Friday Mystery Slide – 2019 #07

The Old Man and the Sea

Here comes a seventh mystery slide post of this year….

I expect that this week’s slide is an easy one to figure out, as it’s eminently google-able (is that even a word?). My challenge to you is to try and figure this out from the clues in the image without the aid of any search tool…

I look across the harbor, as I go out to the sea in my ship…

Where do I stand?

For extra bonus…try to pinpoint the year that this slide was taken! I’m looking to see how the car aficionados do with this!

Friday Mystery Slide – 2019 #06

Awesome woods and a peak!

Here comes a sixth mystery slide post of this year….

This week, we’re doing another entry from the wonderful collection of slides that I received from my father-in-law. This time, I do know exactly where this location is, as I have been there myself as well.

These are some lovely woods with great mountainous terrain…

Where could this be?

As a hint, I can tell you that this view no longer exists…

Friday’s Mystery Slide – 2019 – #1

Where was my father-in-law, back when?

With the new year, I thought it might be interesting to revive something that I did for a while over the past year: the Mystery Slide.

As my father-in-law generously gave me a sizable slide collection from his travels, and even before, I will continue the project of scanning all of them this year. So, you can expect more of these in the future!

Without further ado, here’s the first one for this year…

What is the event depicted here?

This one took me a bit to figure out, even with the advantage of having some idea where my father-in-law traveled.

Where is this location and do you know the event depicted here?

Friday Mystery Place – vol. 30

The lion sleeps tonight

Last week’s Friday Mystery Place was a challenge to those who are not familiar with some of the rather interesting Nature preserves on the Atlantic coast of the United States.  The Chincoteague Ponies are feral ponies, who live on Assateague Island, which is owned by the Federal government, but straddles the states of Maryland and Virginia.

Clearly, iballrtw, husband and wife writing team of the fantastic ‘iball round the world‘ blog, know about these ponies, as they were quick to identify this pony correctly!  I’d have to check my exact itinerary to see, if this pony is from the Maryland or Virginia herd.  Go check them out when you get a chance, as the area is photogenic and full of surprises!

Something completely different this week…

A Brave Lion

Your challenge is to determine where this rock carving is situated.  This image is from slides that I have been scanning from my father-in-law’s and his father’s collection, so it’s pretty old.

Technical Details

The slide, from which this scan came, was processed in August of 1960; it was shot on Kodak Ektachrome slide file.  Despite its age, the typical Ektachrome pinkish cast (due to cyan dye fading over time) is rather minimal.

Friday Mystery Slide – vol 8

Pigeons are everywhere…

As it happened, I came across some of my old slides last night after I had a short guitar practice (not been feeling that great this week, which cut into my practice time); these were from the late 1980’s and there are some interesting ones, as some came from a business trip.

Where are these folks?

I am confident that many among you can identify the country, where I captured this image, but how many among you can identify the city?

Good luck with your investigation!!

Friday Mystery Slide – vol 6

Put someone on a pedestal

A bit later in the day, as I’m in catch up mode from a week of travel in my first week at a new company, but here it is…

Who Is It?

This slide image is one that I took back in 1987 with my trusty Olympus OM-1, which I still own, and it is still functional!

Your questions for today:

  • Who is the person in the statue
  • Where is the statue (the easy part 🙂 )
  • Can you share something interesting about this person?

Hope you enjoy it!!

Friday Mystery Slide – vol 5

Pointing skyward?

After last week’s pretty straightforward slide, it is time for another pretty simple one.  I’m confident that someone will get this one!

Where am I?

Where is this statue?  What can you tell me about this statue?

Like I said…pretty straightforward in this day and age.  My challenge to you is to not use Google (or Bing, etc.), so we can find out who might have this in their memory banks!

Hope you enjoy!

Friday’s Mystery Slide – vol 3

Going back in time

Someone told me that they weren’t overly challenged by last Friday’s Mystery Slide, so I’m tossing you another easy one, as I still need to catch up on scanning…

A moo-ving image!

This slide is pretty easy, so I expect quite a bit of detail about this scene, such as

  • Where was this image taken?
  • What type of cattle are these?
  • What kind of cart are they pulling?

Looking forward to your responses!!


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