Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 177

Lines and focus converge…

Welcome to the 177th round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge! My apologies for the late posting; I know that the links are worth the wait to go explore them!

Wonderful focus on the theme this week!! The variety of approaches on Focus was fantastic, as we could see focus both in technique and subject. Your thoughtful contributions made reading all of your posts an absolute pleasure! Thank you for all the had work you put into them.

Please read all these lovely posts and let everyone know of your appreciation!

Here’s a bit of selective focus…

Strawberry and Kale

This shot came about during a Food Photography course that I took. When I designed this shot, I wanted the viewer’s eye to come to rest on the strawberry, but with a modicum of tension. The lines of the cutting board help pull one back a bit to the kale in the background (chosen for the color contrast with the strawberry). The shot is lit with a single studio light to the left behind the scene, and a white reflector to soften the shadows.

Please enjoy the following blog posts:

  1. Sarah kicks things off this week with a stunning shot of a painted wall in her post in By Sarah! That is a great shot!!
  2. Cath brings us a wonderful set of images in her response to the them in Cath’s Camera!
  3. This week’s photo contribution in Land of Images is one that may cause many people to bolt from the bees!
  4. Nicole really uses depth of field to great result in Une Photo, Un Poéme; as every detail of the leaves jumps out! Stunning image!
  5. Xenia captures some wonderful focus in the eyes of whippets in her post in Whippetwisdom; awesome haibun as well! In a second post in Tranature, the focus is on some lovely ducklings!
  6. The photography is always amazing in theOnlyD800intheHameau; the use of a shallower depth of field makes the image work really well!
  7. Shelley has a request to get some answer to a set of questions in her post in Quaint Revival; if you apply the right focus, you may be able to help…
  8. Brian brings things into focus rather nicely in bushboys world; the images are really cool, and there is a bit of Hocus Pocus as well!! Oh, and there’s a cheeky joke in a second post in bushboys world!
  9. Another great post in RyanPhotography, which shows off a tall ship in its best light and talks about how the focus was created.
  10. There’s more than one way to get the photo that you can use, as we can see in pensivity101; a haunting image with just the right focus for a lovely poem!
  11. Jez takes his camera for a walk to great effect in Jez Braithwaite, where he shares a set of fantastic select focus images!
  12. Jackie truly keeps her focus in her contributions to the theme in her blog, Junk Boat Travels; now about that tattoo…
  13. Michelle certainly captures an amazing shot in Take a Walk… and Discover! I had to do a double take on this image, as I first thought I was looking at two elephants locking trunks!
  14. Mike brings the focus to another age in his post in Photography OCD, both through the subject and how he photographed it!
  15. Cee brings us stunning flower shots in her post in Cee’s Photography with delicate focus that highlights the beauty!
  16. There’s only one things that I can say about the photos in Chateaux des Fleurs: WOW! They are simply gorgeous!
  17. Irene captures another lovely image in her post in Heaven’s Sunshine; the deer appears to be mesmerized by the camera!
  18. This week’s post in Don’t Hold Your Breath takes us to an amazing locale, as we have the lions looking back at us!
  19. Joe’s photos in the blog Chasing the Blooms are wonderful, filled with color and focus!
  20. Na’ama shares a great photo in her post in Na’ama Yehuda, but it’s the poem’s descriptive narrative that shines above all!
  21. Robert brings us stunning black & white images that use focus to its fullest effect in his post in Photo Roberts Blog; fantastic!
  22. Debbie brings a lovely soft focus into her photography in another awesome post in Travel with Intent!
