Sunday Morning – Ragged Company

Dead Flowers reference?

The sudden onslaught of hot weather in New England caught me a bit unprepared, as my body prefers the gradual descent into Summer’s heat from the cooler days of Spring. ¬†As a result, much of yesterday was spent looking for some new window air conditioning units, and not just any A/C units; as I enjoy making my home smarter over time, I was looking for the Quirky Aros, which can be controlled through home automation.

Three units were found after going to a number of stores, and the installation started ūüôā ¬†It’s amazing how the omission of a single step in instructions can make a difference, but that undocumented step cost me at least 25 minutes to figure out what was missing and correct the installation! ¬†After installing the first one, the next step was to program it, which didn’t go flawlessly on the first attempt, but I did learn from my mistakes and get both the living room and bed room units up and running, so that we slept comfortably!

Winter Revisited

Cool thoughts prevail on this day, as we’re thinking back to those chilly days of Winter!

Plans for today are to not overdo anything outside in the forecasted 93F (34C) weather and do some indoor tasks followed by some music practice on the new song that we started working on in yesterday’s lesson: Ragged Company by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.

I really love this song for the mood that it sets and builds up throughout the entire song; it also doesn’t hurt that there is a great version with Willie Nelson joining the band. ¬†Of course, we are our own Ragged Company, no matter where we go! ¬†The one question that remains, whether or not there is a Rolling Stones reference in the title of this song, from the first verse of Dead Flowers, which is another great song.

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday Morning – Killing the Blues

Mother’s Day edition!

Of course, the most important thing to do today is to give my mother a call to wish her a happy Mother’s Day. ¬†As we live on different continents, the phone is our main method of contact and it’s great to have our chats.

As the Premier League season is well under control and the sun looks to be breaking through for a while, this may be a great day to reconnect with jogging, as my right knee feels up to the test and I’m ready!! ¬†Then a bit of yard work, if the weather holds up.

Light Streams

One of the rather cool things that happened over the past week, is that I was offered the opportunity to do a small exhibit of my photography at my place of employment; as we’re updating the art work and photography that hangs in the building, one of the ideas was to provide a space for employee art exhibits/contests in the cafeteria, where we have unused wallspace. ¬† So I was volunteered to kick things off, which is exciting. ¬†I’m thinking that abstract might be the way to go for this.

The other item that has me excited is a guitar workshop that I’m attended once a week for the next six weeks. ¬†As I’m looking to pick up some fresh skills and improve my still very rudimentary capabilities, I was pleasantly surprised by the approach in the first session. ¬†Adding new strumming skills right away and working on a song that is new to me: KIlling the Blues a song written by Rowland Salley.

So you know what I’ll be working on!


Hope you have a wonderful day!

Sunday Morning – Yesterday

A little nature and nurture

Today is definitely starting with some Premier League football, as I’m currently watching my favorite team, Liverpool, and plan to watch the Leicester City game, as this Cinderella story has sofar exceeded all expectations. ¬†The next order of priority will be to take the final to the MITx on-line data science course that I’ve been taking and then practice some guitar.

Simple Beauty

Yesterday, I went with my wife to Connecticut to have our little Dora practice a bit of herding on ducks in anticipation of her herding trial next weekend (today, she’s doing agility, so it’s a busy weekend for Dora). ¬†I brought my camera along with a macro lens attached;¬†I have been dabbling with a bit of macro photography over the past couple of weeks, and was in the mood for some more exploring.

Spring’s Here!

Tree blossoms were everywhere as well.  There were also some other subjects that attracted my attention, which I will hold back until the Tuesday Photo Challenge post.

Guitar practice time will include two songs today. ¬†The Beatles’ Yesterday will be my main focus, as I need to work on the (for me) tricky bass-line integration with the melody of this song. ¬†Combining that with a couple of interesting barre chords has its challenges for me.

The attentive reader noticed that Sir Paul McCartney is playing at Liverpool’s home stadium. ¬†Oh yes, the other song: Purple Rain, for all the obious reasons.

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

Sunday Morning – Old Love

Relaxed and inspiring

Sunday’s are a great time to start the day off in a relaxed manner; set aside some time to watch a Premier League game, listen to some music, have breakfast, it’s all without any sense of rush.

Old Beauty

As you saw a bit of the landscape of Skye earlier this week, I thought another vista might be welcome. ¬†This island is just amazing and these landscape images are only a beginning of a much larger set that I have to capture some fine year. ¬†It’s amazing to see how the view changes, as clouds move to cast shadows in different locations. ¬†You can probably understand why I love these old (geological) formations.

As some of you may be aware, I’m also learning how to play guitar, which is a slow process that is highly rewarding in engaging the brain in a different manner and a great way to unwind from a day in the high technology world. ¬†As I very much enjoy the blues, its expressive capabilities seemingly boundless, Eric Clapton is certainly among my all-time favorites.

That’s why this morning, I’m spending a little extra time listening to Old Love, a song from the Journeyman album. ¬†This song was written by Eric and Robert Cray, inspired by Eric’s recent divorce from Pattie Boyd (the muse for Something, Layla and Wonderful Tonight); you can hear the pain in this song from the difficulty of letting go. ¬†I’m adding this to my study list to see how well I can learn to play this.

Here’s Eric Clapton’s Old Love from his 24 nights at the Royal Alber Hall in 1990:

Hope you enjoy your Sunday!

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