Travel Tuesday – Ep. 8

Water everywhere!

I surmise that last week’s homage to a country on many of our minds in Travel Tuesday – Ep. 7 was rather challenging; this capture was from my trip to Ukraine in 2018 to the wonderful people and city of Kharkiv. The building is the Annunciation Cathedral (in Ukrainian:  Свято-Благовіщенський кафедральний собор), which I found to be a stunning edifice.

This week, we’re going back to 2015 and a location that might be easier for many of you to figure out…

Water Everywhere

One of my favorite locations and waterfalls, so I expect that some of you may know where this is…

Travel Tuesday – Ep. 7

A beautiful Spring day and a view!

Last week’s visit to the land of giants in Travel Tuesday – Ep. 6 was pretty easy to guess for some of you. Madurodam in The Hague is a popular place to visit, especially with children, as they get to feel tall next to the buildings.

For this week’s installment, I’m opting for something a little more challenging from one of my trips in 2018…

A Beautiful Cathedral

I think the style of this cathedral will help determine which part of the world this could be in. Let’s see who might pin-point this one!

Travel Tuesday – Ep. 6

In the land of giants?

Last week’s landscape image for Travel Tuesday – Ep.5 was right out of Star Wars! It might have been, but then again, it was the Isle of Skye and the majestic Quiraing range.

This week I went a bit further back in my catalog, all the way to 2002…

The Land of Giants

This shot was captured using an Olympus CAMedia CA-3100 Zoom camera with a whopping 3 Megapixel resolution! Our camera technology has progress a bit since then!

I expect that this is a pretty easy location for some of you to guess, as it is a much-visited attraction! Where would this be?

Travel Tuesday – Ep. 5

It’s an almost otherworldly landscape…

Last week’s Travel Tuesday might have been a bit tricky, even with a sign is written in Hebrew (it was rather small). It was a photograph taken at the Apollonia National Park in Israel just north of Herzliya. The park contains a 13th century fortress, roman villa and a 13th century mosque. Even on a hot day, it’s a wonderful place to explore, as long as you bring some water!

For today’s location, let’s find something a bit more straightforward…

Gorgeous Hills

This shot from almost 10 years ago reminds me that I wouldn’t mind retiring here, as I’d never be wanting for landscape to photograph.

Can you name these hills?

Travel Tuesday – Ep. 4

A calm, warm sea and some ruins!

Much to my surprise, nobody identified the wonderful cliffs in last week’s Travel Tuesday; they are the Cliffs of Kerry, aka the slightly lesser known cousins of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.

During our trip to the Emerald Isle in 2019 we traversed part of the ring of Kerry as an exploration, rather than a goal of completing the entire 179 kilometer voyage. We stopped in numerous locations where something caught our eye, which is how we happened on the Cliffs of Kerry. The view there was amazing and rivaled the Cliffs of Moher in my eyes.

This week, let’s go somewhere different…

A Nice, Warm Location

As you can see, this location has a warm appeal and beautiful beaches.As I left a clue in the image, I think some of you will easily identify the country. How accurate can you get within the country?

I’m looking forward to your eagle eyes narrowing this down!

Travel Tuesday – Ep. 3

A lovely view and place for some birds!

Another Tuesday, so let’s grab another one from the travel photography closet and dust it off…

A Lovely View

Another gorgeous day from our travels. I expect that someone might recognize this vista, but be forewarned that it’s not a top destination!

That’s all the hint, as there are many eagle eyes among you!

Travel Tuesday – Ep.2

Where’s Frank this time?

It’s Tuesday, so it’s time for another image from the travel collection or, more accurately, 2 images! Here’s the first one…

Two Castles for Tuesday

This first one was captured with my Canon EOS R5. Less than a minute later, I snapped another one…

Two Castles for Tuesday

This one was grabbed with the iPhone 13 Pro Max. I almost feel that I should have been more patient and had my R5 at the ready for the second shot; what do you think?

And, where do we get this lovely view? It’s probably an easy one, as the castle in the foreground is pretty iconic.

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