & Tales range from beautiful sky lines against darkening skies to wondrous lights of stores on a dark night with much variety!  Wonderful!
  • Peg’s post in her blog The Tempest and the Tea Pot shows of some magical displays in the dark!
  • Sarah sends her sister down a lava tube for her photo in By Sarah, which is pretty daring!
  • Robert’s photos in Photo Robert’s Blog truly make use of the dark to their advantage, which draws the viewer in…
  • This week’s entry from Chateaux des Fleurs demonstrates the beauty of light outlining the silhouette of a great landscape!
  • A Meditative Journey with Saldage photographed a simple, delicate subject that highlights the dark!  Beautiful!
  • Miriam takes flight in her photos in the Shower of Blessing, as she brings together the light and dark as seen from an airplane.
  • Hammad’s post in the Blog of Hammad Rais explores the dark and light, as they play with a simple structure in a park.
  • This week we visit Lisbon with iball round the world, as we explore the Oceanario de Lisboa and interesting silhouettes!
  • Dawn’s post in Snap That Bug! gives us a truly stunning photo, in which she captured the interplay between the dark cloud and light behind it perfectly!
  • This week Roaming Urban Gypsy has a wonderful set of images from experimenting in the dark!  Wonderful results!
  • Wanderlust and Wonderment shares a fantastic set of images with us, each with unique elements!
  • In Tachispeaks‘s entry, we get treated to various levels and aspects of the dark and are even offered a nightcap!
  • In Folly’s Photoworld vol. 2‘s entry, we see how the night can truly be beautiful!
  • Black Body‘s post allows us to descend into darkness, looking for the deeper meaning to the writing on the wall…
  • Frank’s entry in Poetry, Short Prose and Walking highlights key aspects of the city at night; go listen to Frank reading you his poem!
  • The post in thatLittleVoice takes us to New York City and San Miguel de Allende for dark and light!
  • Bushboy’s World brings us near Brisbane, Australia, looking at boats on a dark bay, where there might be a party!
  • Judith takes us into the realm of fantasy in her post in Nature Knows Best, which you will have to check out!
  • Debbie’s post in ForgivingConnects shares the importance of driving out the darkness in our lives, by allowing in the light!
  • Khürt’s post in Island in the Net present us with another set of amazing images that are perfectly executed!
  • Bullyboy shows how without dark there is no light in a set of fantastic photos in Travel387!
  • In Pilgrim’s Photography, we get a mysterious photo that shows us the dark in two ways!
  • Marie’s photo of the Arc de Triomphe in The New 3 Rs: Retire, Recharge, Reconnect gives us a gorgeous night view of this well-known monument.
  • Miriam’s post in her awesome blog, Out an’ About, not only gives us a great set of views of the dark, but also provides some excellent advice!
  • …and last, but not least, is Na’ama Yehuda‘s entry that has us descending into darkness!

Hope that you enjoy these posts!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Dark

A shot in the dark!

Welcome to Week 74 of the Tuesday Photo Challenge.

The water was fine last week, as many of you jumped in with both feet to create some stunning posts!  As many of my themes tend to connect from one week to another, this week will be no different…  As last week’s post featured Nubble Light in Cape Neddick, Maine, I thought it would be nice to use the same lighthouse again in a very different shot to introduce the theme of Dark!

As always, feel free to take this theme into the direction that you like, which means that you don’t have to do an evening shot, but could also photograph something with dark colors, or a dark cloud, or, you’ve got the idea! I count on your creativity to make this another interesting week!

Here’s that shot of Nubble Light…

Nubble at Night

This is a rather straightforward shot with a manually calculated exposure of 131 seconds at f/18 and 100 ISO using a timer. The trick is to take a test shot at high ISO and wide open aperture to get a sense for the amount of light that is needed and then dial in for a nice long exposure to get the smoothness of the sea.

The full rules of this challenge are in TPC Guidelines, but here’s the tl;dr:

  • Write a post with an image for this week’s topic
  • Please tag your post with fpj-photo-challenge (if you’re not sure about how tags work, please check out this WordPress article about tagging posts)
  • Create a pingback link to this post, so that I can create a post showing all of the submissions over the week (note: pingbacks may not appear immediately, as my site is set up to require approval for linking to it; helps against previous bad experiences with spamming)
  • Have fun creating something new (or sharing something old)!!

Let’s play safe with water during this week and try to surprise me!

Three Line Tales – Heads Will Roll!

What could go wrong?

Many thanks to Sonya for Week Sixty-Nine of Three Line Tales, part of her awesome blog Only 100 Words!

Photo by Carson Arias via Unsplash!


Unaware, they lived,
What could go wrong, after all?
Chopping blocks well-greased!


Thank you to Sonya of Only 100 Words for coming up with Three Line Tales.

You’ll find full guidelines on her TLT page, but here’s the tl;dr:

  • Write three lines inspired by the photo prompt (& give them a title if possible).
  • Link back to this post.
  • Tag your post with 3LineTales (so everyone can find you in the Reader).
  • Read and comment on other TLT participants’ lines.
  • NEW: If you want your post to be included in the round-up, you have until Sunday evening to publish it.
  • Have fun.

Happy three-lining!

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