Travel Tuesday – Ep. 7

A beautiful Spring day and a view!

Last week’s visit to the land of giants in Travel Tuesday – Ep. 6 was pretty easy to guess for some of you. Madurodam in The Hague is a popular place to visit, especially with children, as they get to feel tall next to the buildings.

For this week’s installment, I’m opting for something a little more challenging from one of my trips in 2018…

A Beautiful Cathedral

I think the style of this cathedral will help determine which part of the world this could be in. Let’s see who might pin-point this one!

Throwback Thursday

Do they float or are they submerged?

As I just went through a forced reconfiguration of all my storage, I poked around a bit in my back catalog to find something that for one reason or another never caught my eye.

Here’s a little bit of amusement that I came up with from an image captured in 2012…

Floating Pool of Mystery

As I used to have a sizable backroads commute to work back then, I made sure to always have a camera with me and frequently found something to catch my eye. In this case, I noticed a bit of marshy pond with a bit of nice light on the trees in be background. The result was a rather mundane image with not so wonderful composition; when that happens, I never throw away (aka delete) these images.

With a square crop and a bit of imaginative processing, it becomes more difficult to place the various components in the image and a bit of mystery appears in the image, as the marshy outcroppings might be floating, or are they lifeforms of an even stranger variety? Let your mind wander!

Sunday Snapshot

Simple objects made into art!

For this Sunday, I thought I’d share another snap from our visit to New England Botanic Garden at Tower Hill in Boylston, Massachusetts.

Jellyfish Afloat

The artful displays for the Night Lights event were everywhere and one of the indoor areas had us walking through an ocean of beauty, including this gorgeous creation.

What caught my eye is that most of the displays were made from everyday objects, including this one. Many recyclables were used to show how our simplest items can be turned into an imaginative display.

Glacial Enigma

Nature’s code lies in front of us; can we understand her?

As I was going through the significant numbers of my Iceland photos, something caught my eye, so I thought that I’d share it with you:

Structure: pressure and time.

The reason that this stood out to me might just be that my brain started finding additional, hidden images in this field created by time and pressure. Nature put additional information for us to interpret, giving us the challenge of reaching an understanding of the many mysteries that surround us.

What is the message that you receive from this glacial enigma?

Friday Mystery Location – 2020 #03

Where did it snow?

Here’s another mystery location…

The previous mystery location proved to be very difficult; I had hoped that the general in the statues (they are all of him in different fighting poses) would have been a clue to this interesting location outside Pune: the Sinhagad Fort.

This one is much easier, as I couldn’t resist capturing some of the nice snow!

Fresh snow in the morning…

Morning Sky

I expect that this one will get a quick bit of recognition!

Friday Mystery Location – 2020 #002

Defend your positions!

Happy New Year to all! Here comes the first mystery location of the new year!!

Last week’s mystery location was a bit on the tricky side, maybe even fiendish. This fountain sits in one of the market squares in Brno, where there’s a weekly fruit and vegetable market. This week, you have a head start, as you know I’m not at home…

Where is this warrior going into battle?

Fierce displays!

My hint for you is that this is atop a hill.

Friday Mystery Location – 2020 #01

Find this fountain!

Happy New Year to all! Here comes the first mystery location of the new year!!

Last week’s mystery location featured the town of Hoorn in the Netherlands, where I spent plenty of time during my younger years. A great place to visit and explore! For this week, it might be a bit trickier, as I came across this nice fountain during my travels!

This time, there’s a lack of water…

If there only were some water…

The pigeon looks very comfortable on its perch. Where do you think this might be?

Friday Mystery Location – 2019 #028

Standing the test of time!

Here comes the twenty-seventh mystery location post of this year….

Last week’s offering was correctly identified by someone who used logic! Awesome job to pinpoint Fort William in Scotland! This week, I’m going back to one of the towns where I spent quite a bit of time in my younger years.

Again, we find more water…

A location from my youth

Standing proud, looking out over the harbor for a long time! What town are we in?

Friday Mystery Location – 2019 #027

Knight in shining armor?

Here comes the twenty-seventh mystery location post of this year….

Last week’s offering was correctly identified as the the equestrian statue in the ice rink in Brno! The statue can be found in front of the Moravian Art Gallery and Governor’s Palace. Nice job by a number of you! This week might prove a bit more difficult… the challenge is to do this without Google!

There’s plenty of water here as well…

Ready for action!

This metal creation stands at the ready holding his ski…where would he go skiing around here?

Friday Mystery Location – 2019 #026

Round and round they skate…

Here comes the twenty-sixth mystery location post of this year….

Last week’s offering was correctly identified as the Amsterdam’s Singelgracht! Nice job by a number of you! This week is easily identiable…

There’s plenty of water here!

Skaring fun!

Yes, there’s water, but in a non-fluid state. Where does this knight keep watch over the skaters?

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