In the City

Last night, my wife and I attended the company Holiday party of Red Hat, which was held in Boston.  It was a fantastic evening, which started with all of us seeing a performance of the Blue Man Group; if you get the chance to see them and like to be thoroughly entertained, I’d recommend them 100%, as we laughed and were amazed by the cleverness of their performance.  We had front row seats, which are not for the faint of heart, but we were well-protected by our ponchos!

After the performance, a lavish dinner was served at the W hotel with drinks and dessert; altogether quite tasty!  We stayed overnight at the W, which is quite luxurious and woke up before most of the city to get ready for our drive home.  From the parking garage, we were afforded this view of Boston:

Boston Morning

Despite all its modernity, Boston still has lots of the character of the old city that was built on the shores of the river Charles.  With winding streets and lots of one-way streets (narrow paths don’t make for great avenues), it tends to confuse most who don’t travel through it regularly, which included our GPS, as it required us to make a U-turn, as part of its approach strategy 🙂