  23. I’m a fan of spiderwebs, but Ann-Christine takes photographing them to another level in her post in To See A World in a Grain of Sand…; the delicate, precise focus makes them stunning!
  24. I’ll admit that I had not heard of the inkberry, so Elizabatz’s post in Elizabatz Gallery was both informative and filled with beautiful images!
  25. Maria brings us some seriously beautiful photographs in her post in Kamerapromenader, among which I love the muted purple tones in the last shot!
  26. In a wonderful post in Mazeepuran, Rupali reminds us that it’s difficult to focus on more than one item at a time…
  27. Carol takes on the theme of focus on in two different ways in her post in Light Words; both are fantastic!
  28. Jase has some great focus in another great post in Proscenium; I do like the text on the sign…
  29. In an interesting post in sgeoil, we get a great shot that makes me wonder where the magpie’s focus might be…
  30. The contribution in the lovely blog, A Shared Space, focuses on a sweet little fairy wren; it’s a great shot!
  31. In a wonderful post in lifelessons, Judy brings us a couple of great views of focus.
  32. The subtitle of the blog MistyRoads is ‘Imagination Rocks’, which it definitely does in a fantastic photo!
  33. Sirisha shares the wonderful result of continued focus in her post in queennandini; there’s also a wonderful feast!!
  34. Indira’s post in her blog, Sharing Thoughts, has an interesting variety of focus, among which the cat appears focused on me…
  35. What’s not to love about the Gruffalo, as you can see clearly in a great post in Geriatri’x’ Fotogallery; great birthday party!
  36. Sandy takes a wonderful approach to focus in her post in Out of My Write Mind, as we not only focus on the moon, but may also be its focus…
  37. Tatiana has a wonderful post on the role of focus in photography in her blog Travelways; in a second contribution in Travelways, she focuses on the State Capitol building in Olympia, WA.
  38. David certainly showcases some gorgeous photos with different lenses in his post in David M’s Photoblog; which one is your favorite?
  39. Hannah has stunning photos in her post in Zebra’s Child, in which we get to watch a butterfly eat! In a second post in Zebra’s Child, she asks us the question of what we focus on first… What is your answer?
  40. Deb found out how hard it is to focus on bees flying between hives in her post in Twenty-Four; not as cute as meerkats, but definitely interesting!
  41. Ken’s post on a post in Pictures without Film shows what focus on details of such a post can bring out: great photo and very interesting to examine!
  42. Observing a squirrel to this level of detail is stunning, as we can see in Heart 2 Heart! Awesome shot!!
  43. Some days it’s good to be focused, if you’re a seagull, which we see in A Day in the Life; on the other hand, don’t be a crab!
  44. If you’re afraid of spiders, skip past the first 2 photos in Woolly Muses; those are great shots for the non-arachnophobe, and the last couple are stunning examples of using focus cleverly!
  45. Teressa shares some wonderful examples of using focus in her post in Another LQQK, which is an awesome blog!
  46. Hammad shares his struggles with getting the shot he wants in his post in the Blog of Hammad Rais. The result is interesting, though!
  47. Another great post in One Letter Up – Diary 2.0 brings us more views of the Fall season, with beautifully focused foliage!
  48. Sheetal takes us to the most beautiful bookshop in the world in her post in SheetalBravon; it’s amazing and is guarded by cats!
  49. Khürt takes us in and out of focus in a great post in Island in the Net; it’s amazing how beautiful the simple chive flower looks!
  50. Chris posts his first response to our challenge with a stunning image in his blog What’s (in) the Picture?; I simply love how the lines work in this image!
  51. Another newcomer to our challenge is Patti, who shares a vast array of gorgeous shots in her entry in Learn More Every Day! Lovely shots and a great blog title!

