Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 203

Feel free to scale these stairs…

Welcome to the 203rd round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

Thank you all for your patience in my getting this post up; it’s been a tough week, as the current corona virus situation has both increased uncertainty among people and the need to bolster up any contingency plans. A bit of extra work, which left me rather drained during most of the week.

Your contributions have been stunning, and you did them on a grand Scale! I was particularly pleased to see every possible interpretation of the theme used in your very creative posts, ranging from practicing scales to baby scale and seeing things on a rather grand scale! Awesome set of posts, which were great to read and review.

Thank you for your effort in putting these posts together! Please enjoy reading all of them!

Here’s a locale that may leave you tired, if you scale it…

The Wonderful Barn

The Wonderful Barn is a rather interesting building in Leixlip, County Kildare, Ireland. There are many theories about this building, but the likely true purpose was that of granary. As it had to be filled from the top, you can imagine what it was like to scale the external stairs with a heavy bag of grain on your shoulders… Tough labor!

Please enjoy the following blog posts:

  1. Diane is out of the blocks with a musical angle on our theme in a wonderful post in pensivity101; practicing those scales makes one a better player!
  2. Jez goes digital in his post in Photos by Jez, as those accurate measurements make for precise postage and recipes!
  3. In another awesome post in Don’t Hold Your Breath, we have moths scaling the walls! Those moths are wonderful to behold!
  4. Bren created a truly interesting photo for this theme, as you can see in her post in Brashley Photography; I just love the composition and lighting on the peony and beads!
  5. You’ll be blown away by the photo in theOnlyD800intheHameau, which gives us a view of a site that is on my bucket list: Petra. Stunning photo and locale!
  6. Viveka kicks the scale up to an entirely new level in an absolutely wonderful post in myguiltypleasures; I can imagine how stunning that had to be to experience!
  7. Nandini hits all the scales in her haikus in a lovely post in queennandini; love both the writing and images!
  8. Ken shares some of his sense of humor in another great post in Pictures without Film, and I agree that the gnome might be the bully of the scene!
  9. TiongHan’s post in TiongHan’s Blog takes me back in time with that magnificent scale model; my high school was close to the previous location of the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam, which gave me plenty of opportunity to visit and admire their collection.
  10. Maria shows us the grand scale of Iceland with some terrific photos in her post in Kamerapromenader; makes me want to go back to that wonderful country!
  11. Ann-Christine’s post in To see a world in a grain of sand… not only brings tremendous scale, but also has stunning color all over!
  12. There are plenty of great shots in the post in The Jesh Studio, among which there are several that give us a real sense of scale!
  13. Jackie takes us to a place, where the scale is the main attraction, in her post in JunkBoat Travels; Madurodam is a great place to visit in the Hague!
  14. Todd had a little fun taking that photo in Go Outside Today! It certainly made me smile and is a wonderful forced perspective execution!
  15. Na’ama goes for the amazingly big scale in her post in Na’ama Yehuda, which might be a watershed moment!
  16. Tatiana really gives us an amazing sense of the scale of cruise ships in her post in TravelWays; they really dwarf everything around them!
  17. Deb’s post in her blog, Twenty Four has the most incredible rock wave that dwarfs Deb and looks to be difficult to scale!
  18. Sarah captures the most amazing wall art in her post in By Sarah; and yes, the scale is also nothing to sneeze at!
  19. David does a great job taking the scale up a notch in each of consecutive photo in his post in David M’s Photoblog; I challenge any of you to provide an accurate count of the gulls in the 3rd shot!
  20. Xenia, through Eivor and Pearl, gives us some scale reference in her awesome post in whippetwisdom! Her second contribution, in her great blog tranature, provides wonderful scaling of the ice breaking up!
  21. A great photo in Thoughts and Entanglements gives a couple of very different scales making the cars look rather small against the gorgeous sky!
  22. Jeanne gives a rather interesting perspective that scales up nicely in her post in borderline crossing! Great photos!
  23. Sandy’s photo in her post in Out of my Write Mind gives a great sense of scale, which ties in beautifully in her lovely poem!
  24. The photo that we get to see in Geriatri’X’ Fotogallery is not only gorgeous, but it truly gives a stunning sense of scale!
  25. Hammad gives us a wonderful sense of perspective in his post in the Blog of Hammad Rais; we’re a small part of this small planet…
  26. Woolly brings out a scale that takes most of back to our very early years in his post in WoollyMuses; that certainly is a classic!
  27. Chris gives a view of the tracks near the Hague’s Centraal Station in his post in What’s (in) the Picture? It really gives a sense of looking at a scale railroad! Great shot!
  28. Michelle takes us on a walk in Take a Walk and Discover…, where we get to discover a young mango fruit! Wonderful post!
  29. The photo of something rather foxy in Land of Images gives us a sense of scale; the foxglove looks great, but has a deadly secret…
  30. There are some really cool elements in the awesome post in Kanlaon, as the scales are very different in the photos…

Please let all these wonderful authors know how much you enjoy their blog posts!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Tower

Towering achievements!

Welcome to week 162 of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

Vacation time in Ireland was fantastic, but it’s great to be home again, as we got greeted very warmly by our dogs! As I’m catching up on all the things that didn’t get done during vacation, I will post last week’s round up on Wednesday.

For this week’s theme, the inspiration is two-fold: there was a wonderful example close to our last place where we stayed in Ireland and it provides a great opportunity for catching a vista… This week’s theme of Tower can be taken in various directions, as it can be a verb or a noun… I’m looking forward to seeing your creative minds and hearts explore the Tower that is Towering!!

I hope that you’ll have fun with this week’s theme, and that the Tower is not looming over you!

Here’s the barn that inspired this week’s theme…

The Wonderful Barn

This structure is known as The Wonderful Barn and is located in Leixlip, County Kildare, Ireland. It was built in 1743 and there are a number of theories about its purpose (cf. Wikipedia); the prevalent theory that was explained to me is its use as a granary, not only to stave off the famines that were common, but specifically for the Guinness breweries. Its height is 22 meters, which makes it a significant climb with a bag of grain on ones back.

When I first saw it, this structure reminded me of the Tower of Babel in the painting by Pieter Bruegel. It has this feeling of something that was lost in translation…

The full rules of this challenge are in TPC Guidelines, but here’s the tl;dr:

  • Write a post with an image for this week’s topic
  • Please tag your post with fpj-photo-challenge (if you’re not sure about how tags work, please check out this WordPress article about tagging posts)
  • Create a pingback link to this post, so that I can create a post showing all of the submissions over the week (note: pingbacks may not appear immediately, as my site is set up to require approval for linking to it; helps against previous bad experiences with spamming)
  • Have fun creating something new (or sharing something old)!!

Looking forward to all your towering creations!