Friday Mystery Location – 2019 #025

Water, water everywhere!

Here comes the twenty-fifth mystery location post of this year….

Last week’s offering was correctly identified as the Cliffs of Moher! Well done! For this week, I’m offering you an old travel snap that goes back a ways to 2002… It was interesting to see how much digital photography has progressed since then!

There’s plenty of water here!

Water everywhere!

As this is a rather easy one to identify, I’m curious to see what else you can tell me about this image…

Friday Mystery Location – 2019 #024

It’s a long way down!!

Here comes the twenty-fourth mystery location post of this year….

As it’s been a couple of weeks, since the last post in this series. As I am in the mode of doing a bit of experimentation with Aurora and Luminar 4, I thought it might be interesting to share this image. I expect that the location might be figured out pretty quickly….

The views here are simply stunning!

Amazing views!

The only gotcha is that you don’t want to step too far forward…

Friday Mystery Location – 2019 #023

Tossed about in the landscape…

Here comes the twenty-third mystery location post of this year….

Last week may have been a little too easy…the Tate at the Albert Docks in Liverpool is a popular location and very recognizable! For this week’s offering, I’, going to something a bit more obscure…

Under gorgeous weather conditions, something odd appeared in my path…

What happened here?

Of course, the dogs have their own opinion of the art work 🙂

Friday Mystery Location – 2019 #022

Where can you find this much color?

Here comes the twenty-second mystery location post of this year….

After the difficulty with last week’s Dryburgh Abbey in Scotland, I thought that I’d go for something much easier… Let’s see if that is the case! I know that at least one person will get this one!

Not perfect weather, but it’s still interesting!

Nice colors stacking!

The hammer could fall on this topic pretty quickly!

Friday Mystery Location – 2019 #021

Walk across the grass

Here comes the twenty-first mystery location post of this year….

There were some very accurate responses to last week’s post, one including the Google map coordinates where I was standing! Well done!! This week’s offering might prove a bit more challenging, but I fully expect that some among you might know where this is…

Perfect weather for visiting this place…

Green grass and blue skies…

Looking forward to seeing who might have the answer here!

Friday Mystery Location – 2019 #020

Easy as pie, so where am I?

Here comes the twentieth mystery location post of this year….

The 19th one in the series was fairly easy to identify, so I’ll give you another relatively easy one. However, for extra credit: where was I standing to take this photo? And, no, I was not standing on the grass 🙂

Cloudy skies with both old and new…

Easy as pie, so where exactly am I?

I expect that this is going to be guessed within the hour, so precision will matter!

Friday Mystery Location – 2019 #019

As a golden sun sets…

Here comes the nineteenth mystery location post of this year….

Number 18 wasn’t all bad, as some keen observers figured it out pretty handily.

For this week, it’s another relatively easy one…

Which city presents this skyline?

Sunset Skyline

I expect that with a city of this size, there will be more than one person being able to figure out this week’s location.