Please let all of these great bloggers know your thoughts about their posts!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 117

You’ve created a treat!

Welcome to the 117th round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!  The volume of your responses this week has me blown away, as it might be a record!

Of course, your responses to the theme of Treat had lots of wonderful treats, some of the edible variety, some of the experience kind. You really created a great set of posts, which show the depth of your commitment to great blogging!!  There were a number of your posts that put a smile on my face; see if you can find out which ones!

I had a blast reading all your posts, and I want to thank you for your great contributions!

Here’s one of my favorite treats…

Strawberry and Kale

I created this image for a food photography course using very simple lighting (one studio light and a reflector to reduce the harshness of the shadow).  I love strawberries and you can always give me some fresh kale!!

The following were this week’s participants in the challenge with links to their posts:

  • Sarah kicks things off with a rather sweet treat in By Sarah!  Those look rather scrumptious!!
  • Lee’s post in ladyleemanila contains a couple of wonderful treats, just make sure to wait for a bit after enjoying one to enjoy the other!
  • Xenia’s first post is in her blog Tranature treats us to a beautiful snapdragon!  Xenia’s second post is in whippetwisdom brings us the awesome treat of falling water, which is sure to be enjoyed by Eivor and Pearl!
  • In Geriatri’X’ Fotogallery, there is a perfect treat after last week’s heat… I bet that many of you will agree with this one!
  • Kammie’s post in The Nut House shares the special treat of a rather amazing collection with us!
  • There’s a method to getting a treat, as demonstrated in MV obsession‘s post; with the right behavior, any treat can be gained!
  • One of the most important treats on a hot day is shown to us in CitySonnet; I’m curious to find out how many of you enjoyed it!
  • Ron’s post in Progressing into Solitude highlights one of Nature’s best treats and definitely one of the best insects that I can think of!
  • Todd talks about some of his favorite treats in Serendipity. Encouraged.  Do you think they are sweet or savoury?
  • With another great photo in Chateaux des Fleurs, we get to experience a really wonderful, laid-back treat!
  • In Don’t Hold Your Breath, we experience a special treat: the monsoon!  Of course, this might be more of a treat for flowers!
  • Nicole’s post in Un Photo Une Poeme has beautiful photos of osteospermum!  Treat yourself and go check out what that might be!
  • Petra’s post in Photoworld vol. 3 treats us to a wonderful set of photos with a lovely deer, which you just have to go see!
  • Miriam shares something very lovely in her post in the Shower of Blessings: family time, which is an amazing treat!
  • In pensivity101‘s wonderfully written post, we look at the treat of time spent with our parents; enjoy the time while you can!
  • Emily’s post in her blog, Zombie Flamingoes, looks at the fantastic treat of enjoying the outdoors; kiteboarding looks very cool!
  • Ed enjoyed his vacations, as shown in his post in In My Mind’s Eye, where he shares some amazing spots!!
  • Jason asks not to be judged in his post in Proscenium: I think we have all enjoyed that treat ourselves!
  • In a great post in WoollyMuses, we get to enjoy a real treat, particularly for those of us experiencing heat waves… go check it out!
  • In her blog Out of my Write Mind, Sandy shares some fantastic photos of Nature’s royalty!
  • In a cool post in One letter UP – diary 2.0, we experience a lovely treat that many of us will enjoy!
  • Olga’s great post in Stuff and what if… takes  rather magical approach to organic textures!
  • Nicole treats us to some fantastic, radiant roses in Doar Nicole, and includes a wonderful poem that you need to read!
  • Miriam share her taste for adventure in Out an’ About, where she shares a great article about the King Valley!
  • Wow! that is some special treat in theOnlyD800intheHameau!  I’m sure most of us would forgo any calorie counting for that one!
  • Susan’s post in Musin’ with Susan features a rather juicy treat, that is healthy as well!
  • Be careful with Stella’s post in Giggles & Tales; it may lead to sudden appetite increase with those delectable treats!
  • A different approach to our theme is seen in Photography Journal Blog; that is an awesome treatment!
  • Marie shares some rather awesome looking treat in The New 3Rs: Retire, Recharge, Reconnect! Their name seems rather appropriate!
  • In the Land of Images blog, we get the treat of entering heaven: Foxglove Heaven, that is!
  • Debbie write a wonderful post in ForgivingConnects, where she focuses on the facat that it is okay to struggle!
  • Donna has a carbohydrate laden post in her blog Wind Kisses; there’s nothing tastier to me than bread and her post is just tasty!
  • George reminds us all of something rather important in his post in The Alchemist of the Woods: if you did something, you deserve a treat! (Ice cream, anyone?)
  • Klara shares one of her favorite treats in her blog Sliku svoju ljubim II; can you guess what it is?
  • In Na’ama Yehuda‘s post, we are reminded that a treat can be very different, particularly in the eyes of a child!
  • In a wonderful photo post in sgeoil, we get to see a wonderful Summer treat in the form of a honeysuckle!
  • Khürt posts another amazing photo in his blog, Island in the Net; that is a truly stunning sunset!
  • Ilka shares one of the most important treats for us all in A Thousand Miles: silence! It is amazing what sense of inner peace can be achieved through some silence.
  • Robert’s photography in his blog Photo Roberts Blog is stunning; the way he captured sports in this week’s post is a real treat!

I hope that you enjoy these posts and let the authors know!

Monday Superfood Fix

Red and green


Strawberries and kale are both superfoods, as many of you know.  Both are full of antioxidants, have cancer prevention properties and strawberries have anti-inflammatory benefits.  Plus they are both delicious, so what could be better?

Hope you enjoy them or do you prefer other superfoods?

Technical Details

This is an image that I took a couple of years ago, when I was taking a food photography class.  My goal was to achieve a simple, timeless image that had lines and colors working together.

Lighting for this image was done with a single studio strobe and a reflector to lighten the shadow.  Camera for this shot was a Canon EOS 5D MkII with a 24-105mm f/4L lens; F-stop was set to f/6.3 at 1/100 second.

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