Waiting for a Cookie

I deserve a cookie!

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge has the theme of Waiting.  An interesting theme, that made me think of a number of images that I shot over the years.  A couple of days ago, I posted a photo of a statue among the plants that had the possibility to wait an Eternity.

This time, my model is our youngest dog, Dorothea Lange, who came along for a walk and can throw a pose…

2014-04-06 11.57.11 HDR-1
I’m so cute!

What do you think: should I make her wait for another cookie?

Hope you enjoy!

Delicate Structures

Dandelions’ Fragile Future

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge has the theme of Structure, which has made me very happy, as there is lots of structure in Nature and the world around us.

Sunday’s post focused on the structure of a fan structured leaf, with the angulation of each fold providing additional strength to the leaf over a rather large area.  Today’s post goes more toward the delicate, as we look at the placement of the seeds of that dreaded lawn denizen, the dandelion.  Each seed is constructed to be carried by the slightest of breezes to find a bit of disturbed soil, where it can take hold and germinate.

This is a closer look at the lovely dandelion…


This most delicate of structures has found its way across the ages to float forth and multiply.  As an aside, a design studio in the Netherlands makes light sculptures that use the dandelion seed heads for the lights in their collection named Fragile Future.

Hope you enjoy!

Dignity and the Mushroom

Simple beauty

The WordPress Daily Post prompt has the interesting theme of Dignify; this immediately made me think of a rather simple scene that I captured a number of years ago.

As I walked among the trees at an agility trial that I was photographing, my eye caught this gentle mushroom standing beautifully among the debris of the forest floor.  I knew that I had to capture this lovely little scene…

The Gentle Mushroom

Looking back at this image, I still enjoy the simple beauty of the mushroom, standing there with dignity.  Unfortunately, the story of the mushroom did not have a happy ending, as some time later, I noticed that it had been knocked down…

Hope you enjoy!

This too shall pass

Sometime beauty tumbles

There are few things in Nature more temporary than mayflys and (some) mushrooms.  The former comes with the rite of Spring and the promise of Summer to come, whereas the latter is an opportunistic, spore-driven wonder of Nature, which can take amazing shapes and present stunning beauty.

Quite often these beauties are reviled and simply trodden upon, rather than appreciated, as their location on forest floors doesn’t protect them from the inconsiderate travellers through their domain.

The Gentle Mushroom

This little beauty stood proud among the detritus of the forest floor, showing off as a jewel among common pebbles.  Several hours after I captured it in this photo, it was gone….

Inspired by the WordPress Daily Post prompt of Temporary.

An Opaque Landscape

Opacity creates wonder!

We all need something Opaque in our lives from time to time, no matter how transparent we try to be in all our dealings.  It is through the opaque quantities in our lives that we learn to value both their presence and the transparency that surrounds them.

The opaque are the shadow to the light of transparency; without one, the other is not defined…


While looking for the Ponies of Chincoteague, opaque beauty lay right at my feet.  This is an image that I still enjoy looking at even after more than 3 years.

Technical Details

This image was captured using a Canon EOS 5D MkIII with an EF 70-200m/f2.8 lens. Exposure settings were 1/30s at f/6.3 and 800 ISO.

An Abstract Thought (or Two)

Autumn’s best morphs before us

Abstract photography is one of the areas of my photography that has to find me in the mood to play around with it.  The simple reason is that seeing the potential in the environment around me for an abstract exploration requires all of my senses, including the mind’s eye.

Being relaxed and in tune with my environment makes a big difference in how I see things, as they evolve around me, such as what happened in this little tree view that morphed itself…

Autumn Serenity

What inspired me in this shot is the gentle warmth of the day, as the Sun played across the beauty of the color sported by these trees.

Shortly after the above image, a slight breeze picked up that gave me another idea…

Autumn Winds

Seeing the play of the wind across the leaves with a sense of destiny awaiting, provided me with a deep sense of appreciation of the world around me.

Opening all of our senses puts us in touch with the universe and all the beauty that is encompassed by it.

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round-Up 28

Nature’s beauty and bounty!

The response to the past week’s theme of Nature’s Beauty was even better than the one we had for Candy!  Just goes to show that many of you have a sweet-tooth, but even more appreciate the lasting beauty that Nature provides for us.

This week’s prompt has received the largest number of responses to date, for which I am grateful to all of you.  Your posts to this challenge showcase some truly stunning photography!

A bit less showy than the Bird of Paradise flower, the simple Tulip is nonetheless beautiful!

Simple Beauty

The following were this week’s participants in the challenge with links to their posts:

  • Michelle’s post in Southern by Design highlights the beauty of the Hibiscus with great aplomb!
  • Xenia writes Whippetwisdom, a wonderful blog chronicling the beauty she encounters with her dogs; she found so much beauty in Nature this week that she posted a second entry on Whippetwisdom!
  • Micks Blog is full of stunning photography, and his photo of the Robber Fly that he shared for this challenge is simply outstanding!
  • Miriam’s post in Shower of Blessing shows us a bubbling cauldron of hot springs in Yellowstone; it’s just lovely!
  • Natalia’s post in Caboosemama Little Pleasures has a great photo of a snail making a meal of a Hibiscus; yummy!
  • The entry from Leaking Ink, a beautiful blog, shows us a gorgeous Hanging Lobster Claw.
  • Ladyleemanilla stuns us with an array of Nature photography that is wondrous to behold!
  • Marie’s post in The New 3 Rs: Retire, Recharge, Reconnect shows us edible beauty in Zucchini flowers.
  • Miriam’s entry from Out an’ About shows us Nature across the seasons with beautiful images.
  • Judith’s post in  Nature Knows Best has some beautiful photos of the area, in which she lives, including an irresistible cat!
  • Debbie posted about her visit with her family in her blog Forgiving Connects, and shared Nature’s Beauty with us!

Thanks to each of you for wonderful contributions to this week’s theme.  You definitely have me charged up for creating something new tomorrow!!