Friday Mystery Place – vol 12

Looks like a pretty good seat

Since I am in a pretty generous mood today, this week’s mystery place is pretty easy… Of course, you might be thinking ‘Famous last words’.

Where was I?

Where is this seat located?  It will be even more impressive, if you can prove that you have sat in this seat…

Good luck and start your guesses!

Friday Mystery Place – vol 11

Late for lunch!

Dear Reader, last week’s challenge was a bit devilish, but clearly not hard enough, as several of you figured it out; you are impressive!  This week’s location should not be too hard to guess…

Which lovely place is this?

This location was one that I almost overlooked in my travels, as I had not put it on the itinerary.  As my wife and I were driving to our next stop on our travels, and in truth we were looking for some spot to eat some lunch, I caught this beauty out of the corner of my eye, as it was a bit obscured by foliage.

We figured out where we could find access to the location and had a fun time exploring it; lunch was served late, and delicious!

Where are we?

Friday Mystery Place – vol 9

Straight lines abound!

As I’m in the middle of reorganizing all my image storage onto a pair of Drobo arrays, this week’s mystery place (this wasn’t a slide), is a day later than usual.  Hopefully, the suspense did not cause you any undue stress, so here’s this week’s puzzler…

Where are we?

This is a rather interesting looking building that is of a very particular architectural style.  If there are any among my readers who are architects, they will recognize the architecture, and, likely, name the architect.

  • Where is this building and what is its function?
  • Who is the (rather famous) architect?

Good luck!!

And now for something different

Bend your eyeball a little…

Sorry folks, none of our regularly scheduled programming, as I’m feeling a little capricious today and this image from a couple of years ago caught my eye…

2013-12-25 13.25.03 HDR-1
A pleasing palette

Yes, it’s a bit of an eyeball-bender…

So, Dear Reader, what do you make of this image?  What is it, and have you ever taken a photo of this ilk?

Friday Mystery Slide – vol 8

Pigeons are everywhere…

As it happened, I came across some of my old slides last night after I had a short guitar practice (not been feeling that great this week, which cut into my practice time); these were from the late 1980’s and there are some interesting ones, as some came from a business trip.

Where are these folks?

I am confident that many among you can identify the country, where I captured this image, but how many among you can identify the city?

Good luck with your investigation!!

Friday Mystery Slide – vol 7

What kind of boat is this?

As it has been a pretty busy week, today’s slide will not be a slide, but rather an iPhone image from last year.  I will get time this weekend to plan out next week’s mystery with more detail.

2015-06-11 14.46.27 HDR-1
Water everywhere!

I am confident that many among you can identify the country, where I captured this image, but how many among you can identify the city (not easy, but I think the boat does provide a hint about the area of the country…)

Good luck with your investigation!!