Serenity in the Morning

A quiet moment

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge provides the theme of Serene.

On a beautiful, still day, mornings can be particularly serene and inspiring of meditation, as we let ourselves be filled by the feeling of the moment. Filling our senses with the touch of the still air, the gentle sounds of birdsong, the pond stretching before our eyes and the scent of trees, we can almost taste the universe on the tip of our tongue.

To me, there’s nothing like taking a moment out of our busy days to stop and appreciate the universe, in which we find ourselves. Rekindling our connection with all that surrounds us, we feel alive, full and happy!

Here’s a rather serene moment for you…

Photo Sep 08, 7 17 42 AM
Peaceful Morning

Rocky Pond in Boylston, Massachusetts, used to be on my daily commute, and provided many an opportunity for me to stop for a moment and reconnect with the Universe.

Have a wonderful day!

An Opaque Landscape

Opacity creates wonder!

We all need something Opaque in our lives from time to time, no matter how transparent we try to be in all our dealings.  It is through the opaque quantities in our lives that we learn to value both their presence and the transparency that surrounds them.

The opaque are the shadow to the light of transparency; without one, the other is not defined…


While looking for the Ponies of Chincoteague, opaque beauty lay right at my feet.  This is an image that I still enjoy looking at even after more than 3 years.

Technical Details

This image was captured using a Canon EOS 5D MkIII with an EF 70-200m/f2.8 lens. Exposure settings were 1/30s at f/6.3 and 800 ISO.

Daily Prompt – Transformation

Change might be constant

Today’s theme in the WordPress Daily Prompt is Transformation.  Of course, there’s more than one angle to take on this topic, so I decided to go into the landscape direction for this one.

Transformation happens in Nature quite regularly, as seasons, weather and time combine to draw ever changing scenery around us.  Some changes are almost imperceptible, while others are quite dramatic.

Blue Pond

In ‘Blue Pond‘, we see a number of factors come together, as the Winter season has left its mark, while weather and time have changed the trees around the pond.  Nature draws us a complex tableau with beauty in many elements.

Hope you enjoy!

Technical Details

This image was taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mk II using an EF 24-105mm f/4L lens.  Exposure settings were at 1/60s and f/11 at 400 ISO.


In response to Daily Prompt – Transformation.

WPC – Landscape(6)

Smooth surface

As landscape photography is one of my main areas of interest, I am am truly excited about this week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape.  Each day this week, I will share some of my favorite landscape shots.

Photo Sep 08, 7 17 42 AM
Morning Serenity

Today’s image is from somewhere much more local to me than the vistas from the past couple of days, as it is from the neighboring town of Boylston, Massachusetts.

One of the things that I enjoy doing during my daily commute, is finding locations that I can photograph time and again, as they change over the seasons.  Rocky Pond in Boylston is one such place (of course, my commute has changed with my new job, but I’m looking for some spots).

On this particular morning, there was nary a breath of wind, as the sun had just risen and left the pond with a glassy surface.  All that could be noticed was the song of various birds, which is a perfect accompaniment for a moment of serenity.

Technical Details

This image was shot with my iPhone 5S using the standard camera app and some minor adjustments in Instagram.

Inspired by Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Landscape